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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 78: Human Trafficking, Rather Greedy Bahasa Indonesia


Kekkei Genkai, literally meaning Bloodline Limit, is a DNA anomaly that allows the wielder to use unique techniques; dojutsu such as Byakugan and Sharingan are among these

On an otherwise scorching summer night, a cool breeze blew over the treetops, and the birds on trees chirped. In the villages outside the Fire Capital, just a few houses were still lit.

Stray cats were sprawled in the corners of the dimly lit street. Sudden heavy footsteps startled them and they dashed into the darkness.

A large-framed man carrying a bag poked his head out stealthily. He looked left and right and then quickly crossed the street to enter an alley. He walked until he reached a house with a courtyard located at the edge of the village and entered it.


The man opened the door of a dimly lit basement and untied the bag. Inside it was a young, barely three-year-old boy, who was tied up. Seeing the light again, the boy struggled instinctively with all his might.

The man untied the rope that bound him and picked up a leather-thonged whip. When the young boy saw this, his face was filled with horror, and he desperately wailed. The man showed a hideous grin and swung the whip, ruthlessly hitting the little boy.

The boy rolled on the ground in pain, screaming. After beating him for a while, the man pointed the whip at him and ferociously warned, “If you don’t shut up, I’ll continue to beat you until you die.”

The boy responded to the threat and firmly bit his lip, not letting any sound come out. The man nodded with satisfaction, then looked at other lifeless children hiding in the corner, his eyes flashing with admonition.

He then opened the basement door and walked out.


The basement plunged into darkness again. The young boy squirmed over to a wall and tightly hugged his knees. Only like this, he could feel the slightest sense of security.

The basement was eerily silent… only the boy sobbed in a low voice, “Mama…”


The basement door was kicked open again. The boy was shocked and trembled, and didn’t dare make another sound. The man raised the whip with a hideous smile and glared at him.


The basement door was shut again. The boy finally understood why the other children inside were silent. He too soundlessly curled up into a ball.

Above the basement, a group of burly men was seated at a round table that was full of banknotes. Among them was a person in ninja clothes, with a ninja bag around his waist. It was obvious he was this set-up’s leader. He turned to the man that just came out of the basement and asked, “Where did you get the goods this time?”

The man’s earlier ferociousness disappeared, and a flattering smile appeared on his face, “It’s the best quality goods from the Land of Water, related to the Yuki clan in some way.”

The leader’s eyes lit up as he whistled, “Not bad… if he awakens the Yuki clan’s Kekkei Genkai, he’ll be more valuable.”

The man hadn’t expected the boss to have some expectation despite his b******* being so unrealistic. He coughed awkwardly and explained, “How can he awaken it? His family has been civilian for quite a few generations.”

The leader just laughed and waved his hand, “Even if he cannot, it doesn’t matter. He can still bring more money. Those bigwigs like this kind of goods with a bit of ninja clans’ bloodline.”

The man nodded in agreement and sat on the seat with a face full of joy. He rubbed his hands and said, “Let’s play…. I haven’t played for a long time, my hands are already itching, I’ll sit here.”

Seeing the man’s wretched appearance, the leader’s mouth twitched. He pushed the dice cup in front of him and said, “Be careful not to lose your pants.”

“It’s not a big deal even if I did, I can just make another trip and bring back a few more top-quality goods.”

The man picked up the dice cup, and shook it vigorously, “Quick, quick, quick… place the bet, place the bet.”

His colleagues began to put in money one after another.

“I bet on big.”

“Me as well.”

“Since you all bet on big, I bet on small!”


“I bet on leopard.”

The man placed the dice cup on the table and lifted it. Everyone immediately put their heads forward.


Everyone stared with focus and saw that all three dice had rolled six.

The man cursed, “F***, it’s truly leopard, this hand’s too bad.”

Although other colleagues also didn’t win money, seeing that the man suffered a setback, they strangely felt happy.

“Give me the money, leopard pays tenfold.”

“Why’re you so impatient? Would I not give you this small amount? Come again!”

“I don’t believe it, I still bet on big.”

“No, this time, I will bet on big…. I have a hunch.”

“Scram, you are a bad luck bearer… I bet on small.”


“I bet on leopard.”


“Damn it, it’s demonical, it’s leopard again.”



Every time, all three dice rolled six in succession.

The big man looked at the person sitting opposite him and doubtfully said while picking up the dice cup and shaking it, “Strange, why’s only the leopard rolling today? You’re not cheating, are you?”

Another person also felt that something was amiss. He turned to look at that person and said, “I also think that it’s impossible, are you… brother, I might be a little muddle-headed, but what’s your name again?”

That person took the money on the table, then said with a gentle look, “I’m Uchiha Tonan, what’s your name?”

“Me? I’m…”

Everyone was stunned for a moment and looked at each other. Then they suddenly retreated, opening up a distance, and surrounded Tonan.


The swords were unsheathed, and the atmosphere became tense.

The leader yelled at Tonan, “Who are you?”

“The current Captain of the North City Guard, Uchiha Tonan.”

Tonan sat on a chair, leaned back, then picked up a banknote and tossed it forward. The banknote knocked down the dice cup, revealing the dice inside, which still rolled six.

“Does this count?”

Hearing Tonan’s self-introduction, the leader narrowed his eyes and said, “It counts, of course, it counts, Tonan-sama. But I wonder why you came looking for us this late in the night…”

Tonan smiled a little and said with a negotiating tone, “I’ve come with a presumptuous request. I want to take those children away.”

Killing intent flashed through the leader’s eyes, but he immediately covered it. A stiff smile appeared on his face and he said, “Lord, those children are all adopted and nurtured by us brothers… we are emotionally connected to them.”

After speaking, he discreetly signaled one of his companions with his eyes. As for Tonan, he frowned hearing the leader’s words, and rubbed his chin as if he was deeply pondering on something, “In that case, it would truly be unreasonable if I forcibly took them away.”

Tonan’s words eased the leader’s stiff face considerably. At this time, the companion handed a small box to him, which the leader opened and placed on the table, pushing it towards Tonan.

Then, with a fawning smile, he said, “My Lord, this is our tribute of respect to you. I hope you’ll take more care of us hereafter.” Tonan’s eyes lit up looking at the banknotes-filled box and he sat up straight. He reached out his hand and said while caressing the banknotes, “So much money, but it’s a pity.”

The smile on the leader’s face gradually disappeared, and he squinted his eyes as he asked, “My Lord, what’s a pity? Is our respect not enough?”

Tonan shook his head, “I’m a rather greedy person. I want money, I want people, and I want achievements as well…. You all tell me, what should I do?”


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