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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 216: Hashirama’s Scroll, Vicious Potion Bahasa Indonesia

Facing the legendary God of Shinobi’s scroll, Uchiha Tonan couldn’t help being a little moved. He sat on the ground and slowly opened the scroll. Secret techniques appeared in front of him one after the other. In the beginning, it was basic ninjutsu that didn’t have much value. But gradually, many precious techniques made Tonan’s eyes shine.

“The Gift of the Hermit Group is actually here,” Tonan’s hands paused for a while as he saw this familiar secret technique. It was not difficult to guess now that Naraku sent Uekawa Ozora to the Fire Temple to demand Senju Hashirama’s scroll.

Honestly speaking, the Senju clan’s disappearance was very strange. Only Senju Tsunade was the last remnant of once a big clan. But the villagers didn’t even bat an eyelid. Tonan remembered that someone in his previous life theorized that the Senju clan must have disbanded on its own and integrated among the villagers.

Tonan felt that this might not be entirely correct. It was very likely that the Senju clan not only mixed among Konoha but also integrated among the various parts of the Land of Fire. Suddenly, he recalled the last time he saw Ozora at the Fire Temple.

Considering Terachi’s senjutsu and True Several Thousand Hands Secret Technique, perhaps, he was a Senju clan member that stayed in the Fire Temple to guard the scroll. Tonan boldly guessed that the clan must have left Hashirama’s scroll in the Fire Temple. And it was brought back by Ozora who was sent by Naraku.

That means… Naraku might have something to do with the Senju clan. Naraku… Senju… Tonan’s eyes gradually narrowed, recalling the time he spent together with Naraku.

Finally, Tonan noticed the dubious point. Naraku’s physique was indeed too good. At that time, when he was whipped and tortured, just some medicine and rest for a few hours were sufficient for him to survive. Tonan gave him chakra test papers and basic ninjutsu but it didn’t take him long to use ninjutsu to kill the Daimyo.

Such a talented physique must belong to the Senju clan. Naraku must have the Daimyo’s bloodline but the Daimyo also had a wife. Perhaps, a certain generation of the Senju clan married the Daimyo at the time.

“It’s a pity… Naraku hasn’t acknowledged me yet.” Thinking of this, Tonan had already spread open the scroll completely. After a brief look at the secret techniques, he found a special secret technique. It was not appropriate to say that it was a secret but a high-leveled chakra application method.

As was widely known, the chakra application by ninjas was divided into shape transformation and nature transformation. This technique was similar to Gaara’s sand manipulation technique. It could make chakra change its form according to one mind and impact the corresponding materials.

This move had sky-high requirements on chakra control and chakra quantity. Tonan calmed down and watched it quite a few times, memorizing this secret technique. As for other techniques, most of them were mediocre and not worthy of the number one Konoha genius.

After reading the techniques, it was time to take the treasures. This scroll was equivalent to a large storage scroll, not to mention the good things already inside it.

In the original work, during the battle between Hashirama and Uchiha Madara at the Valley of the End, a large sword was summoned from this scroll. Tonan made hand signs and pressed his right hand on the scroll. Amazingly, his right hand seemed to have bumped into a watery surface, and layers of ripples spread on the scroll. Then, his right hand gradually sank in. After a while, he pulled out his hand holding a potion.

“What’s this…” Tonan unplugged the bottle and moved it in front of his nose to sniff it. Immediately, a stink entered his nose. He hastily stuffed the cork back and endured an urge to throw up. Thinking about what he had just smelled, the images of various medicinal materials flashed through his mind. Almost all of them were very precious and had no market price.

There were Illusory Wing Insect Egg and Black Armored Bamboo Oil, the specialties of the Land of Demons. Land of Snow’s Rice Winter Lotus and so on. There were also some things Tonan couldn’t recall.

After about a quarter of an hour, Tonan stopped thinking about it and put the potion back into the scroll. He closed it and got up, walking to the bookshelf. He began to flip through the collections and soon found the record of that potion.

Tonan was surprised when he saw the effect of the chakra potion. But after seeing the production method, he had to admit that Naraku was a ruthless man.

After taking this chakra potion, one could increase the chakra by the amount that an ordinary person could refine for an entire day. The material to refine the chakra was purely provided by the potion so it wouldn’t harm the body.

From the effect alone, it was a good thing. But it was extremely expensive and scarce medicinal materials were needed to make it. Not only that. The main ingredient of the potion was an amount of heart essence. And this essence was created by extracting and refining the human heart’s blood and brain matter countless times.

Just to make a single chakra potion, at least one hundred people were needed. What did this mean? If Naraku took this medicine every day, then he would have taken over one hundred thousand lives in three years. And this was the amount he alone needed.

From this aspect, he seemed to be much kinder than Naraku. Moreover, if his guess was not wrong, then Naraku truly had the Senju bloodline so his chakra amount must be astounding. Coupled with the senjutsu and the secret techniques left on Hashirama’s scroll, Tonan couldn’t help taking a deep breath.

It’s frightening… but it’s just that. When all was said and done, Tonan himself didn’t know how much chakra he had. Having sufficient chakra to use was enough. After a certain level, it didn’t have much significance. After all, in the later stage during the Six Path-leveled battles, there seemed to be no one who had insufficient chakra.

After thinking about it, Tonan laid down the things. He walked out of the secret room and casually closed the door. After all, there were too many treasures here. It was not good for him to spread them now.

As for Hashirama’s scroll, it was too big and inconvenient to carry. It was better to take care of Naraku first.

Meanwhile, at the Zhifu Mountain battlefield, Naraku, who was drinking wine while watching the battle, frowned and muttered, “Why do I have an ominous premonition?”

He shook his head and said with a smile, “Uchiha Madara, don’t disappoint me. I’ll let you see the new generation of the God of Shinobi.”

In the arena, Tonan’s flicker clone was indifferently looking at thirteen people, who had surrounded him. Ozora and the twelve guardian ninjas made similar hand signs and shouted in unison, “Welcoming Approach – Thousand-Armed Murder.”

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