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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1077: Changing Places Bahasa Indonesia

Power Walker took a deep breath.

It was one thing for a level one Star God to kill a Peak Immortal Emperor, but it was something entirely different when an Ancestral God killed one.

Their Cultivation Realms were so far apart that Power Walker’s Karmic Luck would take a severe hit.

Even more, if he killed Gravis, Gravis’ background would definitely take revenge.

He would be exchanging his life for Gravis’ life!

A normal Ancestral God would have immediately slapped their disciple if they said something like that.

However, the Favorite Child Poison had already burrowed itself deep in Power Walker’s Spirit.

Right now, self-preservation and pride were wrestling with his loyalty towards Silent Walker.

If Silent Walker played his cards correctly, he could actually make Power Walker kill Gravis.

This was a genuine danger for Gravis.

This was a problem that had occurred without any outside influence. Power Walker and Silent Walker weren’t targeting Gravis because of his background, but because of what Gravis had done, even if he had been in the right.

Because of that, it was Gravis’ responsibility to deal with this problem.

If Power Walker decided to kill Gravis, the Opposer wouldn’t stop him.

If Gravis wanted to reach supreme power, he must have the ability to deal with something like that.

“Let’s move this conversation to voice transmissions,” Gravis transmitted to Silent Walker. “After all, we will be talking about things that you don’t want to be exposed.”

Silent Walker’s Spirit shook a bit, but his expression didn’t change.

“Are you finally willing to talk?” Silent Walker asked Gravis via voice transmission.

“Yes, but we will be talking about very different things from now on,” Gravis answered.

“Let me just begin by asking a question.”

“Where are you getting your supply of Favorite Child Poison from?” Gravis asked.

A horrified expression appeared on Silent Walker’s face.

How did he know!?

“Oh, so it’s a senior in the Ancestral God Realm,” Gravis transmitted. “A man draped in black cloaks, and he comes to a city called Burning Sky City every 100 years. Interesting.”

As soon as Gravis had asked this question, Silent Walker’s mind had immediately jumped to that senior, which allowed Gravis to read his thoughts on that subject thanks to his Law of Sentience.

“I wonder, what will happen if I pay that senior 200,000 God Stones to not supply that poison to you anymore?” Gravis asked with a voice transmission.

In Silent Walker’s perception, Gravis’ voice had become the voice of a demon.

It was like his deepest fears were becoming reality.

“Getting that stuff isn’t easy,” Gravis continued. “You can search for another supplier, but how long will that take? How high will their prices be?”

“Sure, you can also just pay him even more money, like 250,000 God Stones, but can you keep that up? You know, I work for The Heaven Company, and I have a very, very lucrative position due to my power. Wanna know how much I earn?”

“I earn 50,000 God Stones every century. Even if that is everything I earn, I can simply pool together and ruin every fourth supply that you want.”

“Sure, you have an entire Sect backing you, but how long will that Sect last? You are not as blind as your puppet. You can see that your Sect won’t live for much longer. You are siphoning out all the money of the Sect until it’s an empty shell, and then you will sell off all the valuable lands you own.”

“However, how will you make money then? In 30,000 years, at the latest, you will have run out of money, and you won’t be able to pay for the poison anymore. You win the economic war in the short term, but I will win in the long term.”

“In 30,000 years, you won’t be able to reach the Star God Realm. That’s your goal, isn’t it? When you reach the Star God Realm, you will probably send your puppet on a mission that will kill it. As it stands right now, you should have the ability to achieve that, but not as long as I get involved.”

“Everything will deteriorate with frightening speed.”

“Even more, I haven’t even shown you my true power.”

“Let me give you a demonstration. Please watch the disciples in your Sect. In a couple of seconds, they will sneer in disgust,” Gravis transmitted.

Silent Walker couldn’t form any rational thoughts at the moment.

Right now, it felt like he was the one in the cage, and Gravis was the interrogator.

In shock, Silent Walker looked at the Sect.

And sure enough, several seconds later, many disciples sneered in disgust.

“I can use my power on you, but I can also use my power on others,” Gravis transmitted. “You think I can only create horrors? No, I can do much more than that. Wanna see what so many of your disciples have just seen? Look to your left.”

Silent Walker looked to his left, and his eyes widened in horror.

Power Walker was currently urinating in the corner!

Silent Walker knew that this wasn’t real, but if everyone saw that, they would believe it to be real.

“I simply made it appear like some disciples were urinating in a random corner. Every other disciple will get annoyed and will think that the Sect is really going down the drain. What if I slightly change the words in a conversation?”

“An Elder in the exchange hall will think that someone only gave him five God Stones when, in reality, he got ten God Stones. So, the Elder will give the disciple items with the value of five God Stones.”

“The disciple will feel unfairly treated. After all, they had just handed over ten God Stones, and the Elder was acting like he had only received five. This was obviously an instance of the Elder siphoning money out of the Sect.”

“What about subtly changing the details of missions? Weak Peak Immortal Emperors will take on missions for powerful Peak Immortal Emperors, believing they could easily handle them. These disciples will never return.”

“What if I manipulate two lovers into talking about leaving the Sect? Both of them had been on the verge of leaving, but with that conversation, they will surely leave.”

“You see? I can ruin this entire Sect in my five years of being here. At that point, no more cash will come into the Sect, and no disciples would want to join.”

“If I do that, you only have maybe 20,000 years if you sell everything. Is that enough time to control your puppet to such a degree that he will walk into death for you, or will that take longer?”

“I don’t need to kill your Sect. I don’t need to force anyone. I can make everyone leave of their own volition.”

“So, what do you think? Are you ready to talk now?” Gravis finally finished his long, terrifying explanation.

Silent Walker felt like his world was breaking down.

He had worked for so long for this!

Yet, this person could destroy everything in a matter of days!

Silent Walker remained silent for several minutes.

Power Walker only looked at Silent Walker with concern.

In Power Walker’s mind, Silent Walker was probably deliberating on how to enact his revenge on Gravis.

After some minutes, Silent Walker answered Gravis.

“Why are you telling me this?” Silent Walker asked. “Are you not afraid that I will make Power Walker kill you immediately?”

“You won’t,” Gravis transmitted. “Know why? Because I’m not taking your puppet or your power away from you. If I were to do all these things, the best option would be to kill me. However, I’m not that stupid. Just like you, I don’t want to die.”

Silent Walker gritted his teeth as his being was consumed by hatred.

He hated this feeling!

This feeling was exactly why he had done all these things!

He hated feeling this suppressed!

He simply wanted to send Power Walker to kill Gravis immediately. Silent Walker would be free of this suppression, and he would have felt like he had, at least, some control over his life.

However, Silent Walker knew exactly that he wouldn’t do something like that.

If he did that, he would throw away millennia of work.

He couldn’t destroy all of that just for some momentary relief.

“What do you want?” Silent Walker asked via voice transmission.

“200,000 God Stones. That’s what you wanted for my life, minus the other two things. So, I think it’s just perfect that I ask for that in return.”

Silent Walker gritted his teeth as he remained silent.

The amount of money was perfect, and that infuriated him!

It was just on the edge of being too much, but it was still in his ability to pay.

“How can I trust you?” Silent Walker asked via voice transmission.

Silent Walker had already given up.

He could force Power Walker to confine Gravis somewhere else, but what would stop Gravis from simply returning in a stealthier manner?

What would stop Gravis from manipulating all the different Peak Immortal Emperors in their Law Comprehension Areas?

Silent Walker was truly helpless.

“In comparison to you, I have the Law of Honesty,” Gravis answered.

Gravis activated his Law of Honesty.

“I promise that I will keep your poison a secret from everyone in your Sect, and I promise that I won’t go for your life. If you pay 200,000 God Stones, I won’t come into contact with you, your master, or your Sect ever again as long as you don’t search for me of your own volition.”

Silent Walker remained silent for nearly 30 minutes.

This was a big decision.

However, in the end, he agreed.

Silent Walker handed over 200,000 God Stones to Gravis, and Gravis promised him again that he would keep everything a secret as long as they stopped going after him.

Gravis had resolved this enmity and got 200,000 God Stones out of it.


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