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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 2: Diary Writing, Books Purchase Bahasa Indonesia

Editor’s Notes:

Konoha’s Will of Fire alludes to the ideology that love and loyalty are above all else.

Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Third Hokage, is also called Sandaime-sama. Similarly, Shodaime-sama and Nidaime-sama are titles used for Konoha’s first and second chiefs.

Anbu (short for Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai) is a special assassination and tactical squad made of capable ninjas that are dispatched by the village leader (Hokage)

Taijutsu and Ninjutsu are both fight techniques; Taijutsu specifically refers to physical combat and fight skills while Ninjutsu refers to ninja techniques.

Uchiha Tonan walked into the bedroom, took out a diary, and began writing.

July 1:

Today in school, Sandaime-sama delivered a speech about the Will of Fire. In the beginning, I didn’t understand it very well. But because of his simple explanation, it gradually made sense.

I have summarized it below… (3,000 words omitted)

Oh, that’s right, today, father and mother left behind a note saying they went to the battlefield. I wish them the very best.

Tonan shut the diary after making the entry and placed it in a conspicuous place. This journal would be very useful in the future. He was not sure whether Nanako and Kotoura would die on the battlefield. Even if they did, he needed to make more plans, and that would involve risk.

The next day, he headed to the largest bookstore in Konoha. The store’s owner was a bespectacled old man. Upon seeing Tonan walk in, the owner greeted him with a warm smile, “Welcome, young Uchiha, what do you need?”

“Hello, I want to buy books on ninjas, the more the better.”

“I think you should go to the Ninja Academy. Our bookstore is not allowed to sell books on ninja techniques. We have several titles that ninjas need to pay attention to as well as books on spying, assassination, and so on. But these are not suitable for you.”

“As long as it’s a book on ninjas, I want them all,” Tonan’s objective this time was exactly these books.

The store owner stroked his chin and remarked with delight, “Want them all? Alright, it’s a deal. But this is a no-return, no-refund purchase.”

In the face of making a quick buck, the store owner ignored his conscience of selling inappropriate reading material to a young boy and fetched out several books, putting them into a bag.

“There are many good storybooks here as well. Do you want them?” Since he came across a rare foolish spendthrift, the owner wanted to milk the opportunity for all its worth.

“Are there any books on the Hokage?” Tonan calmly asked.

“There are. This is a book about Shodaime-sama, this one is on Nidaime-sama, and this is about Sandaime-sama. Also, Sandaime personally signed this book, ‘Will of Fire’. Do you want a copy?”

“I want them all.”


Tonan walked out of the bookstore hauling a large bag of books on his back.

The elated bookstore owner was waving his hands at him, “Thank you for your patronage! You will become a great ninja one day.”

He made a big profit!

After he returned home, Tonan sorted the books into different categories. He placed the book ‘Will of Fire’ on the table and the books on the Hokages’ achievements on his bedside. He kept behind one more book on ninja techniques and placed the rest in the cupboard.

Once all was in order, he opened the book titled ‘Trap Deployment Manual’ and began reading it carefully. In this dangerous ninja world, one must learn first to survive.

Konoha was relatively peaceful right now but it was wise to be cautious. The first step right now was choosing the right team. Otherwise, it would be easy to fall into permanent slumber.

The correct choice for Tonan was to firmly latch on to Sarutobi Hiruzen’s side. This meant he would have to use various ways to express his feelings and expound his loyalty.

The ninja profession entailed high attack and low defense, similar to assassins. Regardless of how extraordinary one’s output was, a single stab in the neck was enough to end a life. Therefore, taking advantage of the current time to learn entrapment tricks might prove useful even if it was not worthwhile.


Since Tonan belonged to the children left behind, those whose parents were on the frontline, the elders would often come to express sympathy. But the moment someone entered the room, it was hard to miss the copy of the ‘Will of Fire’ lying on the table. Most would angrily rebuke him and leave in a huff.

Even the more tolerant Uchiha clan members severely admonished Tonan seeing the various books on the previous Hokages.

Regardless of how others persuaded him, Tonan’s eyes were filled with stubbornness.

“You should not speak like this about the Hokage-sama.”

“Tonan , you are a member of the Uchiha clan, you must give the highest priority to your clan.”

Compared to the other Uchihas, this senior clan member was considered gentle. But looking at the unshakeable Tonan , he too turned away with a snort.

The incident prompted Tonan to write in his diary again.

I don’t understand why the clan members cannot understand the Will of Fire? Have they even read this book?

Perhaps, Sandaime-sama’s thoughts are too high or the clan members’ hearts are too shallow.

As long as they calm down and carefully read and understand it, they will know just how advanced Sandaime-sama’s thoughts are in governing the village.

After reading for the past few days, I have summarized the basic points I have learned from the three Hokage-samas as well.

Shodaime-sama teaches that we must learn to unite.

Nidaime-sama’s achievements show that we must learn to exert ourselves.

As for Sandaime-sama, his approach is that we must learn to protect.

These three points influence me deeply. I have benefited especially from Sandaime-sama’s conviction to protect. I have decided to strengthen my beliefs, ignore rumors, protect Konoha as my duty and pledge my life to follow in Sandaime-sama’s steps.

With Sandaime-sama’s will… (omitted 8,000 words)

By the way, my mother sent me a letter today, asking me to take care of myself. I will obey her.

Fortunately, it was against Uchiha principles to rummage through other people’s belongings. If they were to see this diary’s content, they might use the Great Fireball Technique to burn Tonan alive.

The Uchihas did seem to have lower standards in gossiping though. Especially when they came across things they deemed disdainful, they would spread it far and wide. After fermenting for a few days, Tonan’s matter spread through the entire clan.

“That imp of Kotoura stays at home all day long, reading Sandaime’s Will of Fire.”

“Useless imp! He doesn’t realize strength is everything.”

“I heard that imp was ranked bottom in the Ninja Academy’s half-term examination, just like Obito.”

“Those two dishonor our clan’s glory.”

“I want to ask the elders to expel this kid from the clan.”

“The elders won’t agree. After all, both his parents are fighting on the battlefield.”

“When his parents return, I will personally go and ask them how they raised that imp.”

“Kotoura has been a chunin all these years, and Nanako is the same. They are nothing but trash, who gave birth to trash.”

“Don’t say that. If the elders hear it, they will punish you.”

These whispers eventually reached Hiruzen’s ears through the Anbu.

In the Hokage’s office, after listening to a report on the Uchiha clan, Hiruzen blew out a smoke ring and said, “Uchiha Tonan? It turned out to be that child. He truly is perceptive.”

Hiruzen retrieved the Ninja Academy examination results from a drawer.

“This child is very good in some subjects but very poor in others.”

On his report card, Tonan’s theoretical knowledge ranked first but he was at the bottom in taijutsu and ninjutsu. Uchiha Obito was the worst in the overall score because he got a zero in theoretical knowledge. In taijutsu, though, he was slightly better than Tonan.

“It’s a pity,” Hiruzen shook his head, and placed the report cards back, no longer paying any attention to Tonan.

A useless person without strength was at most a mere loyal civilian. His value in the future would be nothing more than cheering for the Hokage from the sidelines.


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