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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 257.2: Shocking Appearance, Battle Begins Bahasa Indonesia

After replying to Uzumaki Kushina, Uchiha Tonan gently threw away his windbreaker. The black cloak rapidly fell to the ground. As soon as it touched the ground, a big cloud of dust rose.

Boom… Everyone felt the ground tremor and they looked at Tonan with shocked expressions. Now, just a thin shirt was left on Tonan’s upper body but the muscles underneath it were bulging one after another as if they were about to burst open.

Bang… Bang… Buttons were sent flying in every direction. In the next moment, a powerful chakra current erupted from Tonan’s entire body, which blew his hair to stand erect. His entire image was electrifying, as if exuding raw power. The shirt on his body also ripped open, revealing his upper body which was as vigorous as a horned dragon. In addition, the entire person seemed to have even become several inches taller.

Over at the Konoha battlefront, gulping sounds could be heard one after another and the gazes of people were even more colorful. Some looked stunned, while some had a look of awe and worship. Some had even forgotten that they were in the midst of a battlefield and were even drooling.

Uchiha Obito caught a glimpse of Nohara Rin’s starry eyes beside him. He grabbed his hair in distress and said, “Why is Tonan always taller than me?”

“This little devil’s age is about the same as Kakashi. He is not that old. But those muscles…”

“He matured early.” “This is completely ripe…”

“This should be the result of his training. The weight of that windbreaker alone can crush me to death.”

“The intensity of his training must be too abnormal.” “I just want to feel the muscles on his body.”

On top of Gamabunta’s head, Tonan pointed at Sandaime Raikage and waved his hand. He said, “Old man, you are a little too close. Step back to avoid hurting the innocent.”

Sandaime Raikage had a violent temper. How could he endure such provoking words? His entire body released a powerful electric current and he shouted ferociously, “Little brat, you are very haughty. Only one punch is enough to take care of you.”

Tonan tilted his head slightly and activated his Mangekyo Sharingan. Then with a very arrogant look, he said, “Old man, it seems you don’t want to step back. Then, let me knock you back.”

As soon as he threw out these words, Tonan exerted strength on his legs, and at the same time used the Thunder Spirit Wind Flash.

Boom! A powerful blast appeared on Gamabunta’s head. The counterforce of this attack was so great that Gamabunta had to cancel the Summoning Technique. He disappeared from the battlefield, changing into a ball of white smoke.

In the blink of an eye, Tonan had already appeared in front of Sandaime Raikage. His entire body was full of lightning-attributed chakra that stimulated his cells. The earth-attributed chakra strengthened his defense and weight. And the wind-attributed chakra controlled the airflow around his entire body in order to reduce the drag force.

The Mangekyo Sharingan enhanced his dynamic vision. Finally, there was the boost of monstrous strength. He had attacked Sandaime Raikage like an explosive arrow. His speed was unfathomable.

Sandaime Raikage’s eyes shrunk. His fists and legs followed Tonan’s fighting rhythm, and he counterattacked.

Bang, bang, bang, bang… Due to Tonan’s momentum boost, Sandaime Raikage was forced to retreat continuously. The two people moved so fast that ordinary ninjas couldn’t even track their movements. All they could see was the dazzling lights moving toward the center of the battlefield at an abnormally high speed.

They could also hear the sounds of rapid sonic booms exploding in their ears. This battle seemed to have become the main stage of two powerhouses, and the ninjas on both sides seemed to have turned into mere spectators. This battle was already out of their hands.

“This… is this taijutsu?” “No, it’s not pure taijutsu, both of them are using nin-taijutsu to fight.”

“Is this innate talent? I’m afraid that even the Hokage-sama is not so strong.” “I’m afraid the Uchiha clan is about to rise again.”

“There was a piece of news before that Tonan defeated Sandaime Kazekage. If he defeats Raikage also…”

“I understand what you mean, but isn’t he just too young? Perhaps, it’s too early for him to be the Hokage.”

“Too young? At his age, I had left the battlefield of that time and two years later, I had a child.”

“Konoha has given birth to a Ninja World’s malevolent spirit again.”

While everyone was immersed in their conversations, Kushina could not help but look at Tonan in disbelief.

“Has Tonan already grown to this point?” She muttered to herself as the once lonely and helpless figure curled up in the dark alley reappeared in her mind.

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