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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 84.1: A Seething Daimyo, Ministers’ Recommendation Bahasa Indonesia

The next day brought in a clear, cloudless sky. The sunlight appeared indistinct, and looking around, only a few birds could be spotted here and there, painting a rather desolate picture.

At the Daimyo Residence, the spacious courtyard was spotless, lined up with many neatly trimmed flower beds. The red pillars along the corridor were vibrant as if they were just painted. A few rare birds moved around in the flower garden on both sides of the path, from the residence’s gate to the main hall.

Their chirps and tweets added some vitality to this otherwise serene residence. Many servants were busy bustling about their chores with their heads lowered. Everything seemed to be in perfect order.

In the main hall, the Land of Fire Daimyo was seated behind a curtain. A step below, a group of ministers and aides sat in a seiza-style on both sides. In the middle, two young men sat in a seiza-style as well. One looked thin and gentle, but a little dull on a closer look. The other one was fat and younger, a hint of cunningness occasionally fleeting through his eyes.

These were the First Highness and the Second Highness of the Land of Fire. When the Daimyo looked at the First Highness, his eyes were filled with appreciation. The smile on his face couldn’t be concealed as he softly said, “Naraku, I heard that you’ve been shutting yourself in your room to read all day long. You should also go out for some leisure activities when you have got the time. Don’t exhaust yourself.”

“Thank you for your concern, father,” the First Highness bowed at the figure behind the curtain, but the expression on his face didn’t change. The Daimyo shifted his gaze to the Second Highness, and his expression changed completely.

He frowned, looking at this troublesome son, and sighed, “As for you, Nahara, do you even reflect on the kind of things you do?”

The Second Highness objected to the Daimyo’s question, “I’ve been honestly staying in the mansion this entire time, father.”

“And what have you been doing in the mansion? You’re old enough to know the good from the bad or do you still need me to tell you about your actions?”

The Daimyo was trying his best to control his temper. There was much he wanted to say but he couldn’t ruin his son’s reputation else he would become a topic of gossip, which would be unbecoming of the family’s stature.

Unable to differentiate the good from the bad, Second Highness muttered in response, “I was just having fun with a few girls. I bought them with my money, what’s wrong with that?”

The Daimyo hadn’t expected his son to make such indecent remarks in front of so many high-ranking officials. His restrain finally broke and he rebuked, “You dare to speak like this!”

Initially, the ministers sitting in the front had a neutral attitude, as if this did not interest them. After all, there was nothing new about this kind of conversation between this father and son but when the Daimyo was visibly enraged, it was a bad idea for them to continue this. They hastily consoled…

“Your Majesty, calm your anger. Second Highness is young and ignorant. Don’t get furious over something like this.”

“Yes, Your Majesty, your health is most important.”

“Your Majesty, please calm your anger.”

The Daimyo also realized by now that he had lost his sense of propriety at that moment. After calming down, using a tone of being completely disappointed, he said, “Two days later, I’ll find you a teacher, and let him handle your temperament. Naraku, this teacher will also explain government affairs to you. Be attentive and do your best to learn from him.”

The First Highness earnestly replied, “Thank you, father.”

Seeing his eldest son being so obedient, well-behaved, and hardworking, the Daimyo’s heart was comforted a little. The Second Highness on the side looked reluctant and perfunctorily replied, “Thank you, father.” Seeing his expression, the little comfort faded and the Daimyo was upset again. He waved his hand and said, “Alright, this is enough for today. Both of you withdraw now.”

After his two sons bowed and left the main hall, the Daimyo calmed down and looked at his many ministers, “I wonder if any of you have any recommendations of suitable candidates who could take this teaching position.”

Just when the ministers were discussing among each other, the Internal Affairs Minister stepped forward and said, “Your Majesty, a genius has appeared in the Fire Capital recently, and his fame has spread throughout the city. I think he is qualified to teach the two Highnesses.”

But the Daimyo only lowered his eyes in response. He didn’t think a civilian genius could teach the sons of the ruling family. Therefore, he waited for the other ministers to give their suggestions =.

Hearing the Internal Affairs Minister’s recommendation though, another minister immediately stepped forward and added, “Your Majesty, I too have heard that the rumored person is very talented, and he was able to answer several questions which ordinary people cannot handle with ease.”

The Daimyo raised his eyebrow with interest and asked, “Is that true?”

“The rumor has spread throughout the city. I too think we should give this person a chance.”

Many ministers supported the suggestion of the two ministers. They had been subjected to the discussion among people for a long time now but they had never seen the person in question’s real appearance. Because everyone who went to visit him was turned away, they couldn’t help but be more curious about this genius.

If the Daimyo was to send someone to invite him to teach the two highnesses, the North City Guard’s people would have no way to refuse them. Then, they would also be able to sate their curiosity.

The Daimyo thought for a moment, and asked the Internal Affairs Minister, “In that case, do you know where he lives and his identification details?”

The Internal Affairs Minister immediately lowered his head hearing these questions and said with an embarrassed look, “I only know that this great talent is named Abe Seimei, and he is from the Zifu Mountain area outside the northern city. As for other particulars, I don’t know anything.”

The Daimyo’s interest faded and there was dissatisfaction in his tone, “When you don’t know him well, how can you recommend him? What if he’s a spy sent by an enemy country?”

Although the Daimyo didn’t know Seimei’s background and had apprehensions, eventually he too wondered about this amazing genius. After thinking for a while, he asked, “What are the rumors about him? Tell me.”

“It all started when the North City Guard…”


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