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Last Egg: Reincarnated as a Dragon in a Game – Chapter 3: Hunt! Bahasa Indonesia

The small dragon’s eyes opened up as he woke up. He was visibly bigger than before he went to sleep. He stood up on all four of his legs; surprisingly, he didn’t feel any dizziness or discomfort from the change of perspective compared to his old life.

He originally hoped that he would wake up back on Earth, ‘Is this really a hallucination? It doesn’t feel like it. Everything is too real. It feels even more real than the game I used to play.’

His stomach squirmed again as he had already digested all of the food from yesterday. He looked towards a fruit hanging on a nearby tree, but his mind wrenched in disgust. He wanted meat.

His dragon instincts told him what to do, ‘I need to go hunt for some food.’



New quest!

Content: Hunt your first prey!

Reward: 200 XP

Failure: Pain


Vesuvius quickly ran into the forest. Trees turn into a blur under his speed. He ran for a few minutes until he was far enough from a dragon smell breaking from a place where he hatched. He stretched his non-existent ears, listening for any sign of life.

“Crack!” sound of cracking wood came from his right sight. Luckily for him, it was in the direction against the wind. He sniffed and his dragon mouth opened in a terrifying grin, ‘Its herbivore, that means easy prey.’. For some reason, he could easily distinguish between different smells even though he had never before smelt them.

‘Makes sense. Dragons are supposed to have the knowledge needed to survive ingrained deep in their genes.’

The small dragon ran in the direction of the sound while making sure not to make any sound. His predatory instincts were filling him with adrenaline. Finally, he noticed a big deer chewing on thick vegetation.

Just to make sure he used one of the functions in LOMM that all players had access to.



Analyze Results:

Species: Northern Deer

Level: 3

Danger level: pathetic


‘Haha, it’s exactly like in a LOMM.’

The dragon carefully circled behind the deer, making sure not to step on any dry twigs on the ground. Shadows cast by a big oak above him and their massive wooden trunks gave him a perfect cover. The deer kept chewing on the grass.

“Rustle!” a small dragon hit a low-placed branch, causing the leaves on it to rustle. The deer’s head immediately sprung up from the ground as it started to look for the threat.

Vesuvius decisively sprung from his cover, moving with the speed of apex predators like a tiger. The deer immediately reacted as it started to run away from the sound. Vesuvius’s speed slowly increased as he kept running, dodging between tree trunks. Deer also kept running, but Vesuvius was faster, steadily shortening the distance between them.

Soon they were only two meters from each other; the dragon leapt from the ground, almost instantly skipping the distance. His claws on his front limbs stoke the deer from behind, easily digging into its tender flesh. In a panic, the deer kicked with its hinder legs, hitting Vesuvius in the stomach. Vesuvius didn’t flinch as his strong scales absorbed most of the damage. He opened his mouth filled with teeth and bit into the deer’s side. Blood flowed out, turning the ground crimson red. A taste of fresh meat and blood-filled Vesuvius’s mind as he lost himself and started to tear the deer apart with his mouth. His teeth were easily crushing bones and tendons as if they were thin twigs.

His sense returned only after he finished devouring the deer. He looked around. The only thing that remained out of the deers was a small pool of blood on the ground.



[+ 40 XP]

Quest accomplished!

Rating: A

Reward: 275 XP




You are now level 2

All stats increased!

+5 stat points

+1 ability point

You learned a new skill: [Bite 1]

You learned a new skill: [Claw 1]


Happiness filled Vesuvius, ‘This is truly amazing, it really feels like a LOMM… I can’t wait to see what amazing build can be accomplished as a dragon… but I kinda can’t help but think that this is all real.’

He wanted to hunt more to gain more levels and to feel that ecstasy from killing his prey. The small dragon immediately walked deeper into the forest, looking for more prey. The sound of his fight with the deer effectively scared away most of the animals in the area, so he had to move far away.

‘Rustle!’ it didn’t take long before he heard a movement in the distance.

‘Wind isn’t flowing in my direction, so I can’t tell what it is… luckily, neither it was moving in the direction of that sound, so I will still have a moment of surprise.’

He carefully walked in that direction, using trunks of trees as his cover. Finally, he arrived at the site where he heard the sound. It was just a regular part of a forest full of trees and a few shrubs. He sniffed and detected a smell of a boar.

‘This will be harder, but I think it should be still alright.’

Following a trail of smell, he arrived at the clearing filled with mud and puddles of dirty brown water. A massive boar lay in one of them, covering itself in mud. Its tusks were long enough to easily skewer a human.

‘There are no trees; I can’t sneak on it… I will have to attack it head one. Well, if something goes wrong, I still have my dragon breath, so I should be safe.’

Vesuvius wanted to avoid using his breath for hunting as he was afraid that it would destroy the meat with its intense heat.

The dragon leapt and rushed out of the bushes running at the boar. The boar didn’t run. It instead turned itself towards the small dragon and charged him with its sharp tusks. Vesuvius jumped aside, and the boar, in its speed, couldn’t stop in time. It passed by a Vesuvius and hit a tree.

“Crack!” thick tree cracked under the force of an impact, breaking and falling down.

Vesuvius didn’t wait for the boar to charge again. He rushed towards the boar that was still facing backwards and clawed its side. Creating big bloody gushes in its flesh. Blood rushed out, covering his claws in blood.

“Chiii!” the boar screeched in pain, quickly turning towards Vesuvius. It swung its head with tusks to skewer him. Vesuvius nimbly dodged by jumping backwards. Then he took a step to a side and attacked the boar with his claws. His clawed limbs stroke the boar again, cutting the tendon in its leg. The boar stumbled back. Using its limited mobility, Vesuvius struck again from the boar’s blind angle. He widely opened his mouth and bit a large piece of flesh from the boar.

Then Vesuvius backed away from the suffering boar as his instincts were warning him, ‘Cornered beasts are always most dangerous.’

In the meantime, the boar slowly bled out till death while being watched by the dragon from a distance.

[+ 80 XP]

Message finally popped, marking the boar as dead. The small dragon immediately threw himself at the boar, ready to devour it whole.


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