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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 84.2: A Seething Daimyo, Minister’s Recommendation Bahasa Indonesia

The Internal Affairs Minister recounted the entire story from the beginning of the North City Guard’s hunt for a teacher for the orphans rescued from human traffickers to the extremely difficult and comprehensive test paper and finally, the extraordinary performance of one examination participant, whose answers were described as words of the sages that would shake the pillars of a country is carelessly shared.

Based on the rumors that were not only doing the rounds in the literary circles but also on the streets among common people, the other ministers also pitched in from time to time showing just how much this matter had been fanned in recent days. After listening to his ministers, the Daimyo stroked his beard, and narrowed his eyes slightly, “But these, after all, are just rumors. There is no basis for them or even something promising about it How can we be sure of anything or decide anything based on just this.”

The Internal Affairs Minister replied, “Your Majesty, as far as I have been told, Abe Seimei is already teaching the orphans in the North City Guard Residence. I was also told that the captain of the North City Guard is an elite ninja from Konoha who has a good relationship with Shinnosuke-sama.”

“How about we ask Shinnosuke-sama to go to the North City Guard and bring back the test papers answered by Abe Seimei? That way, we will be able to tell with some confidence whether this is all just made up or whether he is a truly amazing talent.”

Daimyo agreed with this suggestion. In his heart, he too had decided to take a look at these highly rumored test questions. Immediately afterward, he said, “Alright, ask Shinnosuke to go and get the answered test papers. I want to see how good this Abe Seimei is.”

If he truly was so incredible, then the Daimyo would bring a person of such intelligence into the Daimyo Residence and make good use of him. The attendants immediately went to Shinnosuke’s residence and asked him to go to the North City Guard Residence to ask for Abe Seimei’s test papers.

Sarutobi Shinnosuke did not ask too many questions. Just half an hour later, he hastily returned to the Daimyo Residence and came to the hall to hand the test papers to the attendant. He then turned to the Daimyo and respectfully said, “Your Majesty, Uchiha Tonan, the North City Guard Captain, advised that only you can see this content. After reading it, it is up to you to decide whether you would like to show its content to the ministers or not.”

“Is that so?” The Daimyo became even more interested in these answers now. After the attendant ensured there were no problems with the papers from a security standpoint, he took them over to the Daimyo, who immediately began reading them.

These test papers had become quite the mystery among the capital’s people for some time now. When the ministers saw the actual papers, their eyes lit up and some even stretched their necks in an attempt to see the content. However, because of the curtain, this action proved even more futile than it would have been otherwise.

The Daimyo noticed the restlessness among the ministers below and coughed twice to indicate them to calm down. He then began to start reading from the self-introduction. “Dan Tengai… this name sounds too artistic. Does anyone know where Dan Tengai is?”

The ministers looked at each other in blank dismay and shook their heads, “Never heard of it.”

Daimyo nodded and continued to read. When he saw the Emperor Mind Technique, his pupils instantly shrank, and his entire body trembled in shock. He took a deep breath to stabilize his mentality. He subconsciously looked at others on the other side of the curtain, as if to ensure no one could peek into this content, and then slightly raised the test papers as an extra measure.

Immediately afterward, his entire mind was immersed in the answers. Although Tonan didn’t write the specific content of one technique, two strategies, and six arts on the test papers, after reading the all-encompassing content on the paper, the Daimyo had already determined that this so-called Abe Seimei was a great talent, who knew everything from the past to the present.

He even believed in the one technique and the two strategies that were introduced in the paper upfront. After reading the test papers, the Daimyo slammed on the table and exclaimed, “Excellent, excellent… this is wonderful!”

Soon, he excitedly instructed an attendant, “Go over right now. Hurry up and bring the information about Abe… Seimei-dono, I want to check it all myself.”

Seeing the Daimyo’s excitement and his respectful address towards Seimei, the ministers were even more curious. It was like tiny ants were pricking right at their heart and bones. They very much wanted to see those test papers now.

After his command, the Daimyo Residence attendants brought the life history of Seimei invoking various channels. The Daimyo took the information handed over by the attendant and looked at it very carefully.

For a ruler of a country, when a capable person was found, all his information must be investigated thoroughly. Especially if that person would become the teacher of his sons, and therefore gain first-hand entry not only to the Daimyo Residence but also have some access to the internal affairs of the family.

He had to investigate whether the person in question’s background was completely clean. If even one small flaw stood out, he wouldn’t dare to engage the person at all. Such was the sensitivity a position like this entailed.

The Daimyo read the information several times over, picked up the black and white photo, and scrutinized it while muttering, “His appearance… just at a glance, he’s very different from ordinary people. It seems that Seimei-dono’s standard is truly very high and he is of a different caliber altogether.”

The Daimyo was relieved, and he handed over the information back to the attendant and said loudly, “The morning meeting is over. Summon the guards. I’m going to visit Seimei-domo in person.”


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