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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 94: Heavenly Lightning Tribulation, Exterminating Shinnosuke Bahasa Indonesia

As Uchiha Tonan raised his hand, the lightning between heaven and earth seemed to receive a direction. It condensed into a big lightning ball, peeking out from the dark clouds. The lightning ball shone with bright white radiance, like a small sun, illuminating the entire Fire Capital.

Everyone was blinded by this dazzling light. They couldn’t even see the people next to them. The guardian ninjas, who were besieging Shinnosuke, understood the situation and retreated, desperately running away.

Such terrifying power! If they were too close to Shinnosuke, they might be hit as well.

Shinnosuke was alarmed and his eyes were fixed on the figure in the high place.

“This ninjutsu… I have seen it somewhere before.”

He gulped but he didn’t have the time to think about it at this moment. He circulated the chakra within his body with all his power and summoned countless earth dragons.

These earth dragons rushed towards the sky in unison, intertwining with each other in mid-air, forming a mountain peak. Shinnosuke wanted to use this to withstand the upcoming terrifying attack. A smile played on Abe Seimei-Tonan’s mouth, who was standing on the roof. Immediately afterward, he slowly swung down his raised hand. The lightning ball flashed, and thick lightning struck down.

“Withstand this for me!”

Shinnosuke’s expression looked ugly, and blue veins popped out on his forehead as he poured his entire chakra into the ground. The surrounding ground was completely destroyed. One earth dragon after another sprang out in succession and fused into the mountain peak, strengthening the defense.

Even though his earth-style ninjutsu’s defense was powerful, it was a pity that lightning restrained earth. Especially, since Tonan was using Lightning Style Secret Technique – Heavenly Lightning Tribulation that he inherited from White Fang.

Although the prerequisite was hard and the side effect was also significant, once it was released successfully, ordinary ninjutsu wouldn’t be able to withstand it. Tonan was confident that this attack could pierce through even the first stage Susanoo.

Under the lightning attack, the mountain peak made up of countless earth dragons began to break down from the very peak. In the next moment, everyone closed their eyes subconsciously. The entire world became silent and a vast expanse of white.

When the light dissipated, everyone looked toward the spot that was struck by the lightning. The mountain peak made up of countless earth dragons was split into pieces of huge rocks, scattered everywhere. There was a large burnt black area and smoke was still rising from it.

At the center where the lightning had struck, there was a deep crater, and Shinnosuke had disappeared. There was even dark red magma in the crater. The entire Fire Capital fell into silence. Everyone looked at it in shock and then looked at each other in panic.

Some people even became deaf for a short period. After some time, their sense of hearing was recovered, and soon countless people cheered in succession.

“Long live Seimei-sama!”

“Long live Seimei-sama!”

Tonan used Lightning Spirit Wind Flash, and amid the system’s continuous prompt sounds, his figure slowly disappeared from everyone’s sight. Immediately afterward, the building where he was standing couldn’t hold up and it collapsed. He soon appeared in the Daimyo Residence and calmly walked out of a corner.

It was just that because of the side effects of the Spirit of the Thunder God, his face was ghastly pale at this moment. “Everyone, the traitor is already beheaded. I wonder if His Majesty was shocked?”

Everyone hastily gathered around, and they praised him endlessly with a look of reverence. Several ministers pretended to be very sad when they heard Tonan asking about the Daimyo.

Then, the Minister of Internal Affairs stepped forward and said solemnly, “Seimei-dono, His Majesty was assassinated.”

Tonan pretended to be shocked and said, “What?”

The Minister of Internal Affairs continued to explain, “That person Seimei-dono killed just now was the guardian ninja of the First Highness, named Sarutobi Shinnosuke. It is suspected that he killed the Daimyo, but there are many suspicious points, so we are not completely certain.”

At this moment, Naruko walked over carrying Daimyo’s corpse. His face was filled with grief. He stopped in front of Tonan and knelt. “Seimei-sensei, please decide for this disciple.”

Tonan stared solemnly at the First Highness in front of him, but he was carefully considering things in his heart. His original plan was to make Naruko assassinate the Daimyo or Nahara. Then, spread rumors to push Shinnosuke to the center of the rumor, making other guardians detain or even kill him.

However, before he could know what had happened here via the Wind Communication, beyond his expectation, Naruko played a trick to shift the blame, washing away all suspicion from himself.

What was even more unexpected was that Shinnosuke was actually this powerful. With just that ninjutsu that could easily change the terrain, he directly overturned the situation. As a result, Tonan had no choice but to take action as Abe Seimei and kill Shinnosuke.

Although this was not the best solution, even if Hiruzen investigated it, he could only find trouble with the new Daimyo.

“What happened was…” the Minister of Internal Affairs thought that Abe Seimei-Tonan didn’t know what happened here, and explained the situation. When he finished speaking, Seimei had already decided in his heart.

With a solemn look on his face, he said, “The First Highness cannot be a murderer.”

All ministers looked doubtful. “Why?”

Abe Seimei-Tonan replied, “The First Highness is the future Daimyo, he has no reason to do such a thing.”

Immediately after he spoke, all ministers had a strange look, thinking that Seimei wasn’t well-informed and didn’t know the recent changes in the Daimyo Residence.

Tonan continued, “His Majesty’s guardian ninjas will know that the Daimyo had plans to let the First Highness inherit his position. Therefore, I tried my best to refine the First Highness’s temperament. To let him sit stably on the throne, His Majesty even kept the Second Highness beside him to comfort him to avoid causing internal strife because of a disloyal heart later. I’ve already told this matter to the First Highness at the very beginning. Just that outsiders didn’t know about it.”

When the ministers heard this, they all looked at the guardian ninjas. The guardian ninjas nodded, affirming Tonan’s statements.

“Is that what was going on.”

“From the beginning, I thought that the First Highness couldn’t be the murderer.”

“I also thought so, but you all couldn’t help doubting the First Highness.”

“Masaki-sama, don’t slander us. I’ve always been on the First Highness’s side.”

“Sensei…, thank you.” Naruko’s eyes were wide open. He gritted his teeth, glaring at Abe Seimei-Tonan, and blood spilled out from the corners of his mouth. He forcibly swallowed it and lowered his head, saying word by word, “Thank you… for avenging my father…”

Seimei-Tonan narrowed his eyes slightly, looked at Naruko who was full of resentment towards him, and leisurely said, “It’s something I should do as an official. It’s a pity I’m not young anymore. I’ve overdrawn my energy, and I don’t have much time left. The Land of Fire will rely on you hereafter…”

After speaking, he used Lightning Spirit Wind Flash to leave this place and headed out of the Fire Capital.


“Why are you leaving, Seimei-dono?”

“Didn’t you all notice Seimei-dono’s face? I estimate… alas…”

“Yes, that kind of powerful ninjutsu, that must have required a big price.”

“It’s a pity, it’s a pity…”

“A great talent actually ended up in such a state.”

“Now, the most important thing is to bury His Majesty and arrange for the First Highness to succeed the throne.”

“The Hokage of Konoha is also a problem.”

“Your Highness, please restrain your grief.”

Naruko’s eyes were full of deathly stillness, and he said expressionlessly, “Everyone, go back to rest first. Let me accompany my father alone…”

After he finished speaking, he struggled to pick up his father’s lifeless body and returned to the house. After a long time, a grief-ridden cry came from his room.


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