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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1056: Father’s Sacrifice Bahasa Indonesia

After a couple of days, everyone had basically already finished saying whatever they wanted to say.

Jake went back to work, and Yersi went back to comprehending her Laws. Liam and Aris went to the Myriad Sect and talked things over.

Now, only Gravis and Stella were left.

Gravis rented an apartment in Opposer City, something that didn’t even cost a single God Stone. With his current wealth, renting an apartment basically cost nothing.

Gravis and Stella only lay on a beautiful beach in their new apartment, simply looking at the world in front of them.

At least, Gravis was looking forward.

Stella was looking at Gravis as she hugged him.

“I was so afraid,” Stella said. “I was scared that you wouldn’t return.”

Gravis also pulled Stella closer. “I know, and I’m sorry. The Gate of Death had been really dangerous, and I might have died if the old Mortis hadn’t decided to stop resisting Death. It pains to me to say, but Mortis’ depression saved my life.”

“It feels completely wrong to say something like that. After all, Mortis is one of my closest friends, and I’m essentially saying that I benefited from his misery. Yet, even if I don’t say it, it doesn’t change reality.”

“Was he a martyr?” Gravis asked. “In terms of action, yes, in terms of intent, no. However, Mortis had also known that he couldn’t survive without me. So, I think he would have sacrificed himself regardless. The only difference would be that he would have asked me to resurrect him.”

“It feels shitty and scummy when I think about it. I essentially threw one of my friends into death to save my own life.”

Gravis sighed.

“However, on the other hand, we couldn’t have known what exactly would await us. Maybe Mortis knew from the very beginning that he could give his life to make me comprehend the Major Law of Death. If he hadn’t been in such a dark place, he would have probably tried more things.”

“I understand how you feel,” Stella said quietly. “Something similar happened to me. After all, my teacher sacrificed her life for me back then. I know this feeling of guilt.”

Gravis looked lovingly at Stella.

What had he done to deserve her?

Stella could relate to Gravis on even such a complex, moral situation.

How many people could relate to such a situation?

For some hours, Stella and Gravis only remained silently on the beach. Stella’s head was on Gravis’ chest as Gravis only stroked her hair lovingly.

This was Gravis’ happiest moment of his life.

His partner was right beside him.

Both of them had a lot of longevity left.

All of Gravis’ friends had returned.

Gravis could see Aris and Yersi whenever he wanted.

Gravis could visit his father and mother whenever he wanted.

Gravis was very powerful, and no one would attack them in Opposer City.

‘If I wanted to stop cultivating right now, what would happen?’ Gravis thought.


‘Not much. All of this would only continue onward until my friends overtake me in power. Then, eventually, I will die to a tribulation at some point.’

Gravis smiled peacefully.

‘However, that’s only an unrealistic dream. I have too many responsibilities. Mortis is bound to me, and if I don’t increase my power, he can’t become more powerful. Stella tells me that she will follow me, no matter what choice I make, but I know very well that Stella wants to become more powerful as well.’

‘Then, there is the situation with father and Orthar. Even if I don’t care much about this new version of Orthar, my father is still in immense pain.’

‘I always wondered what father was doing all day long inside his room. He never leaves his room, and he always only sits in the middle.’

‘Who would have thought that father was in a never-ending battle with Death itself inside his own Cosmos. Father probably has to give his everything to keep his Cosmos and himself alive. One slip-up and he would die.’

‘I thought that I had it hard with my life, but my life can’t compare to father’s life. He has been in one single dangerous battle for 50 billion years.’

‘It’s actually a miracle that he managed to change his personality to such a degree while being inside a life and death battle.’

‘I still remember how I have always asked him to allow me to cultivate and how angry I got when he said no.’

‘From his perspective, he was continually fighting with his life on the line while dealing with a little brat that continuously bothered him. He wanted to tell me that Cultivation requires an iron will, but I just wouldn’t take his words seriously.’

‘Then, when he had the opportunity to kill Orthar when I decided to attune my Spirit to Destruction Lightning, he decided against it. Even back then, father had been in a constant conflict with his own Cosmos. The torture that had been going on for 50 billion years could have ended. After Orthar died, father could have probably reconstructed his Cosmos.’

‘Yet, father chose me.’

‘He was willing to continue this torture for an unknown period of time longer just to save my life.’

Gravis looked at the sky in his apartment.

‘I always thought father didn’t care much about me back then, but only now do I realize that he had always cared very deeply for me. He could have simply said that I should go ahead and cultivate if I wanted to. I couldn’t even be angry at him for that. After all, I pestered him without end.’

‘However, he only allowed me to cultivate when he demonstrated how cruel Cultivation could be. I wonder, did father kill all the Star Gods to anger Orthar, or did he do so to show me what someone with power could do in the world?’

‘I think it’s a bit of both.’

‘He doesn’t force me on my path, but that’s exactly why I have to continue walking it. I want to help my father in the future, and allowing him to escape this Cosmos is the best thing I can do for him.’

“Stella,” Gravis said suddenly.

“Hm?” Stella hummed comfortably.

“I will join The Heaven Company in a week.”

Stella moved her head so that she could see Gravis’ eyes, her chin now resting on his chest. “How come?”

“I’ve learned a lot of things in my talk with the highest Heaven, and there are a lot of things I want to do for father. He has sacrificed far more than I had ever imagined, and I want to repay him,” Gravis said.

Gravis put his hand to Stella’s chin and slightly lifted her head, looking into her eyes. “But don’t forget that we are in the highest world now. We can meet whenever we want. Additionally, working for The Heaven Company is not like comprehending Laws. We can still talk, and I will probably still have a lot of free time. It will be just like back then when I worked as a mortal teacher.”

“When I’m done working, I’ll just come home to you.”

Stella thought about Gravis’ words for a while.

“Fine, maybe it’s better that way,” she said as she laid down again.

“Thanks,” Gravis said as he kissed her. “I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve someone as perfect as you.”

“No, you,” Stella said with a playful expression.

Gravis only chuckled.

Gravis and Stella spent the next week together, ignoring everything else.

Then, Gravis stood up.

It was time to visit The Heaven Company!


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