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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 59: Death With No Regrets, Visiting an Elder Bahasa Indonesia


Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation is a jutsu that binds a deceased person’s soul to a living vessel, restoring the dead as they were when alive to do the summoner’s bidding

Kinjutsu, meaning Forbidden Techniques, are techniques that have been banned from being taught or used

After Uchiha Tonan walked out of the courtyard with the medical-nin, Sarutobi Shinnosuke, who was waiting outside, curiously asked, “How’s his condition?”

The medical-nin signaled the two of them with his eyes. Tonan and Shinnosuke took the hint and followed him to some distance along the street. Only after that, the medical-nin stopped. Taking out a pen and paper to write the medical report, he said, “His condition’s serious. I estimate it’s a psychological problem and it’s severe enough to leave him only a few months to live. You’ve to be prepared.”

Tonan looked startled but slowly nodded. “I understand…”

Shinnosuke patted Tonan’s shoulder lightly and said, “I’ll request Hokage-sama to approve a leave for you. You should spend time with that grandpa.”

The medical-nin sighed and asked, “Do you need me to give you a medical report?”

“No need. I’ll leave now. If I take too long, I’m afraid he’ll notice,” Tonan shook his head, bowed, and turned to leave.

Just before he turned around, Sanbo Motoyoshi, who was observing from a distance, retracted his head and pushed the wheelchair back to the courtyard. Although he was unable to hear their conversation because of the distance, he could guess its gist from their actions and expressions.

Motoyoshi had thoroughly given up hope now. “It seems I truly can’t live on…”

After a while, Tonan walked in with a smile. “Grandpa, the doctor said you’re in good health. I was panicking unnecessarily. I’ll cook us a fine meal.”

Motoyoshi nodded with a smile and said, “Cook less. In any case, we can’t finish it… don’t tire yourself.”


Half a month later, lying in a bed in the Konoha Hospital, Motoyoshi, who had become skin and bones, used all his willpower to open a small crack in his eyes. With his last gasp, he said “Child, I’ve put my will in the bedside cabinet. Don’t be sad. Promise me you’ll live happily.”

Tonan reached out and grabbed Motoyoshi’s withered hand. He said with a calm look, “You can rest assured, I’ll inherit everything from you and live well. If you’re tired, close your eyes and rest. Don’t force yourself.”

“Good child…” Warm memories of the two of them getting along flashed through Motoyoshi’s mind.

“Don’t worry, grandpa. I’ll do my best to clean your house.”

“Grandpa, were you a ninja in the past?”

“Grandpa, I’m Uchiha Tonan. I’m not sure how to address you.”

“An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening, I always like to get up early. After all, early birds get the insects.”

“I want you to accompany me forever. After all… I’m an ill-fated person.”


There was some unwillingness in Motoyoshi’s eyes as his eyelids slowly closed, and was replaced with a hint of a smile as he passed away peacefully. The medical device sounded an alarm.

One of the hospital staff came in and stood behind Tonan, and comforted, “The patient’s heart has stopped. My condolences, child. Your grandfather reached the end of his lifespan.”

“I understand, please let me accompany him alone for a while.” Tonan quietly sat beside the hospital bed.

In the last few days, Motoyoshi wanted to commit suicide a few times. But Tonan was by his side and didn’t give him a chance. This was because Tonan wanted to test something. He wanted to see how much power he would get from a person dying a natural death.

Just now, a warm current surged in his body, slowly spreading through every nerve and muscle. As Tonan examined it, he noticed the chakra hardly increased and the spiritual power was not much either. But there were many ninja experiences and about a dozen new techniques including the Sanbo Style – Blade Technique that he got.

“Although the effect is much worse than expected, it’s not that bad. After all, to a certain extent, chakra just increases battle endurance. If chakra could decide everything, then wouldn’t the people summoned by the impure world reincarnation be invincible?”

“Of course, I do belong to an inadequate chakra group and I need to continuously take extra nourishment. In addition, if I can, I should start to think of ways to get high-powered ninjutsu. In any case, with the system in my hands, as long as I hunt diligently, I’ll definitely not lack chakra.”

“Returning to the key point here, though, this old fellow had some interesting things when he was young.”

Among them, there were quite a few techniques, whose practical value was no less than kinjutsu in Tonan’s eyes. Not only the Body Flicker ninjutsu that was mastered by all Konoha jonin, but Motoyoshi had also mastered the Shadow Clone Technique and the S-ranked ninjutsu called Reconstruction Technique.

The Reconstruction Technique was a kind of secret nin-taijutsu that could change one’s height, appearance, and voice. But it took roughly ten minutes to activate this technique and one couldn’t just turn into another person.

The advantage of this technique was that other people couldn’t see through it. There would be no effect in battling as well. After reconstruction, as long as one didn’t take the initiative to remove it, even Byakugan wouldn’t be able to see through it.

Tonan had now mastered the Body Flicker Technique and the Shadow Clone Technique. These two would help him comprehend the Flicker Clone Technique.

He believed that as long as he worked harder, he would be able to comprehend this profound meaning, greatly increasing his combat power.

Soon, two days passed. Tonan found a scenic place to bury Motoyoshi. Following Motoyoshi’s will, the land deed, money, and his chakra tanto all belonged to Tonan now. Once Motoyoshi’s matter was settled, Tonan returned to the Uchiha district.

The first thing he did after coming back was to visit the Great Elder, whom he had not seen for a while. In the Great Elder’s living room, the two of them sat seiza-style, facing each other.

The Great Elder looked at Tonan, who had gotten a lot taller and was carrying the chakra tanto. He nodded with satisfaction, “It seems you miscalculated this time. That old man died too quickly.”

Tonan sipped the tea and calmly said, “That’s alright. I managed to gain a lot.”

The Great Elder also picked up the teacup, nodded with a smile, and said, “That’s also true. I heard that old man’s name when I was still a genin. He was a famous miser, who just stayed in his house, never going out. However, now, all those assets belong to you. And this chakra blade is worth a lot as well.”

Tonan shook his head and commented, “These are just materialistic possessions. The biggest gain of this trip was Senior Motoyoshi’s careful teaching.”

The Great Elder frowned. He honestly couldn’t figure out what a commoner ninja could teach Tonan. He asked in confusion, “What could he possibly teach you?”

Tonan smiled faintly and leisurely put down the teacup. He then slowly raised his right hand and pointed at a wall. The wind attribute chakra gradually condensed into a small ball at his fingertip and flew out.


A compressed air bullet shot out from his finger and hit the wall, leaving a hole in its wake. In the next moment, a beam of light entered the room through the hole, shining on the Great Elder’s face.

This was B-ranked no-seal ninjutsu mastered by Motoyoshi, Wind Style – Air Bullet. Tonan had also thought of imitating Rasengan and rotating it, but he failed. After all, the size of the air bullet was too small, and it was very difficult to control.

The Great Elder didn’t care about the damage to the wall. Instead, he got up with excitement, and carefully examined the hole.

“This is… you have the wind attribute chakra?!”

Tonan adjusted his glasses, and said with a veiled smile, “I tested it a while ago, and to my surprise, I’m fortunate enough to have all five chakra attributes.”


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