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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1051: Fruits Bahasa Indonesia

“Oh? You once worked for The Heaven Company?” Gravis asked.

“Yeah,” Jake answered. “It’s a pretty good workplace. However, the pay and amount of work depend on your power.”

“The stronger you are, the more you’re getting paid, and the amount of work also reduces at some point. The ones that have to work the most are slightly above-average Peak Immortal Emperors since they have to oversee the fights of all the average Peak Immortal Emperors.”

Jake smiled bitterly. “Sadly, I fall exactly into that category. Because of that, I basically got worked to the bone. The pay was still good, don’t get me wrong, but there are other jobs out there that pay more for less work.”

“Is that why you went to the Smart Cultivator?” Gravis asked.

Jake nodded. “I know a lot of Laws of many different categories, but they don’t increase my strength by much. In The Heaven Company, only strength matters. Because of that, these Laws I know were basically useless.”

“In the Smart Cultivator, knowing these Laws is important to give the customers a good consultation. I’ve already earned enough money to buy resources to comprehend several level six Laws and even a level seven Law. The only thing I need is time.”

Jake looked at Yersi with a smile. “However, I wanted to wait with my comprehension until Yersi becomes an Immortal Emperor. I don’t want to enter closed-door Cultivation just to see that Yersi has become estranged to me due to the time.”

Yersi smiled sweetly at Jake, but there was also some guilt in her smile.

Yersi knew that she was keeping Jake from reaching the Star God Realm right now.

That wasn’t even everything. It was possible that Jake even had to go through an additional tribulation due to the wasted time, which could kill him.

Jake was making all of these sacrifices for her, and Yersi loved him for that.

Jake was showing how important Yersi was to him.

Both of them loved each other dearly.

“Thank you, Jake,” Gravis said. “I’m happy that Yersi found someone like you.”

“No problem. It’s also what I want,” Jake said as he looked at Yersi with dreamy eyes.

Jake and Yersi just looked at each other for a while.


“Ah, I’m so envious!” Stella shouted playfully as she grabbed Gravis’ free arm.

“Hey, you have me! I won’t lose out to Jake!” Gravis said in an offended tone.

“You?” Stella asked with a skeptical expression. “Are you sure?”

Gravis was taken aback.

Stella only chuckled.

Then, Gravis calmed down again.

“Okay, you got me,” he said helplessly with a chuckle.

“Hey, shoo, shoo!” Yersi said as she shooed Stella away. “He’s my dad! You can have him later!”

Stella looked at Yersi with a smirk. “He technically has six arms. There are enough arms for all of us.”

“I want four of the arms,” Yersi argued.

“Four? How greedy can you be!?” Stella asked in shock.

“Yes, four! Aris can have one, and Cera can also have one.”

“And me?”

“You get his leg.”

“Oh?” Stella asked with a playful tone.

For some reason, Yersi felt nervous.

Then, Stella fell to her knees and tightly hugged Gravis’ right leg. “Husband! Please, don’t leave me!”

Everything stopped as everyone took a deep breath. The people on the street looked over with weird expressions.

The group immediately became embarrassed as Liam hid his face behind his hand with a groan.

“Okay! Okay!” Yersi shouted with agitation. “You can have an arm! Just stand up!”

Stella stood up and showed her tongue to Yersi in a playful expression.

Then, Stella grabbed one of Gravis’ arms again with a happy smile.

“You win this time,” Yersi grumbled.

Gravis sighed.

Stella was in some senses very similar to him. She simply didn’t care what others thought of her, which gave her the ability to pull off such a stunt without any shame.

Yersi couldn’t win against Stella.

“You guys were shopping, right?” Gravis asked. “No worries, I can pay for everything!”

“Yay!” Yersi shouted happily.

Stella looked at Gravis with skepticism. “Do you have the money?”

Gravis halted for a bit. “Oh, right. Money,” he said.

Stella sighed.

Gravis sometimes forgot about things he didn’t deem important, and money was one of these things.

“Hey, Jake,” Gravis said.

“I’m not paying,” Jake said.

“Not that,” Gravis said with an annoyed tone. “I wanted to sell something to the Smart Cultivator. Can you take a look at some things?”

“Oh?” Jake uttered with some interest. “Sure, show me.”


20 fruits appeared in front of Jake.

Jake’s eyebrows rose in recognition, and he nodded in appreciation. “Law Comprehension Life Fruits for level five Laws, huh?” he said.

These were the leftover fruits Gravis had gotten from the beasts. He already knew all of the corresponding Laws.

“Renting one Virtualization Array for a level five Law for 100 years costs 1,000 God Stones. In general, people need to spend about 5,000 years to comprehend the level five Law from the respective Virtualization Array. Of course, 90% of Cultivators can’t comprehend the Law that fast, but that’s our policy.”

“This means that comprehending a level five Law is essentially worth 50,000 God Stones. You have five sets of fruits, and they are definitely enough to comprehend a level five Law. If you only had three fruits per Law, the chances of comprehending the Law would only be 80%, but with four, it’s essentially 100%.”

“Sadly, customers can’t take these fruits all the time. It’s more of a one-time bonus, which doesn’t make them worth as much as Virtualization Arrays.”

“However, the fruits are a great and reliable method of comprehending your first level five Law, which increases their worth again. On top of that, the chances are basically 100% to comprehend the Law with four of them.”

“We would be selling one set for 50,000 God Stones exactly for that reason. Most Cultivators won’t even look at the fruits for this price, but there are some Cultivators that would still buy them.”

“Of course, the Smart Cultivator has to make some money too, and the fruits will probably remain unsold for a while. So, the Smart Cultivator is willing to buy the fruits for 40,000 God Stones per set for a grand total of 160,000 God Stones,” Jake said.

Gravis was surprised.

That was way more money than he had thought.

160,000 God Stones was about 25% of what the Gravitas had made in the higher world in liquid assets.

160,000 God Stones was enough to raise a Peak Immortal Emperor from nothing.

“Sounds good,” Gravis said.


Suddenly, the fruits vanished.

Jake’s eyes opened wide in shock.

He hadn’t taken the fruits!

Gravis also obviously hadn’t taken them.

Someone stole them!

Jake became panicked as he looked at Gravis with horror.

Aris narrowed his eyes as Yersi became nervous.

Stella and Liam didn’t react.

Gravis didn’t react.

“Gravis! What is-“


Someone fell down from the sky in terror and fear.

The person was a Peak Immortal Emperor.

When Jake saw the Peak Immortal Emperor, he took a deep breath.


This guy was definitely more powerful than him!

Aris looked with narrowed eyes at the Peak Immortal Emperor.

The Peak Immortal Emperor felt about as powerful as Aris, which was very impressive since Aris was already outstanding in the Peak Immortal Emperor Realm.

The Peak Immortal Emperor writhed around on the ground as if he was trying to fight an army of monsters. However, his attacks got stopped by some kind of barrier that appeared around him.

Gravis didn’t want to be liable for damages, which was why he was stopping the Peak Immortal Emperor’s attacks. After all, the Peak Immortal Emperor was currently attacking everything due to Gravis’ Law of Perceived Reality.

Right now, the guy was being attacked by several monsters, according to his perception.

The thief knew that this had to be an illusion. After all, how could this army of monsters appear in Opposer City?

Yet, no matter what he did, he couldn’t dispel the illusion!

Aris, Yersi, and Jake looked with shock at the thief.

What was going on!?

Liam only scoffed.

Stealing from Gravis? Was the guy stupid?

Well, the thief couldn’t feel Gravis’ Battle-Strength since their power was too far apart from each other. In the thief’s mind, he only had to get away from Aris and Stella, the most dangerous ones in the group.

The guards in Opposer City were Peak Immortal Emperors, and as long as they didn’t get the opportunity to surround him, the thief would be able to get away.


About ten guards appeared above the thief. They were trained in subjugating Peak Immortal Emperors, and they had arrived to stop the guy.

However, when they saw him, they only raised their eyebrows in surprise.

What was he doing?

“Can I release him?” Gravis asked the guards with a polite smile.

The guards looked at Gravis, but they became skeptical when they felt his average power.


One of the guards took out some kind of device.


The device immediately became red and released a loud alarm.

As soon as the guards heard the tone, they took a deep breath in shock.

This device was there to see if someone had the power of a Star God. This device was important for the guards since some Star Gods hid their Realm with the Law of Humility or similar Laws. There had been occurrences of Peak Immortal Emperors killing someone in the streets, fleeing, the guards chasing, and the guards dying outside the city.

The guards also had valuables in their Spirit.

Why target one guy in Opposer City when someone could just gather the valuables of a group of powerful guards?

That was why this device was so important!

The guards only looked at Gravis with shock and respect.


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