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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 55: Chigo Taking Action, Mission Accomplished Bahasa Indonesia


Taki, a village hidden by a waterfall, is located in an unnamed country

Senjutsu, sage techniques, is a specialized field of jutsu that uses natural energy

After a failed attack, the Mist rogue-nin noticed his perception ability was cut off again. A cold chill ran down his spine, and he exclaimed in disbelief, “No, this isn’t my technique.”

Tapping on his back, a finger slowly appeared.


Crackle, crackle, crackle

The Mist rogue-nin lowered his head with difficulty and saw lightning was flickering in his chest.

“Sorry, this is my technique.”

Uchiha Tonan’s cold voice came from behind.


Everything in front of the Mist rogue-nin became dark, and his corpse heavily fell in the water. The mist dissipated, and Tonan jumped and carried Chigo who was sitting cross-legged on a branch.

Kakashi arrived just then. “Tonan… are you alright?”

Tonan looked at a breathless Kakashi and adjusted his glasses. “We are fine, this rogue-nin was a little weak and he underestimated my eyes.”

“Is that right?” Kakashi looked down at the enemy’s corpse but had some doubts. He had faced Tonan’s genjutsu in the past. Was it this strong?

Looking at his teammate, Tonan’s eyes slightly moved. He took out a pill from his ninja bag and gave it to Kakashi. “For you, it’s very delicious, eat it.”

“Alright.” Although Kakashi didn’t understand why he had to eat this now, he still did so given his trust in Tonan. It tasted sour and sweet and was crispy.

Soon after, they spotted Namikaze Minato not far away. Minato jumped on a few branches and landed in front of the three of them. Seeing them uninjured, he sighed in relief. “Fortunately, you’re all fine.”

Tonan narrowed his eyes and said, “Uzumaki-sensei, did you take care of that rogue-nin?”

Kakashi frowned a little. Minato nodded and looked at Chigo on Tonan’s back. “They are already dealt with. Let’s take Master Chigo away from here right now.”

Just when Minato wanted to approach Tonan, the surrounding mist suddenly thickened again, engulfing everyone.

“There are more attackers.” Amid the dense mist, Tonan shouted.

Minato frowned, and immediately charged towards the voice. A ball of black fluid came out from his body and surprise attacked Tonan and Chigo.

Simultaneously, his appearance also changed from Minato to Kakazu.


Water splashed on the ground.

“Water clones! Damn it, that brat tricked me!” Fury filled Kakazu’s head, and he formed hand seals.

“Wind Style – Pressure Damage.” But even before Kakazu could release his ninjutsu, he realized something was awry with him. The accumulated experience from years of contract killing and bounty hunting made him instantly identify the reason.

The mist was poisonous. Kakazu could barely wrap his mind around this when explosive tags buried under the ground began to activate.

Crackle, crackle, crackle


In the forest, a miniature mushroom cloud rose leaving only the burning smell of smoke behind. Tonan had laid the explosive tags stealthily when he was fighting against the Mist rogue-nin.

On the branch not far away, Kakashi glanced at the gentle-looking Tonan beside him with a strange look and said, “You prepared so much before leaving?”

Tonan adjusted his glasses and smiled slightly. “Yes. The clan’s ninja store was running a promotion. Buy two explosive tags and get a bottle of poison for free. I thought it was a good deal, so I bought six of them. Later, I found the poison had expired. I’ll report them to the clan after returning.”

Just after Tonan finished speaking, Kakazu’s roar came from the midst of the smoke and dust. “You’ve truly infuriated me now! All of you die for me!”

Before the smoke completely dissipated, a ball of black matter suddenly rushed out and attacked Tonan’s group of three. They immediately jumped, narrowly dodging the danger.

Kakashi’s expression turned ugly as he said, “What the hell is he? Even that didn’t kill him?”

After landing on the ground, Chigo, who was on Tonan’s back, patted his shoulder. He got off and explained. “That’s Earth Grudge Fear… You must be a Taki’s traitor ninja, the famous bounty hunter, Kakazu.”

Chigo pushed Kakashi and Tonan behind him. “You two, step aside. He’s not someone you can deal with.”

Tonan grabbed Chigo’s hand and said with a solemn look, “Master Chigo, rest assured, you are our client. We will protect you even if we have to risk our lives.”

Chigo looked at Tonan and smiled. He said while shaking his head. “You truly are intelligent.”

At this moment, the mist had dispersed. Kakazu got up staggering, and there was a ball of black matter with a doll mask next to him. Tonan knew his tactic just now had taken one of Kakazu’s lives.

Kakazu made hand signs rapidly. “Fire Style – Searing Migraine.”

A scorching hot column of flame shot towards the three. Chigo opened his eyes in anger, and an illusory golden thousand-armed Bodhisattva appeared behind him. He gently raised his right palm and pushed it forward.


The column of flame that was flying towards them extinguished. In addition, with the remaining power, Kakazu was sent flying dozens of meters away, breaking countless trees.

Kakashi’s jaw dropped seeing this. And a question appeared in his mind — is this the person we are protecting?

After the smoke dissipated, Kakazu had disappeared without a trace. Chigo relaxed his posture and said lightly. “Alright, the assailant has been driven away.”

Tonan looked at Chigo with reverence. He put his hands on his knees and bowed. “Thank you, Master Chigo.”

“That move just now didn’t resemble ninjutsu. Is it senjutsu? Or something else.”

At this moment, Tonan couldn’t wait to inherit all of Chigo’s abilities. However, considering the great difference in strength between them, he had to hold back this little ambition.

Kakashi felt Chigo was powerful enough to not need their protection. He thought of Minato, who was still fighting, and couldn’t help ask, “Are we going to help Minato-sensei?”

Tonan pondered for a while, then shook his head. “No, let’s go to a town first. Minato-sensei can easily escape if he can’t defeat his opponents. We’ll just be a burden if we go.”

He then took the initiative to carry Chigo on his back again and ran towards the town. Not long after, Minato got rid of the Cloud rogue-nin with some difficulty. He was worried that Tonan and Kakashi wouldn’t be able to stop the Mist rogue-nin, so he exchanged a few moves with the remaining Rock rogue-nin and got away.

As for that rogue-nin, after experiencing Minato’s strength first hand, he didn’t dare chase after him.

Five days later, Minato’s team safely escorted Chigo to the Fire Temple.

“Thank you all.”

After Chigo signed the mission sheet, he turned to Tonan. With a smile, he said, “Tonan, if you become tired of the ninja life, you can consider coming to the Fire Temple.”

Tonan put his palm together and replied, “Thank you for your kind consideration but my dream is to gain all villagers’ acknowledgment, then use my life to protect them. I will never leave the village.”

“That’s all right. If your mind changes one day, you’re welcome any time.”


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