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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1024: Power of Heaven Breakers Bahasa Indonesia

Why didn’t Orthar allow the Opposer to leave his Cosmos?

“You do not know the power of Heaven Breakers, Gravis,” Orthar said. “I have met a substantial number of Heaven Breakers on my journey. I have probably met over a million.”

Gravis’ eyes widened.

Orthar had already seen over a million beings on the same level as his father?

“Yet, from these million Heaven Breakers, I still rank among the top three,” Orthar said.

Gravis took a deep breath.

Orthar was so powerful?

“How are you so powerful?” Gravis asked.

“The world one is born in, and the difficulty of achieving true power is what defines one’s power,” Orthar explained. “Out there, there are worlds where the Heaven Breaker simply allows their beings to rapidly consume Energy without end, allowing the world to be entirely filled with Energy.”

“I have met several Heaven Breakers that had their entire Cosmos filled with so much Energy that every single centimeter of their world is filled with the same density of Energy as a Heaven’s Magnate.”

Gravis took another deep breath.

That was a terrifying amount of Energy!

“However, a Heaven Breaker does not only rely on the Energy in their Cosmos but also on the Laws they establish and the power of their Cultivators.”

“There are worlds where you can sit inside a cave for merely 1,000 years and can achieve the Energy density of a Heaven’s Magnate. There’s no fighting since there is no scarcity of resources. This allows the Cosmos to rapidly fill with Energy.”

“However, this has the disadvantage of having weak Laws. The beings in that world don’t even comprehend the Laws of the Cosmos. A Heaven Breaker can use the combined power of the living beings in their Cosmos to supplement the power of their own Laws.”

“A Heaven Breaker that has such a Cosmos can unleash an incredible amount of Energy, but their Laws are weak. It is quantity without quality. Simply imagine someone with a vast amount of Energy that uses the level one Law of Fire to unleash it.”

Gravis understood. Unleashing such an attack was truly a waste of Energy.

“A Heaven Breaker that has such a Cosmos belongs to the weakest kind. Even a mere Divine God can kill such a Heaven Breaker.”

Gravis’ eyes widened when he heard that.

A Divine God could kill a Heaven Breaker!?

That was insane!

However, Gravis realized that it made sense.

Yes, the Heaven Breaker had infinitely more Energy, but all of it could only be unleashed in a feeble way.

“If I took out a Heaven’s Magnate of my world, they would already be stronger than half the Heaven Breakers. One of the reasons for their power is the complexity and power of the Laws, but another reason is also the concept of a Will-Aura I have invented.”

“In general, the harder something is to master, the more powerful it is. Pushing a Will-Aura to its limits requires an incredible amount of tempering. Therefore, someone that has a Will-Aura is vastly superior to someone that doesn’t.”

“A stronger kind of Heaven Breaker are the ones that have used complex Laws to create their world. Such a Heaven Breaker can kill one of my Heaven’s Magnates, but it won’t be easy.”

“These kinds of Heaven Breakers are vastly above average in terms of the general power of Heaven Breakers.”

“I have pushed the complexity of my Laws to the limit, but the real difference is the concept of a Will-Aura. The requirement to build a powerful Will-Aura vastly reduces the number of living beings that reach the peak, but the average power of those at the peak is unimaginable for nearly any Heaven Breaker.”

“With the concept of Will-Aura and my complex Laws, I would already be in the top 1% of all Heaven Breakers.”

“However, the thing that allows me to truly be supremely powerful is the Major Law of Death,” Orthar explained. “Every Heaven Breaker only focuses on the Laws of Energy, and they don’t know anything about the other forces in the Primordial Chaos.”

“In the end, this means that only a Heaven Breaker that has a vast amount of Energy, very complex Laws, a brutal refinement of the quality of their living beings and knows Laws outside the Laws of Energy can rival me.”

“These Heaven Breakers are incredibly rare.”

“This didn’t answer your question of why I’m not allowing your father to leave my Cosmos, but it should give you enough knowledge to deduce the answer yourself,” Orthar said.

Gravis gathered all the information and looked at his father.

How did the Cosmos of his father look like?

Gravis knew his father very well, and he had also listened to part of his father’s life story.

His father was brutal, not only to his enemies but to himself as well.

Gravis could very well imagine that his father’s Cosmos was filled with rivers of blood and an apocalyptic struggle for power.

However, Gravis couldn’t be entirely sure.

“I can’t be sure,” Gravis said.

The Opposer remained silent.

He didn’t look at Gravis.

“I can tell,” Orthar said, glancing at the Opposer. “His Cosmos is filled with stupid, bloodthirsty, greedy beasts that know nothing but consume, consume, and consume.”

“There is no intelligence.”

“There is no emotion.”

“There are no complex Laws.”

“There isn’t even much Energy.”

“He draws all his power from sheer brutality, death, and destruction.”

“His Cosmos has an incomparable affinity towards the force of Death, and his Cosmos is constantly at the brink of being consumed by the force of Death.”

“Every day, he probably fights against the force of Death that is invading his Cosmos. His living beings live in that mixture of Energy and Death and gain incredible powers by doing so.”

“However, if he ever loses his focus, his entire Cosmos might be destroyed, and he will die along with it.”

The Opposer didn’t answer.

Gravis had an uncomfortable expression on his face.

This sounded absolutely monstrous.

Yet, this was his father.

However, Gravis didn’t forget that his father had changed severely.

How had his father been when he had just created his Cosmos?

Orthar had probably attacked the Opposer back then, realizing that he could become a danger.

The Opposer probably barely survived, and his being was filled with even more hatred.

At that moment, the Opposer probably wanted nothing more than to kill Orthar.

Thus, he created his brutal Cosmos.

In essence, the Opposer had acted exactly how Gravis had acted when he had tempered his Spirit with Destruction Lightning.

Back then, Gravis wanted nothing more than to kill the lower Heaven.

He had thrown all caution to the wind and had chased power violently.

Maybe the Opposer had seen his past version in his son at that moment.

The Opposer probably regretted creating such a brutal world, and he didn’t want his son to make the same mistake.

Orthar looked at Gravis again.

“Your father doesn’t use much Energy while fighting. He doesn’t use any powerful Laws. In essence, he has pushed the concept of brutality to its limits.”

“However, even though he is constantly wrestling with Death, his power is unimaginable,” Orthar said.

“His power is far higher than even the most powerful Heaven Breaker I have ever seen.”

“If I didn’t already have the power of one in a million, and if he weren’t in my Cosmos, I would be helpless in front of him.”

“While he is in my Cosmos, I can use the Cosmos itself to fight against him, barely giving me a chance of survival.”

“However, if he leaves my Cosmos and appears before me, only death will await me.”

Orthar looked deeply at Gravis.

“You know your father. If you were not related to him and had offended him in the past, would you be willing to put your head in his hands in the hopes that he would spare you?”

Gravis took a shaky breath.

No, he wouldn’t.

His father was an even more brutal version of Mortis.

“Gravis, you will never be able to reach the power of your father,” Orthar said. “You value life and emotions too much, making it impossible for you to create such a world filled with nothing but death and destruction.”

“However, you don’t have to reach his power.”

“You only have to act as a stabilizer.”

“As soon as you can guarantee my survival in front of your father, I’m willing to let both of you leave.”

“I don’t trust in your father’s personality, but I trust in your personality.”

“This is what I request of you.”


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