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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 227: Future Plans, Preparing To Set Out Bahasa Indonesia

On his way home, Uchiha Tonan stopped by Uchiha Fugaku’s house to visit Uchiha Mikoto. His primary purpose for the visit was to postpone Uchiha Itachi’s apprenticeship and ask Mikoto to leverage her connections and purchase a batch of supplies for him.

Ever since the Great Elder was forced to commit suicide, the Uchihas had not elected another. When patriarch Fugaku set out to the battlefield, Mikoto was made in charge of managing the clan’s affairs. As for Uchiha Shisui, Tonan limited his contact with him for the time being because he was worried it might impact Kotoamatsukami’s formation.

After returning home, Tonan soaked in a hot spring, which swept away his physical and mental exhaustion. He then began to clean the house and trim the grass in the courtyard. Afterward, he washed all the dirty clothes and all the clothes he wanted to take away. He estimated that he wouldn’t be able to return for at least a year and a half from this trip.

Although ninjas shouldn’t be pretentious and be accustomed to rough living, Tonan had slight mysophobia. On the battlefield, he wouldn’t be able to avoid killing people. At that time, if there was blood on his clothes, he would have to use cold water to clean them. It was unlikely there was running water around the battlefield and river water would have germs as well.

Given that it would be too troublesome to use boiled water to wash clothes, it was better to simply pack more. He did not lack money after all anyway, especially after the recent trip to the Fire Capital.

Tonan carefully wiped the floor and raised his head to look at the rows of wood carvings on the altar. Seeing that the fruits placed in front of them were already moldy, he got up and threw them into the flowerbed to use as fertilizer. He couldn’t help frowning looking at all this and said out loud, “It seems I need to find someone to take care of the house.”

He spent the whole afternoon cleaning the house inside and outside, and folding and packing the clothes he was going to take away. Because he had rushed back home, he hadn’t bought any food supplies so he made rice balls to fill his stomach and finally laid down to rest.

He wanted to get as much sleep as possible because chances were that his foreseeable future may not have much rest in it. The Third Great Ninja War had begun. In other words, the general direction of change was already afoot. He wouldn’t be able to stop the future. So, it was necessary to plan the overall situation within a short time.

With his current strength, he would not face much danger on the battlefield but regardless of the situation, he had to consider what benefited him. Among the Leaf ninjas, after quite a few exhilarating performances, he had already gained acknowledgment of a portion. This war, therefore, was worth consideration.

It would be best to gain acknowledgment first and then think of a way to help his comrades die. In the end, he must strongly pull against a crazy tide to seize military achievements. Wouldn’t both strength and military achievements be the best of both worlds?

But if the war lasted too long, it would be impossible to be in battle all the time. He also planned to put idle time to good use by practicing senjutsu and investing time in scientific research to enrich his knowledge. He believed that under his manipulation, Konoha would definitely suffer heavy casualties.

Then, at the end of the war, he could instigate Shimura Danzo to launch an impeachment, forcing Sarutobi Hiruzen to abdicate. Of course, he could not let Danzo take the top spot because he wouldn’t be able to rest his mind if such a scoundrel became the Hokage. Wasn’t this equivalent to pushing Konoha into a fiery pit?

He too couldn’t be on the top. If he took the top position, then the Uchiha clan would immediately rise. If that happened, how could he initiate clan extermination and pile up ocular power to obtain Eternal Mangekyo? As the Hokage, he couldn’t raise the butcher’s knife to cut down his clan members.

The gossip was a small problem but its effect on his plans to bewitch Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke was immense. Hiruzen and Danzo were his swords to exterminate the clan. However, the Uchihas shouldn’t be totally annihilated. The bloodline should be kept alive just in case.

If the ocular power was not enough after exterminating the clan, then that would be a big loss. One should leave room for maneuvering while doing things and allow a thin current to flow a long way.

After the war was over, he could advocate for transferring seedlings to Fire Capital, and hand them over to Naraku for cultivation. Then, look for a chance to cut the matured seedlings. Calculating like this, Namikaze Minato should be in the top position. Moreover, he had to do his best to keep Kushina safe until she gave birth to Naruto. Then, make Uchiha Obito kill Minato and Kushina.

In this way, he could obtain the Uzumaki clan’s sealing techniques and the Flying Thunder God technique. The most important thing was his good relationship with Minato. Coupled with the position of the welfare institution’s dean, it would only be logical that he would become Naruto’s guardian.

Becoming the father of this world’s protagonist. This plan was good but he needed to pay attention to Obito. If Obito deviated and didn’t awaken the Kamui Mangekyo or become unwilling to associate with Uchiha Madara, then he might have to disguise himself as the masked man and kill both Minato and Kushina. The better option was for Obito to develop according to the original work.

After Minato and Kushina’s death, he would get rid of Obito and put on the mask… This was far in the future. It was better to take it slow and be down-to-earth. The corners of Tonan’s mouth rose slightly. After plotting this far, he turned over on his bed and fell asleep.

Early the next morning, it was still dark when Tonan got up and finished washing. He offered new incense to the wood carvings on the altar. “Please bless that my plan goes well. If there are no accidents, I promise you all that after I learn Impure World Reincarnation, I’ll summon you from the Pure Land and lead you to my Land of Ultimate Bliss.”

Tonan bowed to the wood carvings and sat down under the eaves, waiting quietly. Not long after, someone knocked on the courtyard door. Tonan immediately got up and walked over to open the door.

Mikoto had come with two scrolls. “Tonan-kun, this is what you asked for yesterday. The time was too tight so I could only purchase so much. Medical items are in short supply right now due to the war. The sophisticated instruments are impossible to purchase. Most of the products inside are not particularly in demand now. They are still useful but not too convenient to use.”

Tonan adjusted his glasses and gratefully said, “That’s alright. Thank you very much.” Mikoto continued, “These medical ninjutsu and medical knowledge are collected by the Uchiha clan. Most of these are relatively basic. The advanced medical ninjutsu are with the medical squads. The Uchihas can’t get them.”

Tonan took the two scrolls and stuffed them into his ninja bag. He warmly replied, “It’s enough to have so much. I’m just worried there won’t be enough medical personnel on the battlefield so I wanted to learn some skills myself. Then I’ll be able to help my comrades when needed.”

“Tonan-kun, you are truly thoughtful,” Mikoto said with a smile. Tonan seemed to have thought of something, and gently advised, “By the way, when Itachi grows up a bit, you can let him accompany Shisui. Shisui is very talented and has a good character.”

Mikoto pondered for a while and nodded, “Shisui? Got it.” Tonan pointed at his house and said, “Since I’m leaving, can you issue a long-term mission in the Hokage Residence on my behalf? I need someone to clean my house for a long time. I’ve placed the mission reward on the table in the living room.”

“No problem.”

After explaining everything, Tonan no longer lingered around. His figure flashed as he ran towards Konoha’s barrier.

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