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Last Egg: Reincarnated as a Dragon in a Game – Chapter 4: Silent Killers of Noobs Bahasa Indonesia

The small dragon burped as he finished the last piece of the boar meat, leaving only a bloody mess on the forest ground.

‘I gained a level, so let’s check if status works the same way as in LOMM.’



Name: Vesuvius Dragor Ignatius Cremator

Race: True Dragon (Fire/Wind)

Evolution: 0 (Dragon Welp)

Level 2 (195/600XP)

HP: 284/285

MP: 975/975

Stat point: 5

Ability points: 1

Vitality (VIT): 19 x1.5

Intelligence (INT): 19

Strength (STR): 16 x1.5

Agility (AGI): 14

Defence (DEF): 43

Endurance (END): 12

Magic (MAG) : 65 x1.5


Dragon Scales (LV 1), True Dragon Breath (LV 2), Draconic Vitality (LV 1), Draconic Might (LV 1), Draconic Magic (LV 1), Fly (LV 1), Dragon Eyes (LV 1), Bite (LV 1), (Claw LV1)


‘It really is like the game… but why does it feel so real…’

He suddenly sprung up as he heard movement in a nearby bush. Due to his gaming experience, he immediately moved. The crudely made spear fell on the place where he stood just a second earlier. From the bush came out four short green-skinned humanoids with long pointy ears and noses. They were goblins. Two of them were holding meter-long crudely made spears with tips made out of the stones. Then there was a goblin wielding a short dagger and a slightly taller goblin armed with a shortsword that was more like a longsword for goblins due to their small stature. All five of them were wearing clothes made out of animal furs and skins stitched together.

“Gagaga, ugaga giaga niba!”

“Gagaga gúúú!”

Goblin wielding the dagger, threw himself at the small dragon. Vesuvius swung his tail, slapping the goblin away with his tail. Slapped goblin flew a few meters away, where he hit a tree trunk and fell to the ground.

“Gíííí” slapped goblin started to painfully shriek while convulsing on the ground with green blood coming out of his ears and mouth.

With a visible rage on its face, one of the remaining goblins threw its spear at the distracted dragon. It flew at a speed that almost reached the level of Olympic athletes back on Earth. It quickly reached the dragon, hitting it on his side. However, the stone’s tip of the spear harmlessly shattered at the hard dragon scales.

‘Idiots! How can a cheap stone spear thrown by a weakling pierce mighty dragon scales!!!’ his eyes shined in a rage as his dragon self couldn’t stand such insult of getting pelted by such cheap weaponry.

‘Well, they don’t look very tasty… At least I can try my breath!!!’ Vesuvius grinned, scaring goblins with his long and sharp teeth.

Goblins suppressed their fear as they started to slowly encircle the dragon. However, the dragon opened his mouth wide, and a stream of bright orange flame came out, sweeping over the goblins.

The fire hit the two closest goblins, turning them into living torches. They didn’t even have time to scream before they almost instantly burned into charcoal black corpses.



The last remaining goblin turned back and ran back to the trees.

Suddenly intensity of fire breath increased as powerful wind full of oxygen joined flames pouring out of the dragon’s mouth. The range of the fire breath instantly extended as it caught up to the running goblin burning him even faster than his colleagues.


[+40Xp] in the meantime goblin lying on the ground succumbed to its injuries.

Vesuvius was panting after some air as he felt like after a long run from using his fire breath, but he was still grinning. He didn’t feel any remorse or pity for the dead goblins, only excitement from getting XP, and he didn’t know if it was due to him becoming a dragon or years of gaming desensitising him towards violence.

In most of the games, goblins were considered one of the weakest enemies, but in LOMM, they gained a fearsome reputation as silent killers of beginners due to their high stealth abilities and their tendencies to sneak attack and ambush their victims.

Air was filled with a smell of burned flesh; luckily, the forest was wet enough not to caught on fire. Vesuvius started to feel drowsy, so he decided to return to the temporary safety of his hatching site. Trailing back his smell, he started to run back the exact same way he came.

His journey back through the forest was surprisingly uneventful as he didn’t take any precautions not to make sounds, scaring away most of the animals. During the whole journey, he couldn’t stop thinking that he had seen that forest somewhere before, but he couldn’t exactly pinpoint where it was.

After an hour of running, he reached his hatching site. The sound of flowing water from the nearby river made him thirsty, so he approached the river and drank enough water for a whole garden.

Then he lay on the stones that were warm from the sun shining on them.

The realism of his situation started to hit him, ‘Did I die in that accident and reincarnated as a dragon in a game?… It sounds unlikely… but at the same time, something inside of me is telling me that it is true. Well, I should be happy about it, if is it truth… It feels so good to just hunt and live without any stress of modern life. There is no angry boss or mortgage waiting to be paid… Wait, it is even better. There is a system from my favourite game.’

The small dragon closed his eyes with a happy dragon expression that probably looked horrifying to any other being. It didn’t take long before only his loud snoring, accompanied by a flames blowing through his nostrils was heard.


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