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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 90.2: Delivering Secret Letters, Winning Over Danzo Bahasa Indonesia

Sarutobi Shinnosuke’s mind was alerted by First Highness, Naraku’s thinly veiled threat. In fact, he did not know the best way to get into Nahara’s good books now after having spent so much time with Naraku’s personal shadow guard. Weighing the overall situation, he immediately replied, “Your Highness, you have my word. Not only will I complete this mission for you but I’ll also not tell anyone about it.”

Naraku narrowed his eyes and the coldness in them instantly dissipated. His smile was restored, and he said, “I believe in you, Shinnosuke-senpai. And after your return, I’ll humble myself to persuade Nahara to make a pledge for you. I’ll make him promise that if he becomes the Daimyo, he’ll unconditionally support you to become the next Hokage.”

Naraku’s words guaranteed a minimum benefit to Shinnosuke that could be availed immediately. This consoled Shinnosuke’s heart considerably and tilted his final decision towards carrying out this favor for Naraku. Shinnosuke put away the four letters and said with gratitude, “Thank you, Your Highness. I’ll leave for Konoha immediately.”

After Shinnosuke left, the smile on Naraku’s face disappeared. His eyes became cold and serene. A cold shadow loomed in the room giving a dreary and desolate vibe. Abe Seimei-Tonan was right when he told the Daimyo that this was the time for Naraku’s transformation. The current him had become someone strange.

“Father, it’s you who forced me to do this…”

Tonan was secretly observing the movements outside the Daimyo Residence. He noticed the moment Shinnosuke had left the Residence at the time of his duty.

“What is Naraku planning exactly?” Tonan’s original plan was to use the various coincidences he helped create to make Naraku misunderstand the Daimyo. He wanted him to resent his father and think of a way to kill him.

When that would happen, Shinnosuke would definitely be implicated as the First Highness’ shadow guard. At that time, he would use public opinion to publicize the matter and make up a few more rumors, pushing both of them where the wind was the fiercest.

Among the rumors he had already thought of, one was that Shinnosuke colluded with Naraku, wanting his support for him to become the next Hokage. But now that he discovered that Naraku might not become the Daimyo, and Nahara didn’t trust him, he could only instigate Naraku to secretly kill the Daimyo and forcibly push him to the throne.

When this would spread, Shinnosuke would be done for. Even Sarutobi Hiruzen wouldn’t be able to maintain his position. At that time, when the Fire Capital will be in immersed in chaos, he could get rid of Sarutobi Asuma and blame whoever he wanted to blame.

The original plan was flawless, but now, the situation had deviated from this plan and too many variables came into play. The reason why Tonan chose Naraku instead of Nahara was mainly that the latter was truly and completely a useless person in his view.

Although Naraku was inarticulate and simple-minded, Tonan knew that it is precisely this kind of person who was stubborn to the end. Once such people are pushed to a corner and erupt, they would become much more ruthless than ordinary people.

Three days later at the Hokage Office, while listening to Shinnosuke repeating Naraku’s words, Hiruzen read the content of the secret letter. After hearing everything, he finally said, “If the First Highness can truly make the Second Highness make that promise, then that would be a good thing.”

For Hiruzen, it didn’t matter who eventually became the Daimyo as long as the person in question completely supported Shinnosuke. Shinnosuke nodded, then asked curiously, “Father, what did the letter say?”

Hiruzen blew out a mouthful of smoke and said, “What else can it say? It’s just that he hopes that I will express support for him and put on good words for him whenever the Daimyo asked for advice on his successor. Alright, now quickly go and deliver the other three letters to the other advisers and also to Danzo. You should also return now.”

At the Root Headquarters, Danzo sat on his seat and read the letter he had just received from Shinnosuke. Gradually, a hint of pleasant surprise flashed through his eyes. He put the letter down and called out, “Ryoma.”

Aburame Ryoma, the Root Captain, appeared in front of him in an instant and knelt on one knee, “Danzo-sama, what can I do for you?”

“Go and call Akimichi Matsuken and Yamamoto Ichimura.”

Soon, Matsuken and Ichimura, two Root members, came to Danzo.

Danzo instructed, “You two will set out to the Fire Capital and wait outside the Daimyo Residence in secret. Wait for the First Highness’s signal. When you see colorful fireworks rising from the Daimyo Residence, you’ll go and meet him. At that time, you two must obey whatever commands the First Highness gives.”


The First Highness’ letter to Danzo didn’t mention that his position was not guaranteed. Instead, he said that he planned to support Danzo to become the next Hokage after he inherited the Daimyo’s position.

He also mentioned that at the moment he was lacking powerful subordinates. And apart from his shadow guards, the other ninjas couldn’t enter the Daimyo Residence at random. Therefore, he asked Danzo to place people outside the Residence, and that he would send a signal when he needed them.

In order to have a good relationship with this future Daimyo, Danzo naturally wouldn’t be stingy in using two trifling tools. He expressed his full support to the First Highness.


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