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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 226: Calling Out Strategy, Sowing Discord Again Bahasa Indonesia

Half an hour later, at the Hokage Rock Platform, the azure sky was clear with some clouds and small birds occasionally streaked across. There were countless fallen leaves. The gentle breeze blew the trees on the summit as leaves slowly floated down forming a pile on the ground.

Uchiha Tonan came to the fence and closed his eyes. He stretched out his arms in pleasure and took a deep breath. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at the busy pedestrians in the streets below.

Shimura Danzo, who had been waiting there for a long time, tapped his finger on the railing and said, “The war came faster than I expected.”

Tonan slightly leaned forward and placed his elbows on the railing. He leisurely said, “What should come will always come. The longer the calmness, the more violent the explosion.”

Danzo glanced at Tonan and said, “You don’t seem to be very worried about Konoha’s plight. The four great nations are besieging the Land of Fire this time. Over the past few years, we’ve lost many of our top combat powers. I, too, can feel the pressure rising.”

Tonan chuckled, “Hokage-sama is not worried. Why would I, a mere chunin, worry?” Danzo hesitated for a moment and said, “Your ninja rank has been promoted to jonin again. Now that it’s wartime, Hiruzen has a far greater authority to speak than me. Because of your existence, he specially made the Uchiha clan attack Kiri. The entire coastline is a defensive line. Coupled with the ninjutsu restraint, the Uchihas can only adopt a defensive strategy. It will be difficult for them to make military achievements.”

Tonan narrowed his eyes and said, “And he transferred me to Ino’s command making the Uchihas lose their high-leveled combat power. No matter how many military achievements I get in the Land of Rain, the commander will get the credit. If it’s a win, then Nara Shikaku’s command was excellent. But if it’s a loss, then I, the person below him, was not strong enough or performed poorly. Hokage-sama’s scheme is good. As long as Konoha survives, his position will be stronger.”

“If Konoha wins against Iwa, the military achievement goes to Shikaku. Against Suna, it goes to the Hyuga clan, and against Kumo, the achievement goes to Minato-sensei. Ino-Shika-Cho and the Hyuga clan are Hokage-sama’s loyal supporters. Even though Minato-sensei has a good relationship with me, he is loyal to Hokage-sama. It’s very well arranged, isn’t it?”

Danzo remained silent for a while. Ordinary ninjas didn’t think too much about these things. Even if they knew that there was a problem with the strategy of the Uchiha clan fighting against Kiri, it was also known that the clan was disliked in the village. No one would stand up for them.

Regardless of ninjas or common people, most were willing to see the Uchihas fall. Hiruzen made a simple plan, which let him hold an invincible position. Danzo took a deep breath and looked at Tonan, “Although I cannot deal with Hiruzen, I don’t want to see you do things that are not beneficial to Konoha. After the war is over, I’m willing to fight for the benefits that the Uchiha clan should get.”

Tonan sneered on hearing this. He looked at Danzo with a strange expression, “Danzo-sama, you seem to have mistaken something. What I care about is Konoha, not Uchiha. Most of the Uchiha clan members are unruly. I’ve never thought about fighting for their benefit. My heart consists of the entire Konoha and not just any one clan.”

Danzo was overjoyed hearing this because he hated the Uchiha clan very much. But due to his relationship with Tonan, he restrained the animosity in his heart. However, he had never thought that Tonan had no sense of belonging to the Uchihas at all. This was too good for him. A rare smile appeared on his face and he said, “Tonan, I truly didn’t misjudge you.”

Tonan looked at the scenery below and narrowed his eyes slightly. “Danzo-sama, even if Konoha doesn’t lose this war, it will suffer a big loss. There is obviously something wrong with Hokage-sama’s strategic arrangement but no one asked about it. But if the loss is too big, someone needs to bear the responsibility.”

After Tonan’s reminder, Danzo seemed to have grasped a key point. He muttered, “You mean…” Sometimes, one doesn’t need to spell it out for people to understand. Tonan raised his palm and caught a fluttering leaf. He brought it near his nose and smelled it. “At that time, I’ll fully support you to become the Fourth Hokage.”

Danzo felt a crack opening in his heart and his breathing was a little rapid. “Do you have any requests?” Tonan spread out his hands and said, “Why are you saying such words? Everything I do is for Konoha’s prosperity and stability. Am I the kind of person who won’t lift a finger unless there’s something in it for me?”

Danzo raised his eyebrows, not knowing what to say. He couldn’t call Tonan selfish because whether it was the contents of his diary or his actions, no one could find fault in it. But if he said Tonan was not selfish, he wouldn’t believe it either.

After all, Tonan’s knowledge and schemes were not something ordinary ninjas could compare. Danzo didn’t imagine for a second that an intelligent person would be selfless and fearless. Regardless of everything, people also have thoughts.

Seeing Danzo not speaking, Tonan lowered his voice and said, “I hope Danzo-sama will not forget me when you become the Hokage. I’ve always hoped to serve the villagers and gain their acknowledgment. This is the value and meaning of my life. If possible, positions such as the Root Leader or Anbu Leader would be good to serve the villagers.”

After speaking, he activated the Mangekyo and turned to Danzo. He pointed at his eye and said, “By the way, during the war, I suggest you pay a bit more attention to not letting the Uchiha clan suffer too many casualties. After all, with these eyes, as long as I make a small move, we’ll be able to use the Uchiha clan.”

Danzo instinctively narrowed his eyes seeing Tonan’s Mangekyo and avoided his gaze. He nodded quietly. “Ridiculous! who would dare to look at the Mangekyo Sharingan directly?”

Seeing Danzo being so cautious, Tonan chuckled. He shook his head and turned around, walking towards the platform. “By the way, there seem to be many talented people hidden among Konoha. I suggest Danzo-sama seek them out and bring them under your command as soon as possible. Only when people like you become Hokage, Konoha will have a future. This is all I want to say.”

Tonan came to talk with Danzo not because he wanted to help him ascend to the Hokage position but because he wanted Danzo to understand that the Uchiha clan was on their side and could be used. He also wanted Danzo to help him with logistics so the Uchihas would not lose too many people. They were all reserved rations. If there were too many deaths, Tonan would feel guilty for wasting food.

After a long time, Danzo sighed and made a hand gesture. In the next instance, a cat-masked ninja appeared behind him and knelt on one knee. “Danzo-sama.”

“Go and check the villagers. If their strength reaches genin level, gather them in the Root.”


The cat-masked ninja used Body Flicker Technique and disappeared. Danzo turned around and looked at the Hokage Rock. With a fire burning in his eyes, he muttered, “Hiruzen, I’m the best candidate for Hokage. Everything is for Konoha.”

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