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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 201: Visiting Hatake Household, Large Dosage Bahasa Indonesia

Uchiha Tonan knocked on the door. Not long after, there were sounds of footsteps, and the door was opened by Hatake Kakashi. Baby Hatake Kotoura was sitting on his shoulder and holding his hair with both hands.

Seeing Tonan, Kotoura opened his mouth and blabbed happily. He also flapped his hands and swung his little legs, looking very happy. Kakashi comforted Kotoura and grabbed his little feet to prevent him from falling off. He said with a helpless look, “Tonan, you’re here.”

After speaking, he led Tonan to the courtyard. Tonan looked at Kotoura, who was unwilling to get down from Kakashi, and said with a smile, “It seems Kotoura has caused you a lot of trouble.”

Kakashi lightly replied, “It’s alright.” When the two arrived at the main hall, Tonan was dumbfounded. He saw that the living room was full of toys like a playground. All kinds of things that children liked filled the room. The floor was covered with soft blankets to prevent children from getting hurt.

There were also paddings in the corners. Even Hatake Sakumo’s portrait that was hanging on the living room’s wall was slightly tilted. It was evident that Kakashi was fond of children. Kakashi skillfully picked up Kotoura and put him on the wooden horse in the living room.

The fast-growing baby immediately shook it in high spirits. Because there was not much room for standing in the living room, the two had to sit down on the floor under the eaves. Tonan looked at the plants in the courtyard and leisurely said, “The chunin exams are coming up soon. Do you have the confidence to take first place?”

Kakashi nodded quietly. Obviously, he didn’t attach much importance to the exam. “I’ve something to tell you,” Tonan turned to look at Kakashi and his tone gradually became serious, “The war will start in about a year.”

Kakashi was startled and asked with a frown, “That quickly?” Tonan couldn’t say that Sasori would kill Sandaime Kazekage in a year, starting the Third Great Shinobi War. So, he simply sighed, “After all, it has been peaceful for so many years.”

Kakashi frowned and looked down at his hands, “I never thought that the war would come so soon. With my current strength, I’m afraid I can’t reach my father’s level.”

“Kakashi,” Tonan suddenly called out, and then said with a serious look, “White Fang-senpai once told me to supervise you and make you an existence beyond him.”

Kakashi also became serious and replied somberly, “Sooner or later, I’ll achieve it.” After speaking, he looked at Tonan firmly, and his face was filled with a look of determination to win. Tonan nodded, “I don’t want you to die in the war.”

Kakashi replied, “I know.” He knew that the war was very cruel. Without enough strength, he could only be cannon fodder in the war and lose his life. Tonan seemed to ponder for a while and slowly said, “When I was traveling outside, I learned a secret technique. It can help people open up the conception vein, penetrating the bridge of heaven and earth, thereby stimulating latent potential. But it’s a very painful process. A few days ago, I stimulated Obito’s potential.”

Kakashi raised his eyebrows and immediately became interested. “Could you let me try as well?”

The corners of Tonan’s mouth rose slightly as he said, “You can.” He smiled and quickly made hand signs. He extended his chakra-covered palm and gently placed it on Kakashi’s head. At this moment, Tonan was preparing to use an unprecedented amount of life origin and inject it into Kakashi.

He who had been coveting Obito’s Kamui Sharingan for a long time, wouldn’t let Kakashi go. But considering Kakashi could become his right-hand man after he became powerful, he wanted to increase Kakashi’s strength as much as possible.

In any case, Kakashi had already acknowledged him. The stronger he became, the better. The system’s ability coupled with Cultivation Cursed Mark was no different from lending money at an excessively high-interest rate and when the time to collect debt came, it would be repaid with life.

Kakashi felt like his skull was opened, exposing his insides to the air. A gloomy and cold aura was poured into his brain. Even though he was already prepared, he found he had underestimated the pain Tonan mentioned.

Ugh…” Kakashi groaned and swayed frantically. The hairs on his body stood up and he sweated profusely. In just a moment, he was drenched. The cold aura was wriggling all over his brain like a snake that seemed to be greedily eating his brain.

Kakashi’s facial expression gradually became ugly and thick blue veins popped out on his neck and forehead. His fists were clenched so tightly that his fingernails stabbed into his palms, making them bleed. Finally, he was unable to endure it.

He fell to the ground and continuously rolled frantically. Kotoura, who was sitting on a wooden horse and swaying in the room, burst into tears seeing his appearance. He stretched out his hands and walked toward Kakashi while swaying.

On the floor under the eaves, Tonan was indifferently looking at his ‘nominal brother’. He casually reached out his right hand and lifted Kotoura, grabbing his collar. Kotoura’s legs swung continuously and he cried out loudly. Kakashi’s scream and Kotoura’s cries could be heard throughout the courtyard. Gradually, Tonan frowned a little.

It seemed he used a bit too much life origin and Kakashi was unable to bear it. After thinking about it, Tonan opened his right eye, activating the Mangekyo Sharingan, and then began to frantically absorb the negative emotions that Kakashi emitted because of the pain. But negative emotions didn’t mean pain.

Tamamo-no-Mai’s effect was equivalent to a sedative but not an anesthetic. Tonan did this to prevent Kakashi from becoming insane due to too much pain. Kakashi regained his rationality with Tonan’s help. But the more rational he was, the more clearly he felt the inhuman pain.

Gradually, his breathing became weaker and weaker. It seemed like he would die in the next second. “If this continues, will Kakashi die? If I had known this earlier, I wouldn’t have taken such a risk…. What a big loss…”

Tonan’s complexion became uglier and uglier. He felt that he had gone too far this time. While rolling around, Kakashi saw Kotoura who wanted to help him, crying, thinking that he was in danger. As well as Tonan, who was frowning.

A strong desire to survive appeared in his heart. “I must overcome this. I want to surpass my father and revitalize the Hatake clan. I have so many caring friends. Tonan, Kotoura, Obito, Minato-sensei, Kushina-senpai, Rin…”

Finally, Kakashi passed the most dangerous period under the strong desire to survive. The moment the pain disappeared, he fainted from exhaustion. Suddenly, the scream disappeared, and only Kotoura’s cries were left in the courtyard. Looking at the unconscious Kakashi on the ground, Tonan sighed in relief.


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