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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1062: Instruction Bahasa Indonesia

“I assume the emblems get directly teleported to Judges?” Gravis asked.

“Correct,” Eve said. “As soon as you attune your personal emblem to the relevant Formation Arrays, you will be a recipient for the emblems arriving in that Formation Array. The emblems get teleported to those Judges that hadn’t been given one for the longest, but that’s irrelevant in your case since you will be the only one overlooking these fights.”

“What if there are two happening at once?” Gravis asked.

“It’s rare for intensities above three, but it can happen. When it happens, an Ancestral God will overlook them since the Inspector just granted leave to your actual backup.”

Gravis nodded. “What do I have to do exactly?”

“The same thing you did in your test,” Eve answered. “Each emblem has information on the combatants, including their aura, Laws, and personality. Like this, you shouldn’t be taken by surprise.”

“Each emblem gets generated around ten seconds before the actual fight will occur, making it mandatory to react swiftly when you receive one. That’s why Judges can’t comprehend Laws while they’re working. They need to be ready any time, and most of them don’t even get a day of peace between assignments.”

Gravis nodded. Working once a day wasn’t much, but it was still enough to stop any form of Law Comprehension. Gravis already needed several days just to get completely lost in the Laws, and any comprehension before that state was essentially worthless.

“So, as soon as I get the emblem, I destroy it immediately, get teleported to the fighting arena, and then I just have to protect the surroundings, right?” Gravis asked.

“We’ll do a test-run,” Eve said. “I will take this one. You have to do nothing.”

Gravis nodded again.


An emblem appeared in Eve’s hand. It was an Orange Three emblem.


Eve immediately broke the emblem, pulling Gravis along with her.

Gravis felt space warp around him, and he found himself in a grey nothingness. For some reason, Gravis felt like the reality in this place was very different than from outside.

“This is our space tunnel,” Eve explained with a voice transmission. “This world is gigantic, and if we don’t teleport slowly, even an Immortal Emperor will be torn apart by the backlash of such a teleportation. Time in here doesn’t exist, meaning that, no matter how long we are in here, no time will have passed on the outside.”

“The longest teleportations take a minute, but you won’t experience those since we have other branches for those areas. The longest teleportation you will feel will be ten seconds. The speed of teleportation with the emblems is even faster than the teleportation of a Divine God.”

Eve had given Gravis these pieces of information in an instant since their time in the space tunnel would only amount to two seconds this time.

Just as Gravis started to look around, he had already reappeared somewhere else.

Gravis was above a mountain range filled with volcanos, and Gravis immediately realized that this was a Law Comprehension Area for the level six Law of Blaze.

Several Immortal Emperors were comprehending the Law of Blaze here.

The Immortal Emperors opened their eyes to look at who had just arrived, but when they saw the white emblem with the cloud on Eve’s chest, their eyes widened.


Those who noticed immediately teleported away.

A fight was about to break out, and the fact that a Judge arrived in this place, filled with Immortal Emperors, meant that the Immortal Emperors were the ones in danger of being killed!

The stronger ones remained since they were interested in the fight.

Gravis looked around and immediately noticed the aura of two people that had been inside the emblem.

These two people had just noticed each other, and their faces exploded with hatred and anger.

They immediately took out their weapons and charged at each other with hatred. Obviously, they had a prior history.

“Big brother is the one fighting!” one of them shouted in terror. She wanted to escape, but the fight had already thrown space into chaos in the surroundings, making it impossible.

The first shockwave came close to her, but an invisible shield blocked it.


However, the entire Law Comprehension Area was quickly destroyed.

All the different attacks broke the Energy equilibrium, making the volcanos explode violently with Blaze, using up all their gathered Energy.

The onlookers immediately charged into the distance, away from the fight. They knew that the Judge would protect them, but the Judges were also only Cultivators, and Cultivators occasionally made mistakes.

They wouldn’t want to risk their lives for something like that.

The fight completely decimated the surrounding 10,000 kilometers, leaving nothing undamaged, except for the Cultivators being protected by Eve.

A couple seconds later, a new person appeared.

“Save big brother!” the Immortal Emperor that shouted earlier screamed at the newcomer.

The newcomer immediately took out a hammer and unleashed several attacks at one of the two combatants.


However, a shield stopped him.

He quickly stopped with gritted teeth. This had only been a futile attempt since he knew that a Judge was already here. However, he wanted to try. Maybe, the Judge wasn’t that good.

Sadly, the Judge was an Ancestral God this time.

The person looked over at Gravis and Eve.

Since Gravis didn’t wear his emblem, the newcomer felt that Gravis was only average. However, he couldn’t feel anything from the other person.

Of course, the newcomer wasn’t stupid. He had tested the protection of the Judge precisely to gauge their strength, and their strength was impressive. The shield hadn’t even been distorted.

This meant that the Judge was so powerful that he couldn’t feel their power, making him despair.

His son-in-law was fighting in there!

“You let the Ancestral Law Comprehension Area of our Blazing Eternal Sect get destroyed!” he shouted violently at Eve. “I will report this to your superiors! However, I’m willing to overlook this transgression as long as you let me help my son!”

Eve didn’t react.

Gravis looked between the guy and Eve, but he kept silent.

Eve knew what she was doing.

However, the guy was right. Eve hadn’t protected the Law Comprehension Area, letting it get obliterated. She could have easily stopped the destruction if she so chose. Hell, even Gravis could stop the destruction easily.

The newcomer shouted some more in terror, rage, hatred, and anxiety.

Eve didn’t react.

“Did you see?” Eve said to Gravis. “We are doing a good deed by protecting all these Cultivators here. Obviously, this Law Comprehension Area has been claimed by this Blazing Eternal Sect, meaning that all these people are from that Sect. This newcomer is probably the Sect Master from what I can deduce.”

“Yet, instead of thanking us for saving the members of his Sect, he hates us for not protecting his Law Comprehension Area. This is what you have to deal with, Black Sentry,” she said.

Gravis nodded. “I know. I’ve already seen this coming.”

Gravis had already seen through the newcomer with his Law of Sentience. He knew immediately what the newcomer would do.

However, even if Gravis hadn’t known the Law of Sentience, he still wouldn’t have been surprised.

Some humans were simply like that.

After some seconds, the fight ended.

The son-in-law died.

Eve dispelled her shield.


A new person appeared.

Gravis looked over, and his eyebrows lifted with surprise.

This guy wore the same emblem as Eve!

Another Judge?

The Judge nodded at Gravis and gave Eve a quick bow.

Eve nodded back.

Then, the person from the Blazing Eternal Sect charged at the person that had just killed his son-in-law.


A gigantic explosion occurred, but it was confined by a shield, this one also protecting the surroundings, not only the people.

Eve turned to Gravis. “We are only responsible for the fight we have been summoned for. If a new fight breaks out, someone else will be sent here.”

Gravis looked at the apocalyptic fight breaking out in the shield with interest.

Eve only looked at Gravis evenly as contained pure destruction reigned behind her.

“Let’s go back,” she said.


The repaired emblem in her hand was destroyed again and the two of them vanished.

After two seconds in the space tunnel, Gravis and Eve reappeared in the gigantic hall with the sorting machine.

“You will always be directly teleported back to the place you left,” Eve said. “This means that you don’t have to remain here. You can go wherever you want and do whatever you want during that time. However, you need to be ready at any given moment.”

“That should cover everything,” Eve finished. “Any questions?”

Gravis shook his head. “No, you explained everything very well. Thank you very much,” he said.

“No problem. I am your direct superior. If you need a time-out or if you want to leave The Heaven Company, come to me. I’ll attune your emblem now,” she said as she held out her hand.

Gravis put his emblem onto her hand, and Eve walked over to the tubes that Gravis would be responsible for.

She attuned Gravis to one tube and detuned it for the person that had been responsible for these tubes before him.

After going through all the tubes, she gave Gravis back his emblem.

“From now on, you are working for The Heaven Company. We pay you by the century, and you should be very satisfied with your pay. You will be paid a static amount, no matter how many assignments you get.”

Gravis nodded. He didn’t know how much he would earn, but he didn’t ask since he wanted to be surprised.

It was probably good pay!

“Have fun,” Eve said.


Then, she was gone.

Gravis was now alone in the gigantic hall, and he looked at the Sorting Machine alone.

Then, he looked at his emblem.

It hadn’t sent any assignments yet.

Gravis waited for half an hour, but nothing appeared.

Gravis scratched the back of his head awkwardly. “Well, seems like I’ll have to wait for an assignment. I should get back to Stella and inform her about everything.”


And the hall became empty again.


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