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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 39: Namikaze Minato, Team Nine Introductions Bahasa Indonesia


Namikaze Minato is the shinobi who created the chakra shape transformation technique Rasengan (means spiraling sphere) and excelled in the teleportation technique the Flying Raijin, or Flying Thunder God Technique

After the Uchiha clan left, Sarutobi Hiruzen led the Anbu group back to the Hokage Residence. He barely even reached his desk before he called Shimura Danzo to his office.

The two had a massive argument that ended on a bad note. Not that Uchiha Tonan expected Hiruzen to do anything to Danzo for his sake. He was just borrowing the Hokage’s mouth to send Danzo a warning so that the latter would back off for at least some time.

“Can’t really trust anyone.” Tonan was lying in his spacious new bedroom, looking up at the ceiling. He finally felt a little safer after the increase in his strength, but now, that feeling was gone again.

This time, the one who came for him was just an ordinary Aburame jonin. With the Sharingan and Byakugan, he just about managed to restrain his opponent, but he had no confidence in winning. This was a rude reminder that he wasn’t strong enough.

It should be about a year before Hatake Sakumo’s incident. He was running out of time. The only prey who acknowledged him right now were Umino Naoto, Kakashi, and apart from Uchiha Tenzou, the three useless girls in his class.

It seemed like the most suitable one at hand was Naoto. Even though Naoto wasn’t very useful, he was still a chunin. If he took him out, he would inherit a chunin’s chakra and spiritual energy.

“He doesn’t seem that useful after all.”

An ordinary civilian chunin such as Naoto knew only a few jutsu, and his experience in combat was also insufficient. The most important point was that Tonan didn’t want to take the risk of making a move himself. It was easy to slip up if he took the initiative to attack someone. If someone were to discover that he murdered Naoto, then he would be completely done for.

The best hunters lurked in the dark, waiting for their prey to reveal themselves. For a hunting ground as large as Konoha, there would always be suitable targets prancing around. Lost in thought, Tonan sighed before shutting his eyes and drifting to sleep.

The morning sun shone through the sky of dawn and woke the sleeping Konoha. Today was the day Tonan would officially become a genin. He woke up early and washed up. Packing his bag, he left the house.

Even though this was the center of the Uchiha district, the Great Elder had arranged a home for him that was as spacious as the previous one. As soon as he stepped out of the house, Tonan saw his clan members pointing and talking about him on both sides of the street.

Clearly, the word of his biased behavior from last night had spread across. Some people did not even bother with the volume of their voices. Tonan could faintly hear insults. But this did not affect him even in the least bit. These people were all his future rations who would help the evolution of his Sharingan.

If insulting him made his ration happy, he would be happy to oblige as well.

“Beginning the day so early, Tonan?” Tonan was startled by the sudden voice from the adjacent house. It was the Great Elder wearing a kind smile while watering flowers. Tonan had not noticed that the two of them were neighbors.

He immediately leaned over and bowed, “Good morning, Great Elder.”

“Come to my place first thing after you return,” the Great Elder instructed. Tonan nodded and quickened his pace slightly, leaving his home. Staying with this old shrewd for even one moment longer unsettled him. Hiruzen was easier to handle.

At the Ninja Academy, Tonan randomly found a seat when he entered the classroom. After a while, Kakashi too walked into the room and looked around for a while. When he spotted Tonan by the window, he strolled over to him.

“Why didn’t you come to class these last few days?”

“I was in a bit of a situation.”

Kakashi nodded and said nothing more.

At around nine, the proctor who supervised the genin exam walked into the classroom and cleared his throat. “Congratulations, you have all passed the Ninja Academy’s examination and have become genin. Other than special assignments, genin teams are made up of three members and a leader.”

“When I call out your name, please come up to the podium to receive your forehead protector.”

“Team 1, Furukawa Nohara, Inuzuka Kou, Hyuga Hokawa.”

“Team 9, Hatake Kakashi, Uchiha Tonan.”

“Alright, I’ll now hand over to your new leaders. They’ll be here soon,” the proctor informed before leaving the room.

In just a moment, the new team leaders walked into the room one by one to take away their team’s genin.

“Team 9, come with me,” a blonde-haired youth who had a slightly childish look waved at Kakashi and Tonan. Tonan narrowed his eyes and nodded with a smile. Following that, the two of them left with the blonde-haired youth. Tonan could already guess the identity of this person.

With his spiked yellow hair and kind-looking boyish face, it couldn’t be anyone else other than Namikaze Minato.

The Flying Thunder God, Rasengan, these were all good stuff. If possible, he might be able to get Uzumaki Kushina in the bag as well. But that was a little too distant in the future. There were several years to go. A faraway spring cannot quench the present thirst.

At the rooftop, Minato sat on top of the railing, fiddling with a kunai in his hands, carefully observing the village’s two rumored geniuses. He saw Kakashi leaning on the railing, his eyes nearly questioning Minato’s capabilities.

Minato did look too young and didn’t appear reliable at all. Tonan, on the other hand, stood straight and well-mannered. Time ticked second by second. Tonan retained his warm smile, not feeling the slightest bit of impatience.

Coo coo

Several white pigeons landed on Tonan’s shoulder and nuzzled his face intimately. He lightly stroked the white pigeon’s head and whispered, “Shush, I’m busy right now.”

Coo coo

Like it understood him, the pigeons spread their wings and flew away. Seeing this, Minato broke the silence, “The pigeons seem to really like you.”

Tonan nodded, and said, “Yes. They’ve always been very friendly and like to stick around.”

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Namikaze Minato, a Konoha jonin, as well as your leader. My favorite food is ramen, and my dream is to become the future Hokage. What about you?”

Minato first turned his gaze to Kakashi, who did not break character and responded indifferently. “Hatake Kakashi. There’s nothing I like particularly. My dream is to become a powerful shinobi one day.”

As he said this, Sakumo’s face couldn’t help but emerge in Kakashi’s head, and he clenched his fists slightly.

“Father, soon or later, I’ll become a ninja as powerful as you.”

“That’s an amazing dream. I’m sure you’ll achieve it someday.” Minato smiled and turned to Tonan.

Tonan turned his head to the side and pushed up his glasses. “I’m Uchiha Tonan. I like drinking tea, reading books, and feeding small animals. As for my dream…”

Tonan broke into a dazzlingly warm smile, like it was something that was his very reason for being, and said, “I want more people to acknowledge me.”

At this moment, Minato seemed to see a shadow of his younger self in Tonan, and he also smiled at him. “That’s a special dream. I believe that you’ll receive the acknowledgment of the whole of Konoha in the future.”

A trace of longing flashed past Tonan’s eyes. “Nothing would make me happier than that coming true.”

Minato jumped down from the railing and came to Tonan’s side, patting him on the shoulder. “Alright, introductions are over. Let’s begin now. Come with me.”


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