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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 3: Looking for a Target, Gaining Acknowledgment Bahasa Indonesia

Editor’s Notes:

‘Acknowledgment’ is the attribute of the ‘Legacy Inheritance System’ that the main character, Uchiha Tonan, awakened when he crossed over to the Naruto World. Once a person that acknowledges him dies, Tonan will inherit all his or her abilities.

There are six ranks in Jutsu (techniques). E-rank (fundamental level), D-rank (genin level), C-rank (chunin), B-rank (jonin), A-rank (kage or jonin) and S-rank (secret or extreme level)

Time flew by, and the holidays were over in the blink of an eye. Uchiha Tonan had learned a lot about trapping, assassination, camouflage, and poisoning techniques by now. So far, the system did not send him any alerts, implying that his parents were still alive.

Two chunin cannon fodders, how come their lives were so firm?

Tonan was vexed. He couldn’t simply sit still and wait for their deaths. It was clear which political side he had to stand on. The next step was to show his value.

If he wanted to be stronger, he could only gain acknowledgment and then kill that person. However, in a head-on battle, he couldn’t even defeat Obito, the lowest-ranked at the Ninja Academy.

The only remaining way was to covertly assassinate.

As for the ideal target, that would be someone who was not too strong or too weak, and it would be best if the person had no clue about ninja assassination techniques.

In short, he could only start with the students at the Academy.

Tonan was a first-year student. His target pool was the second or third-year students. Anyone who scored high in strength but low in intellect would be optimal. With strength, after inheriting the person’s ability, he could be outstanding among his peers.

As for why weak in intellect, because that would make it easier to kill that person.

The plan was divided into three steps.

Gain acknowledgment, assassinate, deal with the aftermath.

He must not make any errors in any of these steps.

Gaining acknowledgment was a prerequisite for inheriting abilities. The assassination process was as good or bad as his plan. As for dealing with the aftermath, that could be troublesome. If the Anbu were alarmed, then with Tonan’s limited resources, it would be very hard to run or hide.

Thinking of this, Tonan’s eyes flashed with pallid light.


The Ninja Academy opened the next day. This time, Sarutobi Hiruzen didn’t deliver any speech. It seemed that the war on the frontline had fallen into a stalemate.

During the recess, Tonan quietly left his classroom and headed to the third-year classroom.

“Teno-san,” Tonan waved his hand at Uchiha Teno, looking excited.

Teno was a third-year student, who ranked sixth overall in the Academy. The first ranker was also from the Uchiha clan, Uchiha Tetsugo.

Hearing his name being called out, Teno looked over and was a little surprised. At a glance, he recognized Tonan , the trash that the clan members had been talking about.

He ignored him but couldn’t do so for long. Due to Tonan’s continuous calling, Teno had to walk out of the classroom. He coldly asked, “Little imp, why are you looking for me?”

“I heard that Teno-san is the number one genius among the graduates. Can I train with you?”

“Oh?” Teno responded indifferently but the corners of his mouth rose slightly. This pleased him very much.

After thinking for a bit, he casually remarked, “Tetsugo’s grade is the highest. I am just sixth. Why don’t you look for him?”

Looking confused, Tonan said, “Isn’t Tetsugo-san’s overall grade good because of his high scores in the theory exams?”

“Your vision is unique. For a ninja, strength is the key. I don’t bother with those theory classes. I train in the clan’s northern training ground every day. If you want to come, you can come. If I have time, I will give you some pointers.”

After speaking, Teno put his hands in his pockets and returned to the classroom without looking back.

As for Tonan , he cheered and ran back to the first-year classroom, completely exhibiting a child’s demeanor.

In the third-year classroom, Teno had just returned to his seat, when Tetsugo turned around and said to him lightly, “Teno, don’t interact with that trash. He is the clan’s scourge.”

“Who are you to care about my matters!” Teno snapped.

“Humph!” Tetsugo reciprocated in equal terms and turned back.

As soon as school was over, Tonan came to the clan’s northern training ground. As expected, Teno was practicing the fire-style technique here.

“Fire Style, Great Fireball Technique.”


A blazing fireball was released from his mouth and smashed into the pond next to the training ground.

“Wow… amazing,” Tonan stood there in shock.

Teno turned his back to Tonan and smiled. He had already noticed Tonan’s arrival. The Great Fireball Technique was purely a show-off.

“Little imp, you came,” Teno turned around and said indifferently.

“Teno-san is so amazing. You can actually expel such a big, big fireball,” Tonan spread his hands and drew a big circle in the air.

“It’s just a C-rank fire-style jutsu,” Teno was pleased with Tonan’s reaction. He pointed to a wooden stake and said, “Your physique is too weak. Begin with taijutsu training first.”

“Okay, Teno-san,” Tonan walked in front of the wooden stake, looking excited, and began to hit it earnestly.

His taijutsu was indeed too poor. Teno couldn’t help giving pointers time and again, but the result was still unsatisfactory.

Practicing till sunset, Tonan sat on the ground, panting. He was exhausted. Teno too was very tired, but he kept a cool look to maintain his image. With his hands stuck in his pockets, he stood in front of Tonan and said with disdain, “Barely started training and you are already like this.”

Tonan looked dejected. He buried his head between his legs and said, “I’m sorry, I disappointed Teno-san.”

“I have heard about you from the other clan members. Why do you have those foolish thoughts?” Teno asked.

Hearing this question, Tonan lowered his head deeper and said in a sad voice, “Because I am trash, my father and mother do not like me, and the clan members spurn me. Only Sandaime-sama would smile at me. I feel that Sandaime-sama truly loves the village, and loves us.”

So, this turned out to be the reason. The soul of the weak instinctively needed to depend on the strong. Teno immediately understood. His tone was no longer too indifferent, and he said, “In the future, you must attach most importance to the clan. Otherwise, I will not teach you.”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you,” Tonan stood up and bowed deeply to Teno.

Teno could hear the polite refusal in Tonan’s words, and a hint of anger appeared in his eyes. He turned around and said, “Go away.”

“I’m sorry,” Tonan apologized again. He took out a book from his pocket and handed it over.

“This is my gift to Teno-san. Thank you for your guidance in training me.”

Hearing Tonan’s words, Teno turned back, and with his gaze focused on the book, he coldly asked, “What’s this?”

Tonan sincerely answered, “During the vacation, I read the theory courses from the higher grade curriculum. I have written down some important points that could be useful in the examination. I hope that Teno-san will truly become the number one graduate.”

Teno fell into a daze hearing this. When all was said and done, most of the Uchihas were arrogant. They would never easily convey their feelings. Therefore, most Uchiha clan members had never received gifts.

Teno was no exception. Seeing the notes painstakingly put together by a junior schoolmate, his heart involuntarily trembled.

He seized the book. Slanting his head to one side like a tsundere, he said, “Humph! Remember to come early tomorrow.”

After speaking, he walked towards the clan.

‘Ding! Gained the acknowledgment of Uchiha Teno.’

Hearing the system’s prompt, Tonan was overjoyed. He waved his hand towards Teno’s retreating back, and said, “Thank you, Teno-san, I will work harder.”


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