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Gravis tried to ignore the entire issue with Orpheus since he didn’t want to sour the mood.

Everyone else also didn’t talk about it anymore.

It was like nothing had happened.

Gravis continued his story after he had left for the lower world, but he kept all the details regarding Orpheus out.

He didn’t want to talk about him right now.

Gravis’ friends had already talked to each other a lot, which meant that even his friends from the middle world knew what Gravis had done in the lower world.

However, they still didn’t know everything.

Hearing it from his perspective was quite different than hearing it from the perspective of his friends. On top of that, Gravis could now be far more honest with everything since they all arrived in the highest world.

When Gravis told everyone about how he had met Skye and why he had been willing to become close with Skye, everyone received a massive shock.

Some of them knew about the concept of Karmic Luck, but none of them knew why beasts had less Karmic Luck.

Gravis told them that the highest Heaven didn’t care about beasts since they were only supposed to be fodder for humans.

The beasts among the group felt like they had received a hard hit.

They only existed to make humans more powerful?

Their destiny was to die to humans?

However, Gravis quickly informed them that every beast that managed to reach the Star God Realm would become just as valuable as humans since they would be able to condense a Spirit.

When they asked for more specifics, Gravis only told them that he couldn’t answer.

These things had to remain a secret.

Arc also confirmed that they couldn’t know.

Gravis could tell them, but they would immediately die.

In front of such opposition, Gravis’ friends could only give up.

It seemed like they would never be able to learn these secrets.

However, in their mind, they knew that they still had a chance to learn these secrets.

They only had to become as powerful as the Opposer.

As long as they grew more powerful, they would eventually learn of these things.

Sadly, none of them knew that this was an empty dream.

They would receive the Brand, making it impossible for them to ever reach the Opposer’s level.

Additionally, even if everyone had an insane amount of Karmic Luck, becoming a Heaven’s Magnate was already far too difficult.

How many Heaven’s Magnates were there in this world?

Not that many.

There may not even be ten.

Gravis wanted to believe that all his friends could become Heaven’s Magnates, but it was an empty dream.

Gravis doubted that every single person in this room had the ability to become a Heaven’s Magnate.

A lot of Gravis’ friends already had issues in comprehending level six Laws. After all, nearly all of them only know a single one after having lived for over 200,000 years. This already constituted the longevity of a Peak Immortal Emperor.

They had all managed to comprehend the relevant Laws to reach the next Realm before their longevity ran out but comprehending the level six Laws was already cutting it close.

Most of them would need to go through at least one tribulation to comprehend a level seven Law. Sure, they would probably be able to survive one tribulation, but what about level eight Laws?

Level eight Laws were so ridiculously complex that hard work wouldn’t be enough anymore to comprehend them.

One also needed talent.

Even if they managed to comprehend level nine Laws, they would need to condense the Law of the True World to become Heaven’s Magnates.

This meant comprehending the Law of Control, Suppression, and Freedom.

These three Laws were already insanely difficult to comprehend.

Gravis’ friends were already very powerful, which made it very unlikely for them to receive so much suppression that they would be able to comprehend the Law of Suppression.

Without the Law of Suppression, comprehending the Law of Freedom was nearly impossible.

In fact, Gravis only saw a slight glimmer of hope in six of his close ones.

Skye already knew the Law of Freedom and Suppression.

Stella also knew the Law of Freedom and Suppression.

Azure knew several Emotional Laws and had some insights into the Laws of Perceived Reality.

Manuel knew four of the five Laws of Perceived Reality, and he also knew several Emotional Laws.

Gravis didn’t know what Laws Aris knew, but he probably also had a good shot.

Everyone else?

The chances were very slim.

Not even a ton of Karmic Luck could help them.

Ferris’ mind was too simple to comprehend such abstract and complex Laws.

Joyce’s mindset was not fit to comprehend the Emotional Laws and Law of Freedom.

Dorian didn’t know the Law of Freedom.

Styr was already one of the weakest ones, and he had a ton of problems in comprehending level six Laws.

Sary’s mindset was fitting for the Laws of Perceived Reality, but she only knew the Law of Danger and Safety.

Gravis had no idea about Meadow.

Liam was a wild card. Gravis wasn’t sure if he could comprehend the Law of Freedom or not.

From what he had heard, Cera wasn’t very powerful, making it unlikely for her to have any insights into Emotional Laws or Laws of Perceived Reality.

Gravis couldn’t judge Yersi since she wasn’t even an Immortal Emperor yet.

It looked grim for most of Gravis’ friends. However, they should still be able to become Star Gods.

As Gravis thought about these things, he realized something.

Why were none of his friends Star Gods yet?

They should have had enough time to become Star Gods.

However, Gravis would wait to ask this question until he was done telling them about his life.

When Gravis reached the middle world, he got reminded of someone.

“Father, what about the Inferno Emperor?” he asked.

This was the red hawk that had suppressed Gravis for five years to offer him to Azure.

The Opposer looked at Gravis, and Gravis could see a bit of mirth in his eyes.

“One of your friends killed him,” he said.

Gravis’ eyes widened, and he looked at his friends.

Surprisingly, none of his friends spoke up. They all looked at each other, but everyone was just looking at each other with questioning gazes.

When Gravis noticed that, he raised an eyebrow.

“So, one of you killed him, but the guilty party doesn’t even remember killing him,” Gravis commented.

“Apparently,” Azure said with a frown. “It can’t be me since I remember every relatively powerful beast I met. It also can’t be the humans among our group since they weren’t in our world.”

“Can’t be me,” Styr said. “I’m like Azure. I don’t forget powerful beasts. On top of that, we know of him. We would have remembered if we saw him.”

“Can’t be me,” Sary said. “His image is burned into my mind. After all, he was the one that saved me from the Darkness Ultimate. I would have immediately recognized him.”

“So that leaves…” Gravis said as everyone looked at the excitedly smiling Ferris.

“What?” Ferris asked as he saw everyone look at him.

“Ferris, do you remember a white hawk that uses the Inferno Element?” Gravis asked.

“There are tons of them!” Ferris said with an excited smile.

“Did you fight some?” Gravis asked.

“Yeah, but they all died so quickly. My fire is smarter than their fire, and my fire eats their fire,” Ferris said with a proud smile.


An orange flame appeared beside Ferris.

It was made of the Blaze Element.

The Blaze went to Ferris’ body and combed his hair. Ferris’ feet twitched in elation as he released a content sigh.

Ferris had managed to infuse a soul into his Blaze Element.

When Gravis saw that, he realized that this was actually very similar to himself.

Ferris’ Blaze was essentially a living thing, and as soon as it saw other fire, it could consume it and become even more powerful.

One had to remember that beasts didn’t have Spirits. This meant that their Elements didn’t have any will on them anymore as soon as they no longer had physical contact with the beast. Something like this wouldn’t work against a human opponent, but against a beast, Ferris’ Soul Blaze would have the ability to absorb every kind of fire as long as it wasn’t too powerful.

“So, you killed a couple of hawks that used the fire Element?” Gravis asked.

Ferris nodded thrice.

“Did any of them spark any interest in you?” Gravis asked.

“Nope,” Ferris answered.

Gravis blinked a couple of times.

Then, he looked at his father.

“Was it Ferris?” he asked.

“It was Ferris,” the Opposer answered with an amused smile.

“It wasn’t even a fight.”


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