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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1047: Friends Disperse Bahasa Indonesia

“Myriad Sect? Why?” Azure asked.

Manuel and Styr quickly noticed why Gravis chose that name and nodded.

“Myriad means basically everything,” Gravis said. “In a sense, this Sect has been created with beings from many different worlds. A significant chunk comes from elemental worlds, while another significant chunk comes from natural worlds. With Stella and Liam, you also have people from battle worlds. This Sect basically encompasses all the different kinds of worlds.”

“Speaking of,” Gravis said as he remembered something. “I totally forgot about Exar. Arc, do you think Exar would be interested in joining?”

“It’s possible, but not certain,” Arc answered. “It depends on if Exar is happy where he currently is and what position he would get. He isn’t someone that likes to work beneath someone that’s weaker than him. He probably hasn’t reached the Star God Realm after realizing that he has received a boost of longevity, but he is still the most powerful out of everyone in the Sect. If you want him to join, you have to give him a position with full authority.”

Gravis nodded.

Exar would definitely be the most powerful member of the Myriad Sect if he joined.

Exar knew at least five level six Laws and one level seven Law.

Stella couldn’t even fight him.

Gravis hummed a bit in thought. “I think there’s a possibility,” he said as he looked at Manuel. “Dorian worked as a kind of underground assassin or something similar, right?”

Manuel and Dorian nodded.

“I could imagine Exar leading some form of underground organization that belongs to the Myriad Sect but works independently. In essence, he would get resources from the Sect but will manipulate the political climate in secret. You could see it as an investment. You would invest into Exar, and he will manipulate the information flow and political climate of your rivals, which will result in them making a fatal mistake.”

“That sounds quite complicated,” Styr said. “On top of that, there is a huge chance of failure. Are you sure that Exar can do something like that?”

Arc snorted.

“That was literally Exar’s job for several hundred thousand years,” Arc commented. “He’s basically the best in that regard. My entire world danced on the palm of his hand, and he didn’t even need to use his power to achieve that.”

“Then, that sounds good,” Manuel said with a smile. “I agree with Gravis’ proposal. Arc, if you find Exar in your travels, could you send him our way? I would like to talk to him about everything.”

“Sure,” Arc said, “but I can’t promise anything.”

“Of course.”

Then, Manuel looked at everyone. “So, everyone agrees with the name Myriad Sect?”

Everyone nodded.

“Great!” Manuel said with a smile. “Then, let’s all prepare ourselves and get the things we need.”

Everyone nodded again.

“Manuel, I will soon give you some money to get you started,” Gravis said. “I have some things that I can sell for quite a bit of cash.”

“Gravis, you also need God Stones,” Manuel said. “You really don’t need to do this.”

“No, I don’t really need God Stones right now,” Gravis said. “After all, I will join The Heaven Company soon. On top of that, I’m not just giving you the money. I’m investing.”

Skye had to chuckle from the side.

Gravis seemed a bit like his mother right now.

“Investing?” Manuel asked.

“Yep,” Gravis answered. “I’ll give you the money, and you can simply pay me back in a different way. You can give me some materials to help me learn the Hard Pure Law, for example. You can also just repay me in the future with God Stones when you have the wealth to do so.”

Manuel thought about this for a bit and nodded. “Alright, then, thanks,” he said.

“No problem,” Gravis said.

After they talked about the specifics, everyone shared their addresses with Gravis and Arc.

Back then, it had been really difficult for Gravis to get an apartment in Opposer City, but everything was different now.

They were all Immortal Emperors.

Just their leftover wealth from their higher worlds already went into the millions of Immortal Stones, which wasn’t even that much for their Realm. Yet, it was an incredible amount of money for Immortals.

All of them had talked for several days, and now, it was time to continue their way forward.

Everyone scattered as they prepared everything to create their new Sect.

After everyone was gone, only Gravis, Arc, and the Opposer were left.

“Thank you again for everything,” Arc said. “It really means a lot to me.”

“No problem,” Gravis said with a smile. “I also want you to have your own freedom.”

Arc only smiled. “So, aren’t you going to ask?”

Gravis was a bit confused for a second.

“You already forgot?” Arc asked with a laugh.

Gravis really didn’t know what he meant.


Some azure lightning appeared on Arc’s finger.

Then, Gravis’ eyes widened.

“Oh, right!” he shouted. “Arc, could you-“


The bolt of Heavenly Lightning entered Gravis’ body, and Gravis’ mind stopped working.

It was like Gravis’ mind was absolutely overloaded with information as it fully focused on processing the information.

If anyone attacked him in this state, he wouldn’t be able to defend himself.

“Huh?” Gravis said as he snapped back to reality.

“How are you so good at this!?” an angry voice shouted in frustration.

Gravis turned his head in confusion.

Right now, there were three other people in this room.

One was Arc.

One was the Opposer.

One was the Black Magnate.

Right now, the Black Magnate was playing some form of boardgame with Arc, and by the looks of things, the Black Magnate was losing horribly.

“You might have the advantage in Laws, but I have the advantage in experience,” Arc said with a smirk.


Another Arc appeared in the room, but this one had broken teeth, was unwashed, and jumped around like an idiot. “You might have the advantage in Laws, but I have the advantage in experience,” he shouted as he jumped around.


Then, the second Arc was gone.


A second Black Magnate appeared in the room, and he looked just as ridiculous as the other version of Arc had been.

“Duh, look at me, I think moving my A3 56 Energy Particle to x64 y79 is a great idea. Oh man, I bet my opponent can’t follow my plan,” he said like an arrogant idiot.


The second Black Magnate was annihilated by the real Black Magnate.

“Another one!” the Black Magnate shouted at Arc in anger.

The Opposer sat at the side, and Gravis could see a slight smile on his face.

Obviously, the Opposer enjoyed watching Arc destroy the Black Magnate in the game.

“Oh hey, Gravis is done,” Arc said with a smile. “Come over! You wanna join us for a round?”

Gravis only chuckled a bit. “How long have I been in comprehension?” he asked.

“About six months,” the Black Magnate answered. “Comprehending a level nine Law takes a long time, even if the information literally gets shoved into your head.”

Gravis nodded as he walked over.

Then, he looked at the Black Magnate, who also looked back at him.

“So, how have you been?” he asked.



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