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Power Walker returned with Silent Walker. If Silent Walker acted weirdly again, Power Walker would teleport away with Silent Walker again.

Why had Power Walker brought Silent Walker back?

Because Power Walker was certain that Gravis had only wanted to demonstrate his power. Continually antagonizing one of his captors wouldn’t be in his interest.

How did Silent Walker feel right now?


Gravis had given him a torturous experience, and he hated Gravis even more now.

“You’ve made your point,” Power Walker said with a calmer voice than before. “However, I’m still disgusted by you. Not only did you frame my junior brother, but you also antagonized him while he only wanted to talk. You humans are truly disgusting creatures.”

Gravis only smiled. “Are you interested in this power?”

Power Walker huffed. “Of course, but you obviously won’t tell me about it.”

“But what if I say I will?” Gravis asked with a smirk.

“Don’t take me for a fool,” Power Walker said. “Why would you do something like that?”

“I have my reasons,” Gravis answered.

Power Walker was a bit interested in how Gravis currently acted.

To Power Walker, it almost felt like Gravis was in control, but that was impossible. After all, he could kill Gravis with a wave of his hand.

“Fine,” Power Walker said. “If you share your secret, I can lighten your future punishment. Maybe I won’t torture you forever but will give you an easy death.”

Silent Walker only looked with hate at Gravis.

Broad Walker appeared emotionless.

“My power has something to do with the Soul,” Gravis explained. “You can comprehend it by learning the Soul Laws.”

“You’re an Ancestral God, and you should be able to gain insights into the True Law of the Soul. You probably also know lower forms of the Soul Law. Maybe you should focus on those Laws.”

Silent Walker’s body shook slightly, but in the end, he only scoffed.

Power Walker seemed to be intrigued by Gravis’ words.

Yet, Power Walker still seemed to hesitate.

“And you’re speaking the truth?” he asked.

“Yes,” Gravis answered.

“Prove it,” Power Walker demanded.

“I only spoke the truth. The Soul Laws are the key to my power,” Gravis said.

Gravis’ Law of Honesty activated, which meant that he spoke the truth.

Power Walker felt the Law of Honesty, and his eyes shone.

“Fine, I will not torture you in the future,” he said.

However, something very unexpected happened.

Silent Walker’s body shook.

It was like his body was frozen in terror.

Broad Walker and Power Walker looked at Silent Walker in confusion.

Was he under another illusion?

Silent Walker gritted his teeth.


Then, a teacup appeared in Silent Walker’s hand.

“Master, I haven’t made your favorite tea in quite a while,” Silent Walker said, suddenly addressing his master as master. “Here, this is my thank you for your help.”

Gravis’ smirk intensified.

Broad Walker’s eyes widened.

Power Walker’s eyes also widened in confusion.

Hadn’t they just come back? They hadn’t even spoken with Gravis yet, and Silent Walker suddenly wanted to give him tea? Where did that come from?

Yes, Power Walker had not talked to Gravis.

For the last seconds, Power Walker had only looked at Gravis, trying to think of a way to deal with him.

The previous conversation had only happened in Silent Walker’s perception.

Power Walker couldn’t feel the Law of Perceived Reality, and he hadn’t noticed that Silent Walker had just gone through an imaginary conversation.

This was also how Gravis had managed to use his Law of Honesty while spouting a lie. After all, in Silent Walker’s perception, Gravis was speaking the truth.

Gravis could make Silent Walker see and feel anything he wanted.

“Oh, okay, thanks,” Power Walker said as his smile widened.

He loved this tea!

At the same time, Silent Walker’s illusion slowly merged back with reality.

In Silent Walker’s mind, they had just talked about Gravis’ ability, but in reality, no conversation had taken place.

Broad Walker looked with fearful eyes at the teacup as his master drank the tea with glee.

Gravis scratched his chin with interest.

‘It’s a poison, huh? Some kind of mind poison, I presume,’ Gravis thought.

Gravis had had no idea how Silent Walker had manipulated Power Walker. So, he had manipulated Silent Walker into showing how he accomplished that.

How had Gravis done that?

By talking about the Soul Laws.

Why did that work?

Because Gravis had been certain that this manipulation had something to do with the soul. The body wasn’t affected, and influencing the Law fragments that worked on the basis of the Law of Sentience was far too difficult. Probably not even Power Walker had the ability to buy something with such capabilities.

Because of that, it had to be soul.

So, what if Power Walker comprehended the True Law of Soul Regeneration?

Well, wouldn’t that make his Spirit recover very quickly?

In that case, the manipulated part of Power Walker’s Spirit would very quickly return to normal, and he would realize what Silent Walker had done.

Silent Walker knew this, which was why he had quickly fished out the tea to increase his control over his master.

‘Alright, that rules out around 90% of all the methods Mortis has found,’ Gravis thought.

Mortis had already gone to several places to gather information on these things. Sadly, the list was too long, and it was difficult to find out what method was used exactly.

‘I need to run one more experiment,’ Gravis thought.

“What do you think of the Soul Laws?” Gravis asked Power Walker.

Power Walker, who had just had his tea, shook.

It was like these two words triggered something in him.

Power Walker huffed. “Who needs Soul Laws? Power is everything! What use are Soul Laws? I wouldn’t waste my time with such nonsense!”

Silent Walker sighed in relief inconspicuously.

Gravis’ eyes shone. ‘He might have hidden it quite well, but I saw the short moment of terror in your eyes,’ Gravis thought. ‘That confirms it.’

Gravis glanced at Silent Walker. ‘So you used the Favorite Child Poison, huh?’ Gravis thought with a smirk. ‘According to what Mortis said, this poison is mixture of the Darkness Laws, the Life Laws, the Law of Safety, the Law of Empathy, the Law of Humility, and the Law of Danger.’

‘The Life Laws in the poison represent the basis.’

‘The Darkness Laws represent the invasive poison ability.’

‘The Law of Safety reduces the suspicion and wariness of the victim towards the poisoner.’

‘The Law of Empathy strengthens all positive emotions the victim feels towards the poisoner.’

‘The Law of Humility takes away confidence and puts the poisoner on a higher pedestal.’

‘Lastly, the Law of Danger makes the victim fearful of the cure, the Soul Laws.’

‘The Favorite Child Poison, after the victim has ingested it for long enough, can even transform the parent into the child. In the end, they will follow the orders of the poisoner.’

‘It’s quite a powerful poison, but it has two severe disadvantages.’

‘First of all, the victim will recover if they don’t get poisoned regularly.’

‘Second of all, the poison is ridiculously expensive. The poison needs to be given to the victim once per century, and every dosage costs around 100,000 God Stones.’

Gravis looked at the Sect.

‘No wonder this Sect is destitute. The Sect Master is basically siphoning all the money out of the Sect to pay for the poison he’s ingesting.’

Gravis glanced towards Broad Walker.

“Is that proof enough to make you, at least, inform yourself?” Gravis asked via voice transmission.

Broad Walker felt nervous, and he didn’t answer.

“Go to Opposer City. Someone will hand you some God Stones as soon as you arrive. Use these God Stones to enter the Information Pavilion and buy information about the Favorite Child Poison.”

“After you’ve read through everything, you should realize the truth. If you are willing to go through with the plan I proposed, just return and tell me.”

“Right now, you absolutely can’t trust your disciple brother and master. I might not have won your trust, but trusting someone unknown is better than trusting someone you know you definitely can’t trust.”

“You’re not my enemy. You have done nothing to me. Only your disciple brother and master antagonized me.”

Gravis transmitted all these things to Broad Walker in an instant.

Broad Walker and Gravis had talked about a lot of things while they had waited for Power Walker’s return.

Broad Walker took a nervous breath.

“I’m sorry, Master, but I have to leave. I still need to pay you back for what you’ve done for me,” Broad Walker said deferentially to his master.

Power Walker scoffed. “I want to see 1,000 God Stones in a century. You better get to work,” he commented coldly.

Broad Walker vanished.

Silent Walker didn’t mind it.

Did he suspect that Broad Walker knew something?

In actuality, it didn’t matter.

What could someone like Broad Walker do?


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