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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 64: Real Memories, Feeding White Pigeons Bahasa Indonesia

Root members would not waste their words on an assassination target, especially when their objective was unambiguous. Ignoring his pleas, Kamiya Kazuki and Yoshida Taro jumped down from the tree and attacked Uchiha Tonan.

Tonan raised his head and activated his scarlet Sharingan.

“Genjutsu – Hell Viewing Technique.”

However, the two were guarded against his genjutsu from the very beginning. As soon as he had moved his head, they closed their eyes in unison.

“Damn it.” Tonan gritted his teeth and cursed. The moment they landed on the ground, they used Body Flicker Technique with all their power and disappeared in an instant. In the next moment, they were on Tonan’s left and right sides respectively.

They ferociously thrust their tachi forward, aiming at his waist.


Blood splattered everywhere. Tonan was stabbed. His eyes were wide open, his mouth slightly parted and blood spurted out like free-flowing water. Finally, he gave up and lowered his head.


Thunder clapped all around. Lightning flashes made strange shapes and spread out in all directions, splitting the entire sky. It was like a doomsday scene.

Just when the two were immersed in the joy of completing the mission…

Coo coo

Coo coo

Impatient bird cries emerged from everywhere. In the dark forest, many pairs of scarlet and savage Sharingan lit up, looking like a blood-drenched swarm of fireflies.

“This… it’s all… Sharingan…” Kazuki’s eyes shrunk, and he gulped. Suddenly, the two of them felt a sharp pain in their abdomens and vomited a mouthful of blood at the same time. They intuitively looked at the source of their torment and their eyes widened in horror.

They saw Tonan’s head had turned 180 degrees and he was looking at them with cold-blooded eyes. His Sharingan had begun to slowly spin.

“They’re hungry, I’ll have to trouble you two.”

The next moment, Tonan exploded like an inflated balloon and white pigeons eagerly competed with each other to fly out. What alarmed them more was the realization that they had pierced through each other’s bodies with their own tachi.

Their blood flowed along the blade and dripped on the ground. Kazuki and Taro simultaneously turned their heads with difficulty and looked at the white pigeons gathering on the cliff’s edge.

The pigeons fused one by one and turned into Tonan. He didn’t have the miserable appearance from earlier. On the contrary, he had gotten an umbrella at some point and was looking into the distance. There was not a speck of dirt on his body. He may even pass off as a relaxed sightseer.

Looking at his back view, holding an umbrella, the two of them became absentminded. After a while, they came back to their senses. The previous scenes in their memory collapsed inch by inch and they recovered their true memories.


The moment they opened the door, they wanted to kill Tonan. When Tonan used the Sharingan genjutsu, they closed their eyes to avoid it.

However, they hadn’t closed their eyes at all, and they unknowingly fell into the genjutsu. In this illusion, they used all their strength to release the Nirvana Temple Technique, which almost exhausted their chakra. Tonan leisurely held up an umbrella and led the two, who were like walking corpses, out of the town…

All the way to this place…

Later, he controlled them to stab each other.

“But when…” Kazuki vomited blood and asked in disbelief. Tonan slowly turned around, and his cold and serene Sharingan was spinning slowly. He smiled politely and said in a gentle voice, “When we were at the village gate, I used genjutsu on you. Didn’t you want to see it?”

“How is it? Was it any good? Never mind, I’ve got an even better technique to show you.”

Tonan initiated the Secret Technique – Beast Infestation. Just after he finished, the white pigeons lurking in the forest shrieked at the same time. Their bodies enlarged by several times, and their feathers became raven black and glowed with a metallic luster.

Their soft beaks changed into hard black hooked fangs and they rushed towards the two people who were already a withering oil lamp.


Flesh tearing and bones crushing sounds filled up the forest.

In this place, the rain goes away as quickly as it comes. Soon, the dark clouds dissipated, and the downpour gradually stopped. The distant mountain range’s outline was framed with a golden hue.

“What nice weather.” Tonan narrowed his eyes, closed the umbrella, and casually threw it down the cliff.

Coo coo

A white pigeon that had eaten its fill turned back into its docile appearance and landed on his shoulder. It affectionately rubbed its head against Tonan’s cheek. He smiled gently and reached out to caress the white pigeon’s head. “Since my senpai asked to see the full power of my genjutsu, it would be really bad for me as a kohai to refuse.”

The white pigeon nodded like a human. At this moment, another white pigeon flew over and landed on Tonan’s other shoulder. He looked at this pigeon and said with a smile, “Thank you for your thoughts, but I’m not hungry.”

The white pigeon’s eyes flashed. It raised its head and swallowed the meat in its mouth. Soon afterward, several white pigeons landed on his body one after another. On the horizon, a red sun peeked from the range’s morning mist, dyeing the morning red. It also dyed Tonan and the white pigeons in the same shade.

“Disperse, return and be alert.” Tonan stretched himself and walked towards the town located at the mountain’s foot. While passing by the place where the two Root members had died, he picked up the ninja bags with disgust. He took out the useful things and put them into his bag.

Coo coo

Behind, the white pigeons flew away chirping. The morning mist gradually dispersed under the sunlight, and the world became clearer. Not far from the cliff, there were bits and pieces of clothes and two Konoha forehead protectors on the mud.

The next moment.

“Earth Style – Dark Swamp.” The soil turned into a swamp, swallowing all traces.

Tonan had in fact left behind a trick at the village gate itself. On one hand, he intentionally let out that his Sharingan genjutsu would have no effect if the opponents shut their eyes. On the other hand, he used the hypnotic eye to place a suggestion in their subconscious in the illusion world.

When those two violently broke his genjutsu, he had taken the initiative to dispel the illusion and went along with the flow after that. Tonan had thought it would take a long time before he would be able to use this trick. However, beyond his expectation, the chance came so soon.

When Kazuki and Taro broke into his room, Tonan had triggered the trick he placed in their subconscious before. As a result, when they saw Tonan activating the Sharingan, they subconsciously thought they had shut their eyes but their eyes were wide open, and they were affected by the full power of his genjutsu. In context to this, Tonan’s evaluation of the two was only two words.

Offering themselves.


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