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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 239.1: Exploring Techniques, Yinyang Style Bahasa Indonesia

After Uchiha Tonan laid down the female ninja, he stood beside the bed and tilted his head.

Looking down at her, he said, “The effect came in faster than I thought. According to the records, you are a chunin and good at puppet techniques. You have the intelligence to analyze. You used to be a spy but you are not very good at taijutsu. This drug can drain your physical energy very quickly. For about three minutes, you will be exhausted and then unable to move.”

The female ninja felt that Tonan’s words were very strange, especially for what she thought he wanted to do. She frowned and asked, “What are you doing…”

Tonan leaned down and gently caressed her hot face. He softly said, “Don’t be afraid. It’s not poison. Would a powerful person like me lie to you? Go to sleep if you are tired. This bed is very soft. And the temperature here is also very adequate for resting.”

After a few minutes, the woman stopped moving. Her eyes seemed to have narrowed leaving just a small gap but the pupils inside were dull. Tonan saw that the medicine had taken full effect. He began to slowly unbutton his robe.

“The body took the initiative to be dormant but the spirit is still alert. You must be in a dream state now. You can hear and see but you can’t move your body. If it weren’t for me talking next to you, you would even think that you are dreaming.”

“You want to talk and move. Your brain is continuously sending information to your body but your body has no feedback. This makes your brain instinctively think that your body is dead. As a result, it produces a special sense of fear. And even if you keep comforting yourself, you cannot stop this fear from growing.”

After he spoke, the little gap in the female ninja’s eyes also closed slowly. Just before she closed her eyes, she could see Tonan taking off his robe. However, the next moment, he took out a neatly folded white lab coat from the drawer beside the bed and wore it.

Then, he proceeded to wear a medical mask and gloves. Tonan pressed an invisible mechanism on the wall. With the sound of the gears turning, the wall opposite the sofa in the room rose to reveal a laboratory full of instruments.

Tonan knew that in her current state, the female ninja was like a soul trapped in a dead body. Under the medicine’s effect, her body shut off all information transmitted to her. Tonan came to the laboratory and took out a needle filled with green liquid. He walked back to the bedside.

While pushing the piston to release the air in the needle tube, he inwardly assessed, “Physical energy represents yang-style, and mental energy represents yin-style. At this moment, the power of yang-style has almost completely disappeared, leaving only the yin-style. No, it hasn’t actually disappeared. It is just that the yang-style and yin-style have lost their connection and are separated.”

He thought that the next step should be to solidify the gap in the link and record the data. With this objective, he stuck the needle into the woman’s arm. He took out several instruments and began to examine and record her body’s data.

At this moment, the female ninja felt like she was locked in a closed dark room. Regardless of how much she shouted in her heart, it was useless. Instinctively, great fear and panic emerged in her heart. Tired from her fruitless struggles, she could only curl up in the dark and silently wait.

After an unknown period, she suddenly felt dizzy…


“Where am I?” The female ninja slowly opened her drowsy eyes but she found that it was pitch-black in front of her. However, from the feeling on her face, she realized she was wearing a blindfold. Also, she seemed to be lying on the bed.

“You just fell asleep.” A magnetic and gentle voice fell into her ears. It triggered her memories and she recalled the scene she had seen just before she closed her eyes. “You… you humiliated me…”

After she accused him, she heard Tonan reply in an innocent voice. “No, I just tested your data when you were in a dream state. Then, I gave you a sleeping injection for your brain and body to have a good rest. You slept soundly for about seventeen hours.”

The female ninja tried to move her fingers but she found that she couldn’t feel anything below her neck. With a trembling voice, she asked, “Why can’t I move?”

A rustling sound resounded in her ears. She didn’t know what Tonan was doing. “Don’t worry and calm down. I have anesthetized the area below your neck so you must not be able to move.”

Slap, slap. Clear slapping sounds could be heard followed by Tonan’s calm voice. He asked, “Did you feel anything?”

The woman was stunned and instantly thought of something. “No… did you take off my pants? And you are still saying you didn’t do anything to me.”

“It’s good if you don’t feel it.” Tonan’s voice came from below.

Di, di, di… At this time, the female ninja heard an alarm from the instrument, which seemed to be coming from the other side of the room.

“This old thing always has a problem. I tried to repair it so many times but the parts inside are too precise. It’s high-tech and to be honest, it is beyond the scope of my knowledge.” Tonan’s chatter continued from the other side.

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