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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 250.1: Surprise Swarm Attack, Coldly Looking On Bahasa Indonesia

At this moment, it was past midnight. The bonfire was long extinguished and the darkness in the distance rushed in like the wind. The bright stars inlaid in the black night were shining like gems.

A crescent moon hung high in the dark blue sky, casting a dim light on Kikyo Mountain. The Nara Shikaku team of three including Yamanaka Inoichi and Akimichi Choza ran out of the commander’s tent. They stood at the mountain side and looked into the distance. With Shikaku’s eyesight, while he couldn’t see the lurking enemy village ninjas from the distance, he could see the dark wind that enveloped the sky flying over to the Leaf base camp.

Humm, humm, humm… A faint buzz filled the air. Looking at the accompanying darkness, Inoichi frowned and asked, “What’s that? Are these bugs?”

Shikaku narrowed his eyes slightly. Immediately afterward, a look of surprise appeared on his face and he said, “No, these are the bees from the Kamizuru clan, the Aburame clan’s sworn enemy.”

Inoichi was startled hearing this and said with a solemn look, “Damn it! Although Tonan-sama’s strength is high, these people obviously want to use these bees that are hard to deal with to get rid of us first.”

Shikaku took a deep breath. His face had a look that said he was prepared to die. “There are not many combatants left here now. Any military tactics are useless as well. Let’s prepare to fight to the death. As long as I die here, regardless of the result, our clan will not meet with any mishaps. Let me bear all the guilt and resentment.”

Both Inoichi and Choza’s eyes were filled with sadness and they clenched their fists together. Choza took a deep breath and replied in a deep voice, “I’ll go and look for Tonan-sama.”

Shikaku immediately turned his head and yelled at Choza, “Don’t go. It’s impossible for him to not know that there is an enemy attack. Instead, quickly go and notify the ninjas in the base camp, and light the campfires. In this kind of situation, having a clear line of sight will be comparatively more advantageous.”

At this moment, at the highest place at Kikyo Mountain, Uchiha Tonan and Sasori stood side by side on the cliff’s edge. They were observing the chaotic Leaf base camp.

Looking at the great dark wind flying over, Sasori turned his head to Tonan and said, “It seems all of the Kamizuru clan people have been mobilized. You don’t have enough Aburame ninjas or fire-style ninjas here to stop them. I guess this will be a very difficult battle. What do you plan to do? You should know that against these insects, even if you keep using the fire-style ninjutsu, you won’t be able to stop them.”

Tonan didn’t answer him. He just quietly looked at the remaining ninjas who were largely in place to manage the logistics in the base camp below. Then he meaningfully said, “With so few people here, it seems they want to force me to make a move.”

It was only at this moment that realization dawned on Sasori. It had already been some time since the enemy attack warning was first issued but there were just a few hundred ninjas in the Leaf base camp. What was worse was that it seemed like they were not even high-leveled ninjas. He asked with a puzzled look, “Where did all the Leaf ninjas go?”

“They have of course gone to the place where they were asked to go but I wonder whose intention it was.” Tonan cast a sidelong glance in the direction of the commander’s tent. Then as if speaking to himself, he said, “Once you do something, you must pay the due price. But then, it can also be counted as improving someone’s memories.”

At this moment, the Kamizuru clan-controlled bees had swept through the entire Leaf base camp. Leaf ninjas took action as best as they could in an attempt to stop the bees but for humans, the bee’s structure was too small. And this swarm was very large in number. The Leaf ninjas didn’t know where to begin their defense or their counterattack.

“Fire Style – Great Fireball Technique.”

“Earth Style – Mud Wall Technique.”

“Damn it… Shadow Imitation Technique is also useless and these things basically can’t be cut down by kunai.”

“No, except for fire-style, all other ninjutsu are useless.”


In front of the commander’s tent, Inoichi and Shikaku took out their kunai and made a desperate effort to resist the swarms. With a jonin’s strength, they could use kunai to cut down the bees. It was just that the number of bees was too large for this move to be effective.

Their physical strength was depleting rapidly. At this moment, the might of the Akimichi clan was displayed to some extent. Choza looked at the large swarms of bees in front of him and stretched out his arms. He angrily shouted, “Expansion Technique.” His hands suddenly enlarged and swatted the bees like huge cattail leaf fans.

Pop! With the joint attack of the two palms, tens of thousands of bees were killed in one instant. However, the dispersed bees also found a large target to attack. They frantically pounced on Choza’s arms and ferociously stabbed their poisonous needles.

“These annoying bees!” Choza yelled with a look of extreme pain on his face as he kept waving his arms around. His method may be much better than using a cannon to hit a mosquito but soon, the venom of the poisonous needles spread throughout his body.

This poison could not only paralyze the nerves but it could also clot the blood within the body and block meridians, causing the chakra flow to stagnate. After a few breaths, Choza finally was unable to withstand. He gritted his teeth and inhaled a mouthful of cold air. He roared, “It hurts…”

After that, Choza felt like the world around him was spinning and he fell straight to the ground. His enlarged arms also shrunk but they had already turned bluish-black from the bee stings. Inoichi saw that Choza had lost his combat power.

He rushed to his side and used a kunai to cut down the bees that were attacking them. He could feel that his physical strength was being consumed at a super pace but the number of bees seemed to be endless.


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