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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1089: Creating a Dead World Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis and Stella sat down in front of each other and held their hands.

Then, the two of them closed their eyes.

The two of them were seemingly transported into an illusory Realm that resembled space a lot.

This was a visual representation of their Law comprehension.

The two of them could perfectly synchronize their Spirits after having been together for such a long time.

Gravis smiled at Stella. “Alright. Let’s begin. You know all the necessary Laws, but you haven’t condensed this kind of Law yet. As you know, it’s one of the four fundamental Laws that combine an entire category,” Gravis transmitted to Stella.

Stella only nodded with a curious expression.

“Think about the level six Law of Matter,” Gravis said.

Stella closed her eyes, and an incredible number of calculations and Law fragments appeared in their illusory reality. The entirety of space was taken up by these calculations. A level six Law was unimaginably complex.

When Gravis saw the calculations, he nodded.

Mortis had already comprehended the level six Law of Matter 25,000 years ago, and he had even comprehended the level six Law of Blaze just recently. In the last 25,000 years, Gravis had helped Stella in comprehending the Major Law of Matter.

She had only been missing the Major Law of Time, but after Samsara, she had also comprehended that one.

“Now, keep these calculations in mind. You have to mix and match nearly all kinds of Pure and Mixed Elements to recreate most of the matter. In the real world, something like this would take an insane amount of time and Energy, but here, it will happen instantly. After all, this isn’t real,” Gravis said.

Stella took a deep breath.

This was a lot to do.

Stella focused on one calculation and summoned the Law of Magma. She put some part of the magma to the side and fused the remainder of the magma with the Law of Blizzard. The magma froze and transformed into a powerful type of ore.

Then, Stella destroyed the calculation and threw the ore to the other piece of magma. The ore didn’t melt.

After that, Stella took the next calculation and also took the next two Mixed Elements.

After a while, the magma ball had been surrounded by many different kinds of ores and gravel.

Eventually, Stella had finished the last calculation and destroyed it.

Now, there was only a gigantic ball of matter in front of Stella. It looked like a round asteroid.

Gravis nodded. “Now, don’t suppress the ball anymore. Allow it to move around.”

Stella trusted Gravis and did just that.

In an instant, the ball seemingly started to dissipate as it transformed into many small pieces, which traveled in random directions.

“One of the materials you created is a Higher World Core,” Gravis said. “As you know, a Higher World Core can absorb Laws and can influence its surroundings with said Laws. Infuse the Higher World Core with the Major Law of Gravity.”

Stella did just that.

As soon as the Higher World Core absorbed the Law of Gravity, all the different pieces of matter in this space got drawn to it.

In just a couple minutes, the asteroid was formed again, but this time, Stella didn’t need to keep it together anymore.

“The planet is still cut off from space and time,” Gravis said. “As soon as something external comes into contact with its domain, it will stop. All of this is not real, which means that space and time don’t exist. You have to make it exist.”

“Infuse the same Higher World Core with the entire Law of Primordial Force,” Gravis said.

Stella took a deep breath.

This wasn’t easy.

Stella concentrated on the Higher World Core and shoved the Law of Primordial Force into it.


And the core was destroyed. The instability of the Laws had torn it apart.

“It’s fine,” Gravis said. “You are currently trying to comprehend the Law of the Dead World without tempering. Of course it’s going to be difficult.”

Stella nodded and immediately tried again.

It took her a couple of years, but eventually, she managed to do it.

Stella looked with an excited smile at the small planet.

“Watch,” Gravis said.

Then, he filled the space with all kinds of matter and Energy.

The matter was immediately pulled to the planet and hit it with a lot of force.

The planet grew to several times its size in just a couple of seconds.

The Energy also entered the planet and seemingly vanished.

Stella became nervous and just waited for the planet to collapse.

She had created this planet, and she knew exactly how it worked. At some point, the Higher World Core wouldn’t be able to support the mass anymore and would explode. Additionally, the magma near the core was important since it could withstand the crushing pressure of all the matter suppressing it.

Right now, the magma layer was way too small for such a big planet.

However, as more time passed, Stella’s eyes widened.

The Energy that entered the planet got absorbed by the Higher World Core.

When the Higher World Core was filled to the brim, it gave off Energy.

The magma layer absorbed said Energy as it was the closest thing to the Higher World Core.

The magma layer converted the weaker materials into magma, essentially using the other forms of matter to grow.

It almost acted like a living thing.

Eventually, the planet absorbed all the matter in the space, and it stopped growing.

However, there was still a lot of Energy remaining.

The Energy continued to enter the planet, but eventually, the entire planet was filled to the brim with Energy.

After that, the Energy didn’t enter the planet anymore. However, due to gravity, it kept close.

After some more hours, a thin film of thick Energy surrounded the planet, almost making it shine in the darkness of space.

“Air and gasses,” Gravis said with a smile.

Stella’s eyes lit up, and she did as Gravis said. She quickly created all kinds of gasses, and they essentially created an atmosphere.

Stella looked with wonder at her creation.

A human could almost live on that!

Without waiting for Gravis, Stella filled a huge part of the planet with water.

Stella seemingly lost herself in creation as she created mountains, volcanoes, ditches, canyons, basins, lakes, rivers, and many different forms of landscapes.

Gravis watched her with a smile.

The Metal Element was in the earth.

The Earth Element was the earth itself.

The Water Element was the oceans, lakes, and rivers.

The Darkness Element was all around the planet.

However, she was missing the other five Elements.

When Gravis saw that Stella hesitated, he stepped closer. “You’re not missing five, but four,” Gravis said. “The Wood Element can only work with living beings. It acts as the creation of the soul. As long as you infuse a small Higher World Core with the Law of Deep Wood, new life could theoretically be born from old life.”

Stella did just that.

Now, she was missing only four Elements.

However, she was a bit unsure of how to create these other Elements.

After a while, Stella looked at Gravis in confusion, and Gravis only chuckled.

“Stella, it’s the Law of the Dead World, not the Law of the Dead Planet. There is a difference between a world and a planet,” Gravis said.

For a second, Stella got confused, but then she facepalmed.

How could she have forgotten that?

Stella looked away from the planet and into space.

Then, Stella created the sun!

The Fire Element was now also present.

After that, Stella watched the planet again.

As the sun’s rays and heat hit the planet, the water in the oceans began to evaporate, and it traveled to the land.


How did it travel?

Well, the hot air and cold air interacted with each other, creating movement as the hot air pushed itself upward.

The sun was creating movement on the planet. Before this, no air had moved, which had confused Stella since she wasn’t sure how she should implement the Element of Wind.

Now, the Element of Wind was also present.

On top of that, the Light Element was now also here thanks to the sun.

As the steam gathered, it cooled down, and eventually, rain formed.


A lightning bolt hit the planet.

The Lightning Element was now also present!

Stella looked with wonder at the planet.

“As long as there is life on this planet, even a mortal can live on it,” Gravis said. “However, life is a different topic.”

Stella looked at the entire world and took it all in.

She saw how everything interacted with everything else.

Even if she left it alone, this world would continue existing.

This world had become its own thing, and it didn’t need her supervision.

It had become an actual world!

A dead world!


And Stella understood!

Stella had comprehended the Law of the Dead World without needing to temper herself!


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