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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 76: Divide & Rule, Bribing Minister Bahasa Indonesia

Half an hour later, Yoshiwara Ao came back with a thick stack of documents and put it on the table, “My Lord, these were found in Shimokawara Shota’s house.”

Shota’s back was drenched with sweat but he maintained his fierce look, “Tonan, I advise you not to look at these documents. Some things are too serious, not everyone can handle it.”

“I understand this rationale. Why do people have two eyes? It’s to sometimes turn a blind eye,” Tonan flipped through the records, and then look at everyone in the swamp, “These are the reasons why you all don’t dare report him, right?”

Everyone lowered their heads in silence. Tonan chuckled and instructed Ao, “Burn these.”

Ao respectfully replied, “Yes, Tonan-sama.” He brought over a fire pan and burned each of the documents one by one in front of everyone. Shota watched Ao burn it all and gloated, “You’re completely done for now. Among the things you burned just now, there was also the city entry tax book, which had to be delivered to the Finance Minister. I’ll see how you’ll explain this.”

Tonan frowned hearing this and asked with a surprised look, “Who said I burned anything? I just wanted to check the accounts, but you were so worried about your corruption being exposed that you burned even the tax books. Everyone here can testify to that.”

Shota was startled and enraged, “You’re framing me!”

“Everyone, I believe you’re all law-abiding citizens and will not go along with this miscreant. Anyone who wants to report him can speak freely. These are all merits. You’ll be rewarded even if you’re not promoted. Ao, please record each of their reports along with their names and fingerprints. By the way, if there’s someone who didn’t report anything, record his name as well. I suspect that person is Vice-Captain Shota’s accomplice.”

After Tonan was done, he picked up the cup and lowered his eyes to sip on his tea. There was silence for a bit, but soon, someone broke it.

“I’ve something to say, Shimokawara Shota privately took protection money from gangsters outside the city.”

“He also privately released prohibited items into the city.”

“He also sheltered several human-trafficking organizations.”


The clock ticked second by second. Tonan released everyone who exposed Shota’s crimes and Ao diligently noted it. Once everyone was done, he handed the notebook over to Tonan.

Tonan waved it in front of Shota and asked, “Is this enough for you to die?”

Shota took a few deep breaths and pretended to be tough, “There’s no real evidence. According to the Land of Fire laws, you can’t do anything to me.”

“I’ll burn the evidence for you later. If you’ve any grievances, appear in the Daimyo’s dream and report it,” Tonan chuckled and shook his head. He then pointed at a Northern City Guard, “As his colleague, why don’t you put an end to his pathetic life? I remember you reported the most crimes.”

That Northern City Guard looked to his right and left, and then wobbled forward in trepidation. He reached out to pick up a kunai and hesitantly looked at Shota. After all, he knew so much about Shota’s misdeeds because they shared a good rapport and he too was involved in all of it.

By now, Shota was truly frightened and couldn’t mask his fear, “No! I submit to you, I’ll do whatever you want me to do…”

Tonan was not in a rush. He rubbed his chin, pretending to think, “If you submit to me, you’ll still be the Vice-Captain, and all that happened today would just be a misunderstanding. Later, wouldn’t you want to get back at everyone who reported you?”


Immediately after he spoke, that Northern City Guard stabbed Shota’s heart with the kunai. Seeing his dying body, Tonan patted his forehead, looking vexed, “It’s my fault. I was thinking about it for too long, but it’s useless to regret now. Hereafter, you will be the Vice-Captain.”

“Many thanks, Tonan-sama.”

The Northern City Guard knelt on the ground and heavily kowtowed towards Tonan. Nodding with satisfaction, Tonan pointed at the few people who were still in the swamp and said, “I’ll leave these few to you all. No need to be polite, everyone will have a share.”

Seeing Shota dead, the people who hadn’t spoken against him panicked and began shouting…

“My Lord, we’ll speak, Shimokawara Shota had forcefully kidnapped many women.”

“Shimokawara Shota has bribed Uekawa Ozora, the Head of Guardian Residence.”



“So, there was collusion with the Guardian Residence Head…” A thought flashed through Tonan’s eyes and he leisurely stood up.

“You all, go and wash up lest people say the Northern City Guard’s people are sloppy. Also, go back and inform about what happened today to the others who were on duty as well. Hereafter, remain within bounds and don’t knowingly violate the law. Usually, I’ll be training hard. If there’s any problem in the future, I’ll follow my attendants’ arrangements.”

He headed to his bedroom after issuing the instructions. Taking the sealed storage scroll, he left the mansion. When he reached the main street, he randomly asked a passerby, “Excuse me, who should I look to report an official’s corruption?”

“You should look for Supervision Minister Fukuda Masaki, just northwest of the Daimyo Residence. There’ll be guards at the door. You can just ask them, and you’ll know it.”

“Thank you very much.” Tonan turned around and walked in the direction the person had pointed. After a while, he arrived at the Supervision Minister’s mansion and met Masaki.

In the living room, Tonan sat in front of a table in seiza style, respectfully bowed to Masaki on the other side, and said, “It’s nice to meet you, Masaki-sama.”

Masaki solemnly said, “You’re the newly appointed Northern City Guard captain, Uchiha Tonan. I wonder who you’re reporting.”

“I want to report Shimokawara Shota, the Vice-Captain of the Northern City Guard, for taking bribes, engaging in corrupt practices, and acting as a protective umbrella for underworld forces. These are his crimes, collectively reported by his subordinates.”

Tonan handed over the crime book to Masaki. Once he opened it, Masaki was shocked by the densely recorded charges and countless fingerprints.

At this moment, there was only one thought in his head – when a wall is about to collapse, everybody gives it a shove.

“This is a grave matter. If there’s no substantial evidence, I can only report it to His Majesty, and he will make the final decision,” Masaki calmly informed.

Tonan nodded but he seemed to suddenly recall something. He took out a sealed storage scroll from his bag and spread it out on the table. He then made a hand sign to release the things stored in it.


Piles of colorful banknotes appeared in front of Masaki, who merely glanced at them. Being a veteran, he roughly estimated this was almost five million Ryo in total.

“When I saw these charges, I was too furious. I killed him and a few of his accomplices on impulse. Also, this is five million Ryo that Shimokawara Shota wanted to bribe me with. The illicit money should be turned over. I wonder if my course of action has broken the rules,” Tonan finished speaking with a smile on his face and pushed the banknotes towards Masaki.

Masaki narrowed his eyes and took a deep breath. He righteously said, “What this guy did was enough to anger the heavens. As long as one has an upright mind, who can one hold back? I understand Tonan-sama’s course of action very well. You can rest assured, His Majesty will not understand it as well.”

“Many thanks, Masaki-sama. I’ll take my leave now. I’ll order someone to deliver the criminal’s corpse later,” Tonan smiled politely but then he paused and reached his hand out, lightly tapping on the banknotes, “In context to everything that happens in the Northern City Guard, I’ll report it to you once a month. At that time, I’ll hand over the prisoners and the illicit money as well.”

Tonan got up to leave after saying this. Masaki was experienced enough to immediately read between the lines. It meant that Tonan would give him achievements and money every month.

This move would not only bring him many benefits but also represent that Tonan was standing on his side. He was immediately overjoyed. He enthusiastically got up and said, “Tonan-sama is truly of noble character and sterling integrity… let me walk you out.”


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