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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 254.2: Sobbing Ghost, Impressive Might Bahasa Indonesia

In the next moment, a scene that greatly frightened Ebizo occurred. An invisible energy wave seemed to have appeared in the air and it smashed the falling raindrops into mist and pushed it to form layer upon layer of white waves, attacking the Sand Base Camp.

The speed of the white waves was extremely fast. They had already arrived in front of Ebizo in a blink of an eye.

Boom… The powerful blast instantly hit Ebizo’s face. The layer upon layer of white waves trampled everything on the ground like thousands and thousands of galloping men and horses.

Ebizo’s two long white eyebrows were blown up. The crazy blasts came in one wave after another. In an extremely short period of one second, there were already more than a dozen waves. The instant the blasts hit, the entire Sand Base Camp looked like an exploding pot.

“Enemy attack!”… “Someone is using large-scale ninjutsu.”… “It’s coming from the direction of the valley!”.. “I’ll go to kill him.”

Puff… “Hitoma, what’s wrong?”

“What’s happening to me? How come I can’t feel any power within my body?”

“It feels so uncomfortable…”

The secret of the infrasonic wave was in the overlay and resonance of the previous vibration and the subsequent vibrations. As the Sobbing Ghost continued for longer and longer, its might would also become bigger and bigger.

Three seconds later, the insects and animals within a radius of tens of kilometers frantically fled from this place. Five seconds later, creases that were visible to the naked eye appeared in the air but there was still no sound at all.

Ten seconds later, the refraction of the air was completely disrupted, making people unable to differentiate east, south, west, and north. The ground also began to tremble lightly and the accumulated water on the ground began to form waves like a miniature ocean.

Fifteen seconds later, the entire world flickered between light and darkness like a flashlight. What was worse was that the buildings in the Sand Base Camp began to crack and collapse inch by inch.

Twenty seconds later, the water on the earth’s surface and air completely vanished. The buildings collapsed, and the sand genin’s internal organs burst, as they bled from seven orifices to death.

Twenty-five seconds later, the stones on the earth’s surface began to shake continuously, and the chakra used by chunin to stabilize their bodies began to get disrupted one by one, then they howled in extreme pain and struggled.

Twenty-eight seconds later, not a single chunin was left alive. Even the relatively weaker jonin also died violently after struggling. The shaking stones on the ground exploded and shattered into fine powder. The ground also shook violently as cracks appeared one after another, and the hills not far away from the place collapsed one after another.

Thirty seconds later, the dark clouds in the sky seethed, and as if they were pushed away by a pair of big hands and the blue sky was visible. The afterglow of the setting sun sprinkled down, lighting up everything that it touched on the earth.

At the same time, Uchiha Tonan, who was bathing in the golden-red sunlight in the valley, closed his mouth and slowly lowered his arms. He then indifferently looked at the Sand Base Camp in the distance, and the corners of his mouth rose a little as he spat out two words, “Not bad.”

After speaking, he took off his half-wet windbreaker and leisurely folded it neatly, hanging it on his arm. Then he turned around gracefully and with his back facing towards the setting sun, he stepped on the hot fine sand and walked away towards the distance.

He didn’t even bother to pay attention to how many sand ninjas were killed this time. The human lives of the enemy villages were nothing but numbers. He didn’t completely annihilate them because this world still needed Suna to keep Konoha at bay.

At this moment, the Sand Base Camp was in complete ruins. After a long time, a wrinkled arm burst out from the ruins. Immediately afterward, Ebizo crawled out from it in a sorry state. His entire figure was in a mess but he didn’t have the extra energy to pay attention to these things at this moment.

He scanned around with a solemn look and saw jonin crawling out from the ruins with haggard faces one after another.





Ebizo just stood there like this in the same place and counted frantically. By the time he finished counting, people had already stopped coming out from the ruins. But regardless of anything, this number was not something Ebizo could accept.

His mouth constantly trembled and he felt like his back had collapsed a lot. He couldn’t stand straight no matter what. On the horizon, half of the setting sun’s body had already sunk. The slanting afterglow of the setting sun Illuminated the upper half of Ebizo’s body and cast a long shadow on the ground.

All the jonin who had survived this ordeal looked at Ebizo with lifeless eyes, waiting for him to issue orders. Ebizo remained silent for a long time. He then suddenly looked up at the sky and took a deep breath, wanting to roar words of taking revenge for this.

But those words got stuck in his throat, and he couldn’t say anything for a moment. A deep sense of powerlessness rose from the bottom of his heart. At this moment, Ebizo had to admit that he was getting old.

After a long time, he said in a hoarse voice, “Go and call back the remaining children. We won’t fight anymore… We are returning home.”

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