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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 9: Parents’ Death, Three Tomoe Manifestation Bahasa Indonesia


Taijutsu (physical techniques) and Ninjutsu (ninja techniques) are of different kinds and levels. The Great Fireball Technique, Phoenix Sage Fire Technique, Phoenix Sage Nail Crimson Technique, Ground Travel, Body Flicker Technique are some of these kinds.

Kiri is the hidden mist village in the Land of Water, one of the five great countries of the Ninja World. The Uchihas, known for their fire techniques, are perfect opponents of the Kiri ninjas.

Uchiha Tonan always took his reading very seriously. Every time he read, he repeatedly mulled over the book’s content and integrated it into his mind as much as possible.

Later that night, he had completed a third of the book he was reading on disguise skills. As his eyes felt a bit heavier, he decided to call it a night to not affect the next day’s class.

In the dark sky, the vagrant clouds had dispersed, letting the moonlight illuminate the Uchiha clan.

Suddenly, Tonan’s eyes shot open and he sat bolt upright.

A powerful warm current appeared within his body and spread through each nerve, vein, and blood vessel. A large amount of ninjutsu knowledge filled up his mind. And as if he had used it over a thousand times, it turned into instinct. His eyes had awakened the Sharingan and the tomoe spun rapidly.

Gradually, the spinning tomoe stopped, changing from one to two. A smile appeared on Tonan’s face as he clenched his hands, feeling a chunin’s power.

He raised his head and looked around using the Sharingan. Once he determined no one was monitoring him, he muttered to himself, “Finally dead! But I think only one of them died so far.”

This sense of security because of the increase in strength was fascinating. Tonan felt dissatisfied that only one of his parents had died.

“The other one should die too. I hope it will be a double-kill tonight.”

Just when he was mercilessly thinking this, the warm current re-appeared in his body. This time, it was stronger. It looked like earlier it was his mother, Uchiha Nanako, who had died and now his father, Kotoura, joined his wife in the afterlife.

The tomoe in his Sharingan spun at such high speed that the afterimages connected to form a circle in the blood-red eyes.

Two new ninjutsu were infused in his mind, and the ones that were instilled seemed to have leveled up like he had used them countless times.

The Great Fireball Technique, Phoenix Sage Fire Technique, three basic taijutsu, Phoenix Sage Nail Crimson Technique, and even lightning-style ninjutsu Ground Travel all felt innate to him.

These were all ninjutsu that Tonan’s parents, those two miserable chunins, were adept in. Tonan also found himself well-versed in confronting enemies as well as different tricks about traps, assassination, and so on.

Soon, the spinning tomoe in his Sharingan stopped and finally became three tomoe. Now, in the Uchiha clan, other than the Patriarch Uchiha Fugaku, the highest grade Sharingan was the three tomoe Sharingan.

As for how to explain the sudden advancement to three tomoe, Tonan was not worried at all because he had the excuse down pat. If the excessive grief of losing both parents didn’t result in the Sharingan’s evolution, then what would? What a perfect reason!

As soon as the sun rose the next day, he would be able to openly use three tomoe Sharingan in front of everyone.

He had awakened one tomoe Sharingan with Uchiha Teno’s death, who had a relatively good relationship with him. Now, it was his parents’ death. Tonan was satisfied overall; the only thing he was dissatisfied with was that the parents of this body were a bit too useless. Their ninjutsu could barely be called strong.

Tonan’s present strength could roughly compare to special jonins. He was not a hasty person. Hence, he knew he could not be arrogant as he still needed to persist further.

Kakashi had become a jonin when he was just twelve years old. A mere special jonin was just a high-grade cannon fodder on the battlefield.

Tonan narrowed his eyes, and the blood-red Sharingan returned to normal. He laid down again and finally drifted to sleep.

Early the next morning, he headed to the Ninja Academy as usual. But before he could step inside, he was pulled aside by Umino Naoto. A ninja wearing a cat mask was there as well.

With a worried look, Naoto said, “Tonan, go to the Hokage Residence with the Anbu. Hokage-sama has something important to tell you.”

Tonan looked excited and said, “Really! Hokage-sama wants to see me again.”

Naoto looked at the elated Tonan and a hint of grief flashed through his eyes. He tried to smile and said, “Yes, go ahead now.”

“Let’s go, don’t keep Hokage-sama waiting for too long,” the Anbu grabbed Tonan’s arm and used Body Flicker Technique to leave.

Not much later, Tonan and the Anbu appeared outside the Hokage Residence.

“Go in.” The Anbu said just this much and once again used the Body Flicker Technique to leave.

Truly too elusive.

Tonan pretended to be nervous. He shook his head a few times, took some deep breaths, and pushed open the door. His eyes immediately lit up when he saw Hiruzen sitting behind the desk. Like he was restraining his excitement, he said, “Hokage-sama.”

“Come here Tonan, you have arrived,” Hiruzen looked very sad as he greeted Tonan.

The worries on his face were telling that something untoward had happened.

As some say, when a dog meets a dog, it either barks or licks; when a person meets a person, he either cheats or puts on an act.

It was obvious that Hiruzen was acting right now, and he was playing out a heartache scene. After distressingly informing Tonan about his parents’ heroic demise on the battlefield, he would take advantage of the situation to sympathize with the heartbroken kid.

Tonan was familiar with this trick. He had used it several times before crossing over to this world, but he only used it on women.

To sum up, it was about taking advantage of others’ sorrows.

Looking very concerned, Tonan walked up to Hiruzen and asked, “Hokage-sama, what’s wrong? Can I help you?”

Hiruzen sighed and answered, “Tonan, I have got some news to tell you but you must mentally prepare for it.”

The blood drained from Tonan’s face hearing this, and he stuttered, “Could, could it be…”

Hiruzen nodded and said, “Yes, a battle report came from the frontline. The supply line of the battlefield where your parents were was cut off. Last night, they were surrounded by the Kiri ninjas, and both of them were killed in action.”

“No, it can’t be… it can’t be…,” Tonan frantically shook his head. As if his legs gave out, he collapsed on the ground and used his hands to support himself from completely falling face down.

“They are such strong ninjas, how can they die?” Tonan ferociously pounded the floor with his hands as teardrops fell on the floor.

Hiruzen sighed and stood up from his seat. He walked towards Tonan, and slowly stretched out his hands, wanting to console him. But he stopped midway.

He felt powerful chakra fluctuation within Tonan’s small body.

Could it be…!

A hint of pleasant surprise flashed through his eyes.

According to legend, when Uchihas faced volatile emotional fluctuations, it would unlock the Sharingan.

Tonan’s present condition was consistent with this. If his Sharingan evolved, then the child’s potential would be comparable to Kakashi.

He was just six years old.

Hiruzen retracted his hands and watched silently so that he did not interrupt the possibility of Tonan’s Sharingan maturing.

Some time passed, Tonan’s head was still lowered and the floor below was full of tears. The chakra fluctuation emitting from his body gradually stabilized.

Seeing that he had calmed down, Hiruzen used his hands to pat Tonan’s back.

“Kotoura and Nanako sacrificed their lives and Konoha will always remember them. You have to pull yourself together, and inherit their last wishes to protect the village.”

Hiruzen’s consolation was effective. Tonan stopped crying. Wiping his tears, he slowly raised his head and looked at the Hokage.

The child’s face was tear-stained, enough to elicit anyone’s sympathy, but the most striking thing was the scarlet Sharingan with three tomoe spinning around the pupils.


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