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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 218: Entering The Battle, Fourth Form Bahasa Indonesia

Countless stones burst out of the ground around Uchiha Tonan and turned into palms that grabbed his Kannon tightly. Naraku laughed wildly, “Do these ninjutsu techniques feel familiar? You’ve no chance.”

Naraku’s rock Kannon clenched several thousand fists and attacked Tonan. Bang, bang, bang… Tonan’s dharma image shattered and the remaining rock fists landed on his frail figure.

Hahahaha…” Seeing this, Naraku’s face was filled with carefreeness, and as if to vent, he made the rock Kannon continue to attack while raising a hue and cry. “With absolute resources, all talents are vulnerable. And I’ve got the Senju bloodline. How can you fight against me? From hereon, who’ll dare treat me as a puppet?”

“Are Sarutobi Hiruzen or Shimura Danzo qualified? After I kill you, I’ll destroy Konoha. Then, I’ll lead the army to sweep across the other four great countries, becoming the only lord of the Ninja World!” After a long time, Naraku finished venting.

The place where Tonan was standing just now had already turned into a deep crater. The loose soil was beaten into a hard rock wall. Tonan had disappeared completely, not even a hair left behind.

Naraku emptied the emotions he had suppressed for a long time but he felt dull. He dispelled the ninjutsu and walked toward the crowd. Zhifu Mountain had become a flat land but after the rock Kannon disintegrated into the soil, the ground level raised significantly.

Seeing Naraku was able to subdue a powerful ninja like Tonan in one fell swoop, Uekawa Ozora, the twelve guardian ninjas, and the two thousand genin knelt on one knee and stared at him with a fanatic expression…

“Daimyo is invincible.”

“Daimyo is invincible.”

“Daimyo is invincible.”

Suddenly, Naraku’s footsteps paused. He turned back and stared at the huge crater in disbelief. “Impossible! How are you still alive?” As soon as he spoke, everyone stopped shouting and stared at the crater.

At the center, the hard rock wall exploded, revealing Tonan who had turned into Abe Seimei. Looking carefully, apart from his clothes being stained with mud and dust, he looked unscathed. The surprising thing was that after getting out, he didn’t take the initiative to attack but stood calmly.

At this moment, a figure appeared from the direction of the Fire Capital. Step, step, step… A rhythmic footstep was heard that seemed to step on everyone’s hearts. Naraku’s eyes were wide open and moved between the approaching figure and the figure in the crater.

After some time, Tonan walked into the battlefield and apologized to Naraku, “Sorry, my clone is too hard.”

The veins on Naraku’s forehead popped and he clenched his fists, gritting his teeth, “Cl… one…” Bang. A cloud of smoke rose in the crater as if to confirm Tonan’s words. Naraku took a deep breath and put his palms together again, “So what! I don’t believe I can’t kill you. True Several Thousand Hands – Peak Expansion.”

The ground trembled and sank again and Kannon made up of rocks gradually rose. For insurance, he even took out a small scroll and opened it. When Ozora saw this from the distance, he took out a big scroll from his ninja bag and opened it, “Quick! Give chakra to His Majesty.”

After his instruction, the two thousand genin knelt in a formation and placed their hands on the back of the person in front of them, transferring the miniscule amount of senjutsu chakra they had. The genin’s chakra was transferred to the twelve guardian ninjas and then to Ozora who finally placed his hands on the scroll.

Meanwhile, Naraku controlled the rock Kannon while placing one hand on the scroll in front of him, absorbing everyone’s senjutsu chakra to supplement his consumption. To his surprise, Tonan didn’t stop him but leisurely walked toward him. Naraku became angry and ferociously said, “You’re underestimating me!”

Tonan smiled and gently replied, “No, I admire you. You’ve superior talent and nature. Your overall knowledge is far beyond that of ordinary people. Most importantly, you’re cruel enough. This particularly is your sensei’s true legacy.”

Hearing Tonan’s words, Naraku sneered, “Hehe… as expected of an Uchiha… you’re more arrogant than I imagined.” Tonan shook his head with a smile and said, “My strength is something you can’t imagine.”

“Shut up!” Naraku shouted and used his entire senjutsu chakra, making the rock Kannon a few points bigger. “Ah…” Naraku shouted, trying his best to control the rock Kannon’s hundreds of arms to attack Tonan.

Tonan remained indifferent. His eyes changed into Mangekyo and both Mangekyo spun rapidly. “As your sensei, I’ll let you experience what true power is.” In the next moment, hundreds of giant rock fists hit Tonan but they were blocked by a golden barrier. A golden samurai had magically appeared around him. This was the great tengu’s fourth form of Tonan’s Mangekyo, Tengu Form.

Tonan had forgotten when he was able to use this form. It could only be said that everything would come naturally along as strength improved. Seeing his attack was ineffective, Naraku thought about restraining Tonan before making further plans.

He made rock Kannon stretch out its arms again and firmly grab the huge golden samurai in front of him. Naraku’s strategy was good. After integrating with the earth style, Kannon’s strength was enough and he was truly able to stop Tonan.

However, the corners of Tonan’s mouth rose slightly. There was a hint of mockery in his smile. In the next instance, the golden samurai’s right hand grabbed its empty waist and a golden sheath appeared on it. This sword was the awakened spiritual weapon of the great tengu’s fourth form—the Demon Sword Muramasa.

Sharingan deserved to be the eye that portrayed the soul. It not only gave Tonan demonic techniques but even the spiritual weapon was evil. Demon Sword Muramasa’s special effects were straightforward and simple. Attack homogenization, regardless of space, soul, chakra, seal, natural energy, and even thoughts…

As long as Tonan could see it, Muramasa would attack and homogenize itself. Cut space with the power of space, cut soul with the power of soul… Anything that could be seen, could be slayed.

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