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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 244: Sun Shining Post Rain, Hatake Baby Bahasa Indonesia

The next morning, after the rainfall, the soil emitted a damp and rotten smell. As the sky turned bright, thick morning mist rose from the earth and covered the entire village. After a long time, a fiery red sun rose amid the purple mist, radiating dazzling flames around it.

With the temperature rise, the morning mist disintegrated into the air and the entire world became clear and bright.

Coo, coo, coo… Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp!!! In the sky, a few white pigeons blithely followed the flocks of birds that were fleeing in a hurry, enjoying their food one bite at a time. A few feathers fluttered down toward the house below.

One of the feathers brushed past the eaves and landed on the windowsill. Sunlight shone into the room through the curtain gaps. The person on the bed turned over and blocked the light with his hand. He frowned and opened his hazy eyes.

“You’re awake.” A magnetic and gentle voice came through. Uchiha Tonan, who was sitting beside the bed, put down the book. He got up and walked to the window to open the curtains.

The bright sunlight lit up the bedroom, bringing in a burst of warmth. “Sun exposure is good for your body and you’ll also grow taller.”

The little boy on the bed slowly got up. Tonan picked up the container with a baby inside and gently placed it in his arms. The boy looked at it and was in a daze for a moment. Then, the confusion in his eyes disappeared.

The previous night’s bloodcurdling memories invaded his mind. His body began to tremble wildly and he involuntarily held the container tighter. Tonan sat down beside the bed and rubbed his silver hair. He consoled, “Don’t worry, your disease is a genetic defect that caused partial loss of skin, muscle, and joint functions.”

“Although there is no cure for the root cause, the Mystical Palm Technique can be used to nourish and restore tissue activities, curing the symptoms.”

Perhaps it was because of Tonan’s gentle behavior or the relaxed atmosphere, but the boy’s mood gradually calmed down. He raised his head and looked around the room.

Right now, the room was clean and tidy. The walls were white as if they had just been repainted. The fresh petals on the windowsill had some crystal drops of water. A single feather lay quietly beside it and the air exuded a faint fragrance.

The entire world seemed to be peaceful and comfortable. It was as if the hellish scene of last night was just a nightmare. The little boy lowered his head and looked at the baby in the container. He muttered, “Was I dreaming?”

Tonan smiled a little and gently replied, “How could it be a dream? No matter how terrifying a dream is, it cannot match the cruelty and despair of reality. You were busy until midnight and collapsed because of exhaustion.”

“When I came in, you were covered in blood. The whole room was filled with blood and ripped flesh. I took advantage of that time to wash you and created several clones to clean up the room. I also buried your parents in your backyard. Doesn’t it feel comfortable now?

“By the way, what’s your name?”

“I…” The little boy frowned. He couldn’t recollect his name. Tonan smiled lightly and patted his shoulder. “Can’t remember, right? You have lost your memories. The situation was controlled after I treated you though. You can still recall your parents, at least.”

When the little boy heard the word ‘parents’, his eyes flashed. “Why don’t I feel like I’ve lost my memories?” Tonan patiently explained, “People with amnesia generally cannot feel their memory loss. It’s like unless there was no reminder from others, they won’t think about what they have forgotten.”

The boy quietly looked at the curled-up baby in the green solution and gently caressed the container. “Thank you… you are a good person.”

Tonan raised his eyebrows hearing the little boy’s words and said with a smile, “I’m not a good person. Let me be upfront and tell you that I’m my own person. If you truly think about it, I’m much worse than those people. I’m one hundred percent a big villain.”

Hearing this, the little boy raised his head suspiciously. He looked at Tonan’s face brightly lit by the sun and said, “You’re a bad person as well? It doesn’t look like that at all.”

Tonan shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile, “If there are just two classifications, good and bad, in this world, then I’ll be in the bad people’s camp.”

Tonan had no intention to pretend in front of his future subordinate. Back then, Tonan had the Great Elder whom he could talk with a half-opened heart. After he died, he and Shimura Danzo became like-minded friends.

But the war would be over sooner or later. At that time, they would inevitably have a conflict of interest and their brotherly friendship would be over. Tonan too wanted to have someone to talk to. Social needs were not a necessity for him but it would be better if he could.

“Why did you help me? I remember that they seemed to know you. Aren’t you all together?” The little boy thought for a long time and asked the question he had in his heart.

Tonan thought for a bit and answered, “Good people live in harmony and help each other. But bad people use each other. They had no value to me. So, if they must die, then I’ll kill them. In any case, in this world, except for your own life, everyone else is worthless.”

The little boy lowered his head. His eyes dimmed slightly and he asked, “So, you want to use me?”

Tonan nodded, “Yes, I want to use you. I saved you and your brother, and let you both have the right to breathe under the sun. A person must have principles and learn to repay kindness. Besides, although I want to use you, I have no intention of harming you. If you and your brother come with me, you’ll have a home to return to. Isn’t that a good thing?”

The little boy didn’t think for long. He nodded quietly and said, “Alright.” Tonan smiled and said, “Let me introduce myself. My name is Uchiha Tonan, a Leaf ninja. In the future, you and your brother will follow me back to live in Konoha. I’ll transfer you two to the Hatake clan’s genealogical record.”

“Then, you two will also have a noble surname. Your name is Kabuto. As for your brother, let’s call him Isan. Hatake Kabuto, Hatake Isan… Aren’t these good names?”

“Hatake Kabuto… Hatake Isan…” Kabuto repeated these two names several times. He then looked up at Tonan and said, “Thank you… Can Isan survive?”

Tonan pondered for a while and touched his chin, “He’s not fully developed yet. I improved the ratio of the solution in the container last night. It’s similar to the amniotic fluid environment. As long as a certain amount of nutrients is injected into the container every day, he can grow up healthy.”

“As for both of your congenital defects… After my research is done, I’ll be able to cure you any time.”

After explaining this, Tonan stood up and walked out of the bedroom. “Come and say goodbye to your parents. When you come again, I guess you’ll already be a grown-up.”

Kabuto pursed his lips and a hint of determination flashed in his eyes. He got off the bed with the container in his arms and followed Tonan out of the room.

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