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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1087: Can Siral Be Saved? Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis looked at Siral.

Right now, Siral was missing his will. It had been completely ground to dust.

It was one of the cruelest ways to die. Dying to Samsara meant that one had been under so much torture that their entire being just completely shut down.

Gravis analyzed Siral.

Sadly, Gravis couldn’t see much.


Because Gravis only knew the Law of Sentience. Gravis could look at the will and personality of a person without problems and use the will to glean information.

However, the actual memories were in the Spirit of the person.

Gravis didn’t have the Major Law of Life. If he wanted to go through the memories of a person, he would have to know the Major Law of Life.

A person with a will couldn’t have their memories read by someone that only knew the Law of Life. If someone had a will, one would need the Law of Sentient Life, which was a combination of the Law of Life and the Law of Sentience.

However, Siral didn’t have a will right now. This meant that someone only needed the Major Law of Life to read his memories.

Gravis could theoretically recreate Siral’s personality. Gravis always remembered the Law fragments of every one of his friends before they underwent Samsara.

Sadly, there was an issue with that.

The Spirit had been contaminated by Samsara.

Old memories were forgotten.

New memories were created.

As soon as Siral’s will was recreated by Gravis, Siral’s mind would be flooded with an incredible load of memories.

Siral would essentially undergo Samsara again, just in a different form.

Could Gravis comprehend the Major Law of Life?

Not for a long time.

Gravis was missing the Major Soul Laws and all the Plant Laws.

Gravis couldn’t save Siral.

He simply didn’t have the ability.

Suddenly, Gravis felt some form of knock on his Life Ring.

Gravis knew that his contingency plan had arrived.


A blonde man with five eyes appeared in Gravis’ Life Ring.

Arc looked at Siral and scratched his chin.

As soon as Siral had died, Gravis had called Arc, asking him if he could take a look.

Arc quickly made his way to Gravis without another word. Gravis was his closest friend, and Arc felt very indebted to Gravis.

Of course he would take a look.

“How does it look?” Gravis asked.

“Samsara really did a number on him,” Arc said. “His memories are all over the place. His mind has been in a state of delirium for thousands of years, randomly deleting and generating memories. His entire Spirit is completely messed up.”

Arc sighed.

“No matter how often I see it, I’m still shocked by the attack you created. Samsara can be absolutely vicious to someone. To be honest, I’ve never seen such a destructive attack. It grinds people down until they want to die. Yet, they can’t even kill themselves in Samsara. It pushes them so far that their own minds undergo a form of shutdown.”

Gravis also sighed.

He knew that Samsara was probably the most vicious attack that existed, which made him feel guilty for what Siral had gone through.

However, Siral had agreed, and he had known the risks. Siral had also had a very real chance of overcoming Samsara.

In a sense, it was only a tragedy without a guilty party.

“Can you recreate the memories he had had before he underwent Samsara? Make it seem like he has never undergone Samsara,” Gravis asked.

“Do you know the True Law of Time?” Arc asked.

“The True Law of Time?” Gravis asked. “But the Major Law of Time can also be used to look into the past.”

“Yes, but the Major Law of Time has its limits,” Arc answered. “It can show a lot of things, but it can’t fully show the entirety of reality. You essentially need to turn back the time for a living being to see their Spirit and their Law fragments. For that, you need the True Law of Time.”

Gravis took a deep breath.

He had been careless.

Gravis had expected that the Major Law of Time could be used to inspect the Spirit of someone in the past.

“No, I don’t,” Gravis answered heavily.

“Do you want to?” Arc asked.

For a second, Gravis didn’t know what Arc meant.

However, Gravis quickly made the connection, and a grimace appeared on his face.

Arc was offering to undergo Samsara.

Gravis could make the passage of time nearly irrelevant in Samsara, but even that had its limits.

Gravis already felt a bit lethargic after going through millions of years of Samsara with his friends.

Then, what if Gravis underwent Samsara with Arc?

Due to the time dilation, Arc was probably even older than the Opposer.

On top of that, everything would be stretched even further by all the different perspectives.

Arc’s Samsara might actually stretch to a trillion years, which was absolute insanity.

Gravis had experienced a couple of million years in Samsara, but a trillion years was ridiculous.

One trillion was one million times a million. The difference in magnitude between one year and a million years was the same as the difference of magnitude between one million years and a trillion years.

It was just too long.

Gravis looked at Siral’s body for a while.

Then, he sighed.

“I’m sorry, Siral,” Gravis said. “You’re my friend, but I can’t throw my life away for you.”

“That’s the right decision,” Arc said with a smile. “Value your friends, but don’t sacrifice yourself for them. The True Law of Time is very powerful and very enticing. Yet, grasping it is too much for the current you.”

“Yeah, I get that. Sadly, Siral died to my carelessness,” Gravis said.

“Did he, though?” Arc asked with a smirk.

Gravis furrowed his brows.

Then, Arc left the Life Ring.

After that, time moved backward in the actual world, and Arc inspected everything.

Gravis’ eyes widened in shock at what he saw.

Wasn’t that the True Law of Time!?

Arc inspected the past Siral and then dispersed the usage of his Law of Time.

After that, Arc entered Gravis’ Life Ring again and put his hand on Siral’s head.

A couple seconds later, Arc stood back up again and looked at Gravis with a smirk. “And done. You can resurrect him whenever you want. His latest memories are him waiting for Samsara.”

Gravis almost couldn’t believe it.

Siral’s Spirit was repaired?

Then, Gravis sighed. “Why did you make it seem like he can’t be saved?” Gravis asked.

“To make you squirm,” Arc said with a smile. “You were a bit careless this time. You expected that I would be able to help you get out of this, but you forgot that even my power has its limits. The True Law of Time is a level nine Law, and comprehending it has not been easy, at all.”

Gravis nodded. “I should have been more careful. Thank you, Arc.”

“No problem,” Arc answered. “Anyway, I’m going back to having fun. See you later!”

“See you later,” Gravis answered with a smile.

After Arc left, Gravis continued looking at the space where Arc had just been.

‘He actually knows the level nine True Law of Time. Arc is actually even more terrifying than I had thought.’

‘Additionally, I never heard about the Laws he managed to guess.’

‘Well, I still remember that father has called Arc a genuine monster.’

‘Luckily, he’s a nice guy.’

Then, Gravis focused on Siral and recreated his Law fragments.

Some seconds later, Siral opened his eyes.


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