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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1093: Ishtar and Mortis Bahasa Indonesia

Ishtar was shocked for a moment. He had expected that some new, powerful force had intercepted his attack.

Yet, this guy was only a Peak Immortal Emperor, and he didn’t even feel that powerful!

Ishtar quickly searched for the unknown party, but he couldn’t find them.

There were only these two white-haired men in front of him.


The two Mortises charged forward.

Mortis was not a fan of talking.

Ishtar watched as Mortis charged at him.

The speed was incredible for a Peak Immortal Emperor. In fact, it was even a bit faster than a level one Star God. That was incredibly shocking for a Peak Immortal Emperor.

However, Ishtar was a level three Star God. This speed was still quite slow to him.

‘Is that Peak Immortal Emperor seriously trying to attack me? What’s wrong with him?’ Ishtar thought. ‘Anyway, I can’t waste any more time here. I need to help Samuel!’

Ishtar simply extended his hands towards the two Mortises.

Then, he unleashed two casual strikes of Divine Lightning.

As soon as Mortis saw that Ishtar was attacking him with lightning, his eyes widened in surprise.

Mortis immediately deactivated the Law of Sentience. He didn’t want these lightning strikes to be destroyed!


Both Mortises took out their sabers.


In an instant, the two sabers crackled violently with lightning. Space seemingly warped around the sabers. Heavenly Lightning was a level nine Law, and it was on the same level as the True Laws of Space and Time. The Heavenly Lightning fought against the Laws of Space and Time, trying to push them away from itself.

However, that was it. It could only fight.

Then, both Mortises unleashed a Lightning Crescent each.

Since the Domain of Sentience currently wasn’t active, Mortis could use the Laws of Space and Time to increase the speed of the Lightning Crescent, making it reach the speed of a level three Star God.


The two bolts of Divine Lightning hit the Mortises, and their Energy storage was nearly completely refilled.


Then, they activated the Domain of Sentience again.

The two Lightning Crescents became slower, but they had already come awfully close to Ishtar.

All of this happened in an instant, and Ishtar hadn’t expected the two attacks of the two Mortises to be so fast.

Ishtar was shocked beyond belief.


Because these two attacks felt threatening!

But how could that be!?

They had been unleashed by two Peak Immortal Emperors!

However, Ishtar trusted in his instincts, and he immediately created a wall of metal around him.

At least, that’s what he wanted to do.

Sadly, the metal never materialized.

In a panic, Ishtar watched as the two Lightning Crescents hit him.


A violent explosion occurred, but it couldn’t spread very far before hitting an indestructible wall of Energy.

Up in the air, the Judge’s eyes widened in surprise.

Blocking these two attacks had cost far more Energy than he had expected.

The explosion of lightning seemed to be a mixture of white and black in color. Heavenly Lightning was white, but the Major Law of Death was black.

Space and time were consumed up by the Major Law of Death, leaving behind black, lightning-shaped streaks in the air. However, the surrounding space and time quickly filled the holes up again.

As long as Mortis didn’t specifically target the actual reality, the Primordial Chaos wouldn’t wash into the Cosmos.

The watching Ancestral God from the Eternal Fire Sect watched with shock as Ishtar was hit with that devastating attack.

For a while, the Ancestral God couldn’t come to terms with what he had seen.

After seeing that attack, the Ancestral God quickly inspected Mortis, and what he felt shocked him.

This Peak Immortal Emperor was ridiculously powerful!

He had never seen a Peak Immortal Emperor even remotely like these two white-haired men!

‘That’s bad!’ he thought. ‘This attack obviously wasn’t powerful enough to kill Ishtar, but he will be busy for a while. We need someone to check up on the fights of the other disciples!’

Meanwhile, Gravis took out a ten-meter-long needle and placed it down in the air.

At the same time, Gravis infused the needle with all kinds of Laws.

The Law of Heavenly Lightning, the Major Law of Death, the Law of Time, the Law of Space, the Law of Gravity, and a ridiculous number of Elemental Laws. He even put his Form Law somewhat into it.

Behind the needle appeared several different gasses, which were compressed to a ridiculous degree.

The Ancestral God from the Eternal Fire Sect ignored Gravis.

After all, there couldn’t be even more Peak Immortal Emperors that were this insanely powerful.

Gravis added Laws upon Laws to the spear.

After a while, an entire warehouse full of different forms of explosive matter seemingly appeared around the spear, placed in a peculiar way.

An unending number of Law fragments and runes appeared around the spear.

It looked like Gravis was building something.

Meanwhile, Ishtar became visible again.

In front of Ishtar were a ton of weapon fragments.

When Ishtar had realized that this attack was dangerous, he had brought out all his stored weapons at once to block the Lightning Crescents.

These weapons had all been created with the True Law of Hard Pure Materials, and they were incredibly powerful. The strongest part of the two Lightning Crescents had been blocked. Ishtar was only hit by the forces going around the weapons.

The sides of Ishtar’s arms and legs were severely burned, and parts of his muscles were missing.

This injury obviously wasn’t a big deal for a Star God.

It wouldn’t even be a big deal for a Unity Realm Cultivator.

Ishtar glared at the two Mortises with hatred as he healed his body.

However, Ishtar quickly furrowed his brows. ‘My Life Energy is full?’ he thought in surprise. ‘But I just healed my body.’

Ishtar inspected his body, and the burned parts were still missing.

Ishtar focused on healing his body, but his body was acting like he was in his peak condition.

There was nothing that he could heal.

Ishtar’s shock only increased as he watched his body.

‘How is this my peak condition!? Parts of my arms and legs are missing, and I’m bleeding! Why can’t I heal myself!?’ he thought in terror.

The Major Law of Death had unveiled its terrifying effect.

Ishtar’s body had been permanently damaged.

He would need someone that knew the True Law of Life to heal his body.

The True Law of Life was a level ten Law!

Only the strongest Divine Gods would know such a powerful Law!

However, Ishtar didn’t know that. He tried several different methods, but he still couldn’t heal his body.


Suddenly, the two Mortises appeared in front of Ishtar.

In Ishtar’s shock, he hadn’t paid any attention to the two Mortises.

The Domain of Sentience swallowed Ishtar, and both Mortises swung down with their sabers.

No lightning was unleashed.

Ishtar took out his last remaining sword. With his superior speed, he would first block one attack and then the other.


Ishtar hit the first saber, but his eyes widened.

His sword was pushed back with insane force!


His body should be far more powerful!

And it was.

However, Mortis had used something peculiar.

Mortis had created his own Form Law by now.

In comparison to Gravis’ Form Law, Mortis’ Form Law couldn’t be used from a distance. Additionally, it needed all of his concentration to use it. While using it, Mortis couldn’t unleash any other Law.

Up to this point, Mortis’ Form Law sounded much, much weaker than Gravis’ Form Law.

However, advantages and disadvantages, right?

Mortis’ Form Law had traded in all forms of defense and versatility in exchange for absolute offense.

Mortis’ Form Law had been able to push away the attack of a level three Star God!

That was a ridiculous jump!

And even more, it cost Mortis no Energy!

In essence, Mortis’ Form Law was of equivalent power to a purely physical strike of a level three Star God.


The other saber hit the side of Ishtar’s torso, cutting into his body by about three centimeters.


As Mortis’ saber stopped, a small lightning bolt of black lightning appeared on Ishtar’s body.

This was the Major Law of Death.

This cut now was part of Ishtar’s new, official body.

Ishtar gritted his teeth.


Ishtar used his free hand to punch one of the Mortises away.


Mortis shot through mountains and the earth.

All his bones broke, and several of his organs were obliterated.

This was the power of a beast body six levels above Mortis.

Just a casual punch had nearly killed one of the two Mortises.

Up to now, Mortis had taken advantage of all the confusing aspects of his power to get one over Ishtar, but as soon as Ishtar learned all his tricks, this fight would become incredibly dirty and violent.

Ishtar immediately readied his sword and struck the other Mortis.


Mortis exploded with Heavenly Lightning, shaking the space and time around him.

Time and space seemingly stopped around Mortis as Ishtar’s attack had been severely slowed.

Mortis sidestepped the attack barely, but he had used 20% of his Energy to accomplish that.

The other Mortis quickly healed himself with the level five Law of Body Growth, but it would still take a bit of time. Nevertheless, he already charged back into the battle.

“Protect our disciples!”

At the same time, the Ancestral God of the Eternal Fire Sect had summoned another level two Star God.

With Ishtar being held up, they needed someone to protect their disciples. If he interfered himself, the Judge would stop him.

“Yes, Master,” the new Star God said.

The new Star God shot one look at the battlefield and furrowed his brows.

That was bad!


The Star God immediately shot towards Samuel.

Samuel was literally about to die!

“Ah, there he is,” Gravis said to himself as he looked at the new Star God.

Then, Gravis calmly adjusted the gigantic construct he had built by now.


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