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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1014: Primordial Chaos Bahasa Indonesia

Part of physical reality vanished, and Gravis’ Lightning Crescent of Death vanished.

What was left?


The spot where the Lightning Crescent and physical reality had met had become entirely grey.


Suddenly, the grey expanded into physical reality, destroying everything around it.

Gravis knew what this was.

The feeling of danger of this grey force was the most intense feeling of danger Gravis had ever felt in his entire life.

It was Primordial Chaos.

The grey force was Primordial Chaos!

It was a mixture of many different forces, including Death and Energy.

It was everything!

It was something and nothing at once!

Gravis hadn’t made a hole in the higher world.

No, Gravis had made a hole in the Cosmos!

Gravis had created a hole in the very filter that protected the entire Cosmos from the Primordial Chaos.

Gravis immediately turned around and threw the sphere of his own perceived reality into the distance.

Then, the Primordial Chaos enveloped him before he could do anything.

When the surreal Gravis died, the actual Gravis opened his eyes in the cave near the Gate of Death.

In his hand was a sphere of a part of his own perceived reality.

Everything had just been calm around Gravis, but as soon as Gravis opened his eyes…

All hell broke loose!

An expression of absolute terror appeared on Arc’s face.

An apocalyptic killing intent focused on Gravis.

The entire higher world shook as a force of unimaginable power threatened to destroy it.

Yet, this force wasn’t the Primordial Chaos.

The Primordial Chaos was a silent killer that simply ate everything it touched.

Only a force that was comprised of an unimaginable amount of Energy could bend the very reality.

A grey tide had appeared in the north of the higher world as it ate everything it touched.


Yet, the grey tide stopped moving as it seemingly hit a wall.

The creation of the wall didn’t only shake the higher world, but the entire Cosmos.

The Divine Gods and Heaven’s Magnates in the highest world felt reality shake, and they opened their eyes with fear and shock.

What was going on!?

In front of the stopped, grey tide stood a man with black hair.

This man was the being that stopped the Primordial Chaos from invading the Cosmos.

It was the Opposer.

The Opposer was unleashing his power, which was the very thing that shook the Cosmos.

He had arrived at the very moment the hole had been created.

It was almost like he had known that this would happen.

Did he?

He did.

He knew how powerful physical reality was, and he knew what Gravis’ goal was.

He knew what Gravis would do, and he had already prepared himself.

Was he angry at his son for forcing him to intervene?

Of course not.

He was Gravis’ father, and supporting one’s child was a father’s duty.

Usually, the Opposer wouldn’t have intervened. After all, this was the highest Heaven’s Cosmos.

It was the highest Heaven’s problem, not his.

However, the Opposer didn’t want the highest Heaven to lose all rationality and kill Gravis out of rage.

After all, Gravis had torn a hole into his Cosmos.

Something like this threatened the highest Heaven’s very survival and power.

Gravis had always been a potential threat, but now, he had become an actual threat.

For the first time, Gravis had actually “injured” the highest Heaven.

He was the second being that had managed to do that, the first one being the Opposer.

Not even Heaven’s Magnates had such a power.

This was the power of the Major Law of Death.

It was the very counter to the Law of the Cosmos.

This was the only Law that could deal with the Law of the Cosmos.

The killing intent that had focused on Gravis had been none other than the highest Heaven.

Gravis had destroyed a part of its Cosmos!

Yet, the Opposer’s timely intervention stopped the highest Heaven from acting out of rage.

Yes, Gravis had poked a hole in the highest Heaven’s Cosmos, but the Opposer was stopping anything from happening.

One had to know that stopping the Primordial Chaos wasn’t easy.

Not even Heaven’s Magnates could survive contact with the Primordial Chaos, and stopping it was even more difficult.

The Opposer was using an unreal amount of Energy to keep the Primordial Chaos from invading.

This wasn’t an easy task, even for him.

The entire time, the Opposer wasn’t looking at the Primordial Chaos, but at the highest Heaven.

The highest Heaven glanced back.

It was a trade.

The highest Heaven would help Gravis, and the Opposer would waste his own Energy.

The highest Heaven and the Opposer were at a delicate balance, and if any one of them used a bit more Energy, this balance might break apart.

This usage of Energy from the Opposer could very well mean that the highest Heaven might win the next fight with him.

The highest Heaven calmed down with terrifying speed.

It was like the highest Heaven had simply turned a switch.

It was fine with the trade.

The highest Heaven looked at Gravis’ hand and noticed the sphere inside it.

The sphere of Gravis’ perceived reality was invisible to everyone else since it basically didn’t exist, but the highest Heaven was the very controller and creator of all realities.

It could see the sphere.

It knew what Gravis wanted and why he had done this.

The Opposer pushed the Primordial Chaos back as the Cosmos shook under the strain of the Opposer’s power.


The sphere in Gravis’ hand vanished suddenly.

When Gravis saw that, he sighed in relief.

‘Sorry, father.’

‘I will repay you in the future.’

The Primordial Chaos left the Cosmos, and the sphere that had just been in Gravis’ hand reappeared at the hole.

The sphere expanded and warped until it perfectly fit over the hole.

Then, it entered the hole, and it was like the hole had never existed.

Everything returned to normal.

An Avatar had materialized in the world, surrounded by Law fragments.


The Law fragments vanished and appeared in front of Gravis in the cave.

The highest Heaven had sent them to him.

It had accepted the trade, so it would also pay up.

As soon as the Avatar appeared in front of Gravis, it connected with him.

It was Gravis’ Avatar, after all.

The knowledge of the Law of Control entered the Avatar, and the Avatar immediately upgraded to the level seven Law of Perceived Reality.

Gravis hadn’t condensed a new Avatar but had made his old Avatar real again.


Gravis stretched his hand at the Law fragments surrounding his new and old Avatar.

Then, he fused them into it.


Gravis’ Avatar transformed until it took the shape of a human with white hair.

Some seconds later, Gravis’ Avatar had vanished, and Mortis reappeared.

After some seconds, Mortis opened his eyes.

But then, his eyes widened in shock.

Where was he!?

Hadn’t they just killed Nira!?

Why was he here!?

What happened!?

And was this the level seven Law of Perceived Reality!?


They hadn’t comprehended the level seven Law of Control yet!

Yes, this was the Mortis from the time when he had been recreated.

The future Mortis that had given his life for Gravis was well and truly dead.

Gravis looked at Mortis with narrowed eyes.

Yet, Gravis would not allow this Mortis to walk the same path!

Mortis looked at Gravis.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

Gravis glared with rage at Mortis.


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