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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1134: Price Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis lowered his leg awkwardly and looked to the side in embarrassment.

“I don’t mind,” Orpheus said to Gravis. “I know Mortis, and I know that his words are true. I’m just happy that I can count both of you as my little brothers again.”

Gravis and Mortis nodded.

“I bet you want to meet your friends again, right?” Orpheus said. “I’ll leave you to it. If you want to talk, simply tell me.”

Gravis nodded with a smile. “Thanks, Orpheus.”

Orpheus only teleported away with a smile.

Then, Gravis and Mortis only looked at the Myriad Sect from afar.

Mortis didn’t show it, but he also considered all of Gravis’ friends as his friends.

If one didn’t know Mortis, one would think that Mortis looked at the Myriad Sect like it was just some random stone, but a deep feeling of belonging could be seen in Mortis’ cold eyes.

Gravis knew how important the Myriad Sect was to Mortis.

“Let’s go,” Gravis said.

Mortis nodded.

Then, the two of them teleported to the Myriad Sect, and when they arrived in front of the Sect, there was only silence.

The people of the Myriad Sect looked at Gravis and Mortis with relief.

Finally, this crazy war could end.

Enough people had died during this war, and the survival of Gravis meant that they could finally relax.

So many disciples had died, and so many other disciples had comprehended several new Laws in their battles.

The average power of disciples in the Myriad Sect had violently soared.

Gravis only looked at the Myriad Sect with a peaceful smile.

“I’m back,” he said quietly.

As soon as Gravis finished these two words, the Sect exploded into a loud cheer.

However, it was uncertain if they were cheering for him or for the end of the war. Probably for both.


Someone appeared in front of Gravis and jumped into his arms.

Gravis immediately knew who it was, and he hugged the person back with all of his love.

“I’m sorry, Stella,” he said.

Stella was only crying.

She wasn’t only crying out of happiness.

Gravis knew Stella, and he could immediately feel her feelings.

Stella was elated that Gravis survived, but there was also a deep pain inside her.

She had lost something dear to her.

Gravis immediately knew how much Stella had gone through just by looking at her.

Stella was a level three Star God with a Will-Aura equivalent to a level eight Star God.

The growth of her Realm wasn’t surprising, but the growth of her Will-Aura was.

Stella had put her life on the line more than once during Gravis’ absence.

Stella only quietly cried in Gravis’ arms as Gravis hugged her.

“I’m sorry I worried you that much. I won’t do it again,” Gravis said softly.

Stella didn’t answer.

She only held Gravis dearly as she cried.

One could only hear the cheering of the Myriad Sect. Stella’s crying was swallowed by the celebration of the Myriad Sect.

When Mortis saw Stella, a dark light shone in his eyes, but he didn’t say anything.

He only inspected the Myriad Sect with his Spirit Sense and took note of all the Auras.

“I’m glad you survived,” Manuel said with a voice transmission. He didn’t want to stand beside Gravis while Stella was crying in his arms since that would be a bit awkward.

“I did thanks to you,” Gravis transmitted back. “I thought that I had to get through this crisis all on my own, but the Myriad Sect has actually dealt with around 30% of my debt, which is more than I had accomplished up to now.”

“I know that we did a lot, but you don’t have to talk down your own accomplishments,” Manuel answered. “Over 100,000 Peak Immortal Emperors have already joined us, saying that they came from a Gravitas Sect.”

Gravis only smiled lightly. “That’s not even 5%,” Gravis transmitted. “You will get millions upon millions of Peak Immortal Emperors in the next millennia. I hope you’re ready to accept them.”

Manuel was deeply shocked. He knew that Gravis had done a lot, but so much!?

It was already shocking that one Star God could raise 100,000 Peak Immortal Emperors in only 15,000 years, but Gravis was talking about several million!?

That was absolute insanity!

However, Manuel’s shock was replaced with elation.

A lot of their Peak Immortal Emperors had died in the wars, and these new recruits would secure the future of the Myriad Sect.

Every Peak Immortal Emperor was a potential future Star God!

The Shining Purity Sect had already had an insanely high number of Peak Immortal Emperors, but they would get even more!?

The Myriad Sect could block several more level one Star Gods with all of them.

In just 15,000 years, the Myriad Sect had transformed from a newcomer to one of the favorites in the surroundings.

The remaining Sects in their surroundings even started to band together to deal with the Myriad Sect.

“I’m glad to hear that,” Manuel said. “However, to a certain degree, I’m also not glad to hear that.”

“Why?” Gravis asked.

“Because I thought I was able to repay you for your kindness over the years, but now, our actions seem incomparable to the gift you have given us this time.”

“Don’t say that,” Gravis immediately transmitted. “Without you, I would have most likely died. These new recruits can’t repay your deeds.”

Surprisingly, Manuel didn’t immediately answer.

“In a way, I think you’re right,” Manuel answered.

When Gravis heard Manuel’s tone, nervousness rose inside his chest.

Gravis had expected Manuel to say several more humble statements, but Manuel had pulled back.

Did this mean that the Myriad Sect had paid more than Gravis had thought?

Gravis looked at Stella.

Stella was still crying.

Her emotions were in absolute turmoil.

Gravis knew that this was not normal. Usually, Stella should have already calmed down, but she hadn’t.

“Stella, what’s going on?”

Stella looked at Gravis with a heartbroken expression.

“So many of our friends have died,” Stella said with difficulty.

A cold shudder ran down Gravis’ back.

Mortis had already turned his eyes away.

“So many of our friends have died, and Liam… and Liam,” Stella said.

Gravis’ eyes widened.

“Liam was one of them!”


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