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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 195.1: Forced Rogue Ninja, Releasing Suffering Souls Bahasa Indonesia

Uchiha Tonan’s growl was followed by two powerful commands at the same time. The voices of Sarutobi Hiruzen and Jiraiya came from a distance.

“Summoning Technique – Bunta.”

“Summoning technique – Enma.”

The sky darkened and the huge Gamabunta fell from the sky and sat down on the Buddha, pressing it to the ground. Immediately afterward, dozens of Adamantine Staffs heavily stuck around the Buddha, restricting it tightly.

At this moment, Tonan was like an angry lion, continuously making the Buddha struggle desperately. But it seemed that his strength was insufficient and his efforts were useless.

“I’ll kill you, you beast!” Tonan’s bellow entered the ears of the ninjas around, increasing their anger. All the ninjas present spoke out…

“Hokage-sama, Tsunade killed more than a dozen children just now. Our Uchiha clan wants an explanation.”

“We want an explanation.”

“We want an explanation.”

“My child…”


“Jiraiya, what the hell is this thing, why’s it so powerful?” The way Bunta was continuously swaying, it appeared like it was sitting on a rocking chair. Both its hands were resting on the Adamantine Staff to maintain its balance.

Hiruzen and Jiraiya appeared near Senju Tsunade, followed by a group of Anbu members. Hiruzen was so late to arrive because it took time to wake up the unconscious Jiraiya. At this moment, an Anbu walked over and whispered what had happened to Hiruzen.

Hiruzen was startled hearing the report and had one thought in his mind, “what a disaster…” Tsunade who was standing atop Katsuyu took advantage of the moment when everyone was relieved after seeing Hiruzen. Her face became cold and she decided to act first and report later. She jumped over and raised her fist, punching Tonan in the Adamantine Prison Wall.

“Stop!” The Uchiha clan and Kakashi roared simultaneously and rushed towards Tonan, trying to stop Tsunade. But due to speed and distance, they were too late. Tsunade’s fist became bigger in Tonan’s frantic eyes. But he didn’t react.

“Adamantine Sealing Chains,” at the critical moment, a tender voice was heard. Countless golden chains appeared between the two, entangling into a thick golden whip that swung towards Tsunade.

Bang! Tsunade’s fist and the golden whip struck each other heavily. Huge shockwaves spread around from the point of their contact. The golden whip shattered into countless golden chains and Tsunade was knocked back by the extreme repulsive force.

Two people appeared in front of the Adamantine Prison Wall. They were Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina. The latter’s face was filled with anger and countless adamantine chains were dancing behind her like tails.

“Kushina, she is Tsunade-senpai after all. Weren’t you a little heavy-handed?” Minato asked in a low voice. Kushina simply snorted in reply. She no longer had any respect for Tsunade on her face.

The angry Kushina drew a large amount of the Kyubi’s chakra, making everyone around her feel a kind of suppression. In the next instant, the countless adamantine chains spread out and wrapped around Bunta and the Adamantine Staffs.

“Rise for me,” Kushina’s furious voice was heard. In front of everyone, Bunta and the Adamantine Staffs were tossed into the distance. After Tonan was saved, he didn’t deactivate the Buddha state. He just sadly stared at the blood and flesh on the ground.

Failing to achieve her objective, Tsunade returned on top of Katsuyu. She was so angry she was trembling and breathing heavily. Hiruzen knew that he couldn’t let this situation continue to escalate. While the situation hadn’t yet reached the point of no return, he hastily coughed, “This matter is of grave importance, so take Tsunade and Tonan to the interrogation room for investigation.”

Just then, Shimura Danzo appeared in front of Tonan along with a group of Root ninjas, and together with Minato and Kushina, he blocked the Anbu that were preparing to capture Tonan.

Although Danzo feigned indifference on the surface, he was very excited in his heart. “This situation is very beneficial to me. He is worthy of a person who can pretend to be Abe Seimei.” Danzo quietly glanced at Tonan who was in a daze and then raised his arm and shouted, “Hiruzen, do you want to bend the law to help your associates, or do you want to obtain confessions under torture? In this incident, there’s no reason to arrest Tonan.”

After he spoke, the Uchiha clan stood behind Danzo’s group under patriarch Uchiha Fugaku’s lead, followed by Leaf ninjas and the onlooking villagers. All of them took the initiative to stand behind Danzo and formed a human wall to protect Tonan.

Along with time, Danzo’s side grew larger and larger. Hiruzen was very anxious in his heart and solemnly said, “He’s an involved party in this incident. He can also be regarded as a witness.”

Danzo snorted coldly and pointed at the crowd behind him, “If the information I received is current, the people here should be the witnesses.” Danzo’s sentence was followed by earth-shaking shouts from the crowd.

“We can testify that it’s Tsunade-sama’s summoning beast that crushed the children to death.”

“I can also testify.”

“The Uchiha clan can also testify.”

“We all can testify to this.”


By now Tsunade couldn’t endure anymore. She opened her eyes, wanting to explain. However, the moment she opened her eyes, she saw Tonan secretly smiling provocatively at her. Moreover, he intentionally made his eyes bleed.

Tsunade took a deep breath and pointed at Tonan with a trembling hand. Then, she fainted. Danzo glanced at the unconscious Tsunade and loudly said, “Hiruzen, as a Hokage, shouldn’t you give everyone an explanation?”

Hiruzen replied in a solemn tone, “Danzo, what do you mean?”

Danzo pointed at the ground and said, “If you have any issue, just settle it here. As a member of Konoha’s higher-ups, I’ll not allow any injustice to happen in the village. Even if you dismiss me from my position after returning today, the Will of Fire burning in my heart doesn’t allow me to bow to power.”

Danzo had borrowed these words from Tonan’s diary and said it very grandly. The people behind him couldn’t help being moved.


“Who’s this lord?”

“You don’t know? He is the Shimura clan’s patriarch, and he used to command the wind and the clouds during the first ninja world war.”

“I never knew that there was such an upright and selfless senior in the village.”


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