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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1096: Heaven Clash Bahasa Indonesia

‘Chances are that all my disciples will die. I should at least get some tempering out of this to not make their death a waste,’ the Sect Master thought.

Yes, the new Judge had appeared to overlook the fight between the Sect Master and the previous Judge. The new Judge also had to overlook all the other fights the previous Judge was responsible for.

The newest Judge looked at the numerous battles happening below him and furrowed his brows. ‘I hope this doesn’t become a Heaven Clash,’ he thought. ‘I really don’t want to temper myself right now.’

Then, the Judge saw how the Sect Master looked at him. The Sect Master took out an emblem and broke it.

The newest Judge gritted his teeth. ‘Great,’ he thought sarcastically.

The newest Judge took out his war hammer and readied himself while keeping the fights in check.


The Sect Master stormed at the first Judge, and the two of them immediately clashed, transforming the entire sky into a world bathed in fire.

From the shaking and quaking ground, Gravis looked up at the sky.

‘Did we trigger a Heaven Clash?’ Gravis thought.

At the same time, Exar overlooked the other fights. He mainly paid attention to the two legions fighting the two Star Gods.

This was some good tempering for them, but before they died, he had to get involved.

But for now, the legions could still resist the two Star Gods.


In just a second, a new person appeared in the air.

It was a young woman with long red hair, and she grinned excitedly at the newest Judge.


She was in dire need of tempering, and that Judge came at the perfect time!

This new person was the Ancestor of the Eternal Fire Sect, and the current Sect Master was her disciple.

‘William did a good job!’ she thought as she looked at the Sect Master. ‘If he survives, I should reward him.’

The Sect Master had called his Ancestor to inform her that a level nine Ancestral God was currently overlooking his fight.

The Ancestor of the Eternal Fire Sect was also a level nine Ancestral God.

The newest Judge looked with a grimace at the Ancestor of the Eternal Fire Sect. “Excuse me, I really don’t want to fight right now. I’m busy.”

The woman only smiled brightly. “Well, that’s not up to you to decide now, is it?” she asked.

Meanwhile, somewhere else.

A Divine God received an emblem for a job.

However, this emblem was different from normal.

A picture of clouds of lightning fighting against an army of people below them was on the emblem.

The Divine God looked at the emblem with surprise.

‘A Heaven Clash? I should prepare myself.’

The Divine God quickly gathered all his weapons and equipment. Then, he readied himself mentally.


He broke the emblem and vanished.


A third Judge appeared above the previous two.

It was the same Divine God.

When the second Judge saw the third Judge, he sighed in annoyance.

The Ancestor of the Eternal Fire Sect smiled at the newest Judge and took out an emblem.

“I have some friends that are interested in tempering. I hope you don’t mind,” she said with an excited voice.

“Go ahead,” the newest Judge said.

The Ancestor nodded and broke the emblem.

Then, she charged at the second Judge, who really wasn’t interested in tempering himself right now.

Sadly, this was a risk that came with the job of being a Judge of The Heaven Company.

The newest Judge now had to overlook the entire war and three fights between Ancestral Gods.

However, as a Divine God, something like this wasn’t difficult.

From the ground, Gravis looked at the destruction reigning above him with surprise.

‘We actually triggered a Heaven Clash. Those are quite rare,’ Gravis thought.

What was a Heaven Clash?

A Heaven Clash was as close as it got to a war between the world and The Heaven Company.

Sometimes, it happened that a Judge was attacked by someone of equal power.

However, it was very rare that the second Judge would also be attacked.

This was a Heaven Clash.

When two summoned Judges were in battle, a Heaven Clash sign would appear on the emblem of the third Judge and all subsequent Judges.

This simply meant that the Judge should prepare themselves for a fight.

If there were already two Judges fighting, chances were very high that the third Judge would also have to fight.

Finding tempering was quite difficult in the Peak Ancestral God Realm and above.

There were simply far too few Cultivators on that level.

So, nearly everyone at that level became excited when they found a Judge on their level.

Judges couldn’t flee from their responsibility, and they had also accepted that something like this could happen when they took up the job.

This gave people a moral justification for fighting a Judge.


Three people subsequently appeared above the war with excited expressions.

The three of them had been the first ones since they had been rather close.

The others would probably need to travel through the Teleportation Formation Arrays first.

“Hahaha! Damp Knight! You’re also here?” one guy with green hair shouted with excitement.

“Hey, Blaze Hegemon!” Damp Knight shouted back. “Didn’t expect you to arrive this quickly.”

After talking a bit via voice transmission, which didn’t even take a single second, the three of them focused on the newest Judge.

“He’s too weak,” Blaze Hegemon said. “Lightning Fairy, do you want him?”

The third person, Lightning Fairy, looked at the Judge. She had white hair, and her appearance could only be described as beautiful.

She narrowed her eyes and took out a long, single-edged sword.

“He’s mine,” she said coldly.

The newest Judge focused on Lightning Fairy.

The other two new arrivals teleported back for a bit to not be included in their fight.


A fourth Judge appeared.

‘It’s been a while since the last Heaven Clash,’ the newest Judge thought. ‘Wonder if I get an opponent.’


Two new people arrived.

One of them immediately gritted his teeth.

“Fuck! The level one Divine God is already in a fight! Seems like I got the shaft this time!” he shouted in frustration.

“Hahaha! You were a bit too late, Sanctimonious Cultivator,” Blaze Hegemon shouted boisterously.

“Shut up, Blaze Hegemon! You’re always first! Do you have any idea how annoying that is!?” Sanctimonious Cultivator shouted in rage.

“You just have to be faster,” Blaze Hegemon shouted with a loud laugh.


A fifth Judge appeared.

When Blaze Hegemon saw the fifth Judge, his eyes widened in horror.


The person that had arrived with Sanctimonious Cultivator had charged at the fourth Judge!

“Hey!” Blaze Hegemon shouted with extreme rage. “That one was supposed to be mine!”

“Hahaha!” Sanctimonious Cultivator laughed loudly. “You just have to be faster, Blaze Hegemon!” he said, throwing Blaze Hegemon’s own words back at him.

Blaze Hegemon nearly exploded in anger as he glared at Sanctimonious Cultivator.

This mere level one Divine God!

“You want something of this?” he asked with a voice shaking of anger.

Blaze Hegemon was famed for his short temper.

“Oh?” Sanctimonious Cultivator commented with a smirk. “You want to crouch levels now? Didn’t know you were that shameless.”


Five new people quickly arrived.

When Damp Knight saw the arrival of the newest group, he immediately shot at the fifth Judge.

A sixth Judge was already in the air.

One of the newest people also charged at the fifth Judge.

She had to be first!


The newest arrival bounced off an invisible shield.

“You’re too slow!” Damp Knight shouted as he engaged in battle with the fifth Judge.

“Tch,” the newest arrival spat to the side.

A seventh Judge appeared, this one just as powerful as the previous one.

Usually, the subsequent Judge should be more powerful, but this one was just as powerful.


When Sanctimonious Cultivator saw that Judge, his eyes widened in shock as he looked at Blaze Hegemon, who was glaring at him.

“Are you serious!?” Sanctimonious Cultivator shouted in shock. “You are actually intending to crouch levels!?”

Blaze Hegemon laughed venomously. “It’s your own fault for provoking me!”

Then, Blaze Hegemon shot at Sanctimonious Cultivator.

Meanwhile, the newest Arrival that had just been blocked by Damp Knight looked with excitement at the Judge.

Lucky her!

A second Judge on her level appeared!

An eighth Judge appeared, this one just as powerful as the sixth Judge.

The newest Arrival charged at the seventh Judge with glee.

Meanwhile, the two most powerful Judges, the sixth and eighth Judges, talked to each other.

“Are you taking care of all these small fights on the ground, or should I?” he asked.

“I’ll take care of them. If one of us two gets an opponent, the other one will overlook all the fights.,” the eighth Judge answered.

Meanwhile, on the ground, Gravis was looking upward with shock.

‘Eight Judges already appeared. That’s insane!’ Gravis thought.

‘For once, I’m really glad that the highest world has The Heaven Company. If any of these guys fought above us, all of us would die to the shockwaves.’

‘No wonder everyone loves The Heaven Company,’ Gravis thought as he scratched the back of his head.

Gravis looked at the destruction happening around him.

The destruction of the war was nothing compared to what was going on far above them.

‘This war has created massive waves in the highest world.’

Then, Gravis looked away from the insane destruction above them and focused on Mortis’ fight.

The fight was reaching its climax.


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