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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 193.2: Nervous Breakdown, Provoking Tsunade Bahasa Indonesia

Shizune couldn’t see what that person did to Tonton but she knew that its situation was anything but reassuring. Her eyes were wide open but she couldn’t make a sound. Tears flowed down her eyes without any sign of stopping.

After the shadow grabbed Tonton, she didn’t know what he did but after hearing it yelp once, everything became quiet except for footsteps.

Step, step, step… The shadow left the bedroom with Tonton in his hand. At this moment, Shizune’s eyes were brimming with tears and her spirit was on the verge of collapse. After an unknown time, she found she could move her body again.

She started to try, wanting to go and see if she still had a chance to save Tonton. “A little more, a little more.” Gradually, she arrived at the bedside and she moved her head out first…

Suddenly, her hands and legs straightened. “Hoho… ha… ah…” Her entire body began to twitch and a nervous smile appeared on her face. At some point, a shadow was standing outside the window. With a strange and cold smile on his deathly pale face, he was quietly watching Shizune who had poked out her head from under the bed.

The scene changed. Back in the kitchen, Shizune lifelessly stood up and turned around, going outside like a walking corpse. At this moment, there was just one voice in her mind.

“It’s safe with Tsunade… It’s safe with Tsunade…”

At the Konoha Hospital, Senju Tsunade had woken up from the coma and was sitting on the bed in silence. Jiraiya sat on the windowsill, looking into the distance. “Honestly speaking, I’m also as sad as you are but we can’t confuse right and wrong just because we’re sad.”

Tsunade lowered her head and said in a slightly hoarse voice, “But Orochimaru contributed so much to Konoha. If the three of us hadn’t risked our life to stop Hanzo, I wonder how many more people would’ve been sacrificed then.”

Hearing this, Jiraiya sighed and turned his head to look at Tsunade, “That doesn’t mean Orochimaru can kill villagers. Wrong is wrong. Sometimes, the method to distinguish wrong from right is very simple, which is whether it can be made known to people or not.”

After a long time, Tsunade nodded, “I know, I just couldn’t accept it for a moment. Why did Orochimaru become like this? He was not like this when we parted a few years ago.”

Jiraiya looked a little downcast as the bits and pieces of the past when they used to get together appeared in his mind, and he said, “Perhaps, he was always like this but we just didn’t notice it.”

Just then, the ward’s door opened and a lifeless Shizune walked in. Seeing her like this, Tsunade was concerned, “Shizune, why are you looking like this? Did you not sleep well last night?”

“Last night…” Shizune absentmindedly said and her entire body trembled. Tsunade felt that something was wrong. “What happened?” Shizune’s eyes gradually turned red and tears flowed down her cheeks, “Tsunade-sama, Tonton… died…”

Tsunade was stunned for a moment. She jumped off the hospital bed and walked over to Shizune. She grabbed her shoulders and asked with a look of disbelief, “What did you say?”

With tears flowing down her cheeks and a miserable smile, Shizune replied, “Tonton died… killed… by… him… Yes, definitely killed by him… He’s a devil… devil…”

Tsunade said with an unsightly look, “Don’t be afraid. Calm down, tell me who it is.” Shizune opened her trembling lips and replied, “Uchiha Tonan.”

Jiraiya also jumped off the windowsill and solemnly said, “Explain the entire process clearly.”

Tsunade gritted her teeth and asked, “Did you see with your own eyes?”

Shizune seemed to be confused and after a few breaths, a look of terror appeared on her face, and replied while nodding, “I saw it… I saw it…”

Immediately afterward, she grabbed Tsunade’s sleeve. She was unable to control her emotion, and tears continued to flow down. Jiraiya also asked with a solemn look, “What happened to her?”

Tsunade took a deep breath, “This is a severe mental breakdown state. She has suffered a very powerful attack-type genjutsu.”

Jiraiya immediately said with a deep voice, “I’ll go to find sensei and ask him to send an Anbu member to investigate.” Jiraiya prepared to leave.

“Jiraiya, you don’t need to intervene in this,” Tsunade grabbed his arm with a gloomy look. How could Jiraiya not know what Tsunade was thinking at the moment? He seriously replied, “Sensei has instructed you to not go and trouble Tonan and if something happens, you should ask him to deal with it.”

Tsunade trembled as if she was entangled. After a long time, she sighed heavily and nodded, “Alright.”

Hearing her, Jiraiya also relaxed. Fortunately, Tsunade maintained her rationality and considered the overall situation.

Bang! Jiraiya felt pain in the back of his neck and collapsed to the ground. Tsunade was a medical ninja proficient in medical treatment. With her knife-hand strike, Jiraiya wouldn’t be able to wake up for a long time. She wiped Shizune’s tears and instructed, “Stay here and rest. I’m going to avenge Tonton.”

Shizune was startled hearing her words. She shook her head in fear and said in a pleading tone, “Tsunade-sama, don’t leave me… I’m afraid…”

Tsunade hesitated for a moment and nodded, “Alright, you can follow me. But you have to stay away during the fight.”

Konoha was very busy today. Many ninjas who had gone out for missions had returned apart from a few guards. The shopping street was crowded. There were long queues outside many shops.

Tonan had asked Kakashi, who was also an orphan, to hang out in the shopping street together. Although they didn’t have much interest in eating, drinking, and having fun, just participation was also important in events like New Year. It was also better than staying home alone.

Tonan glanced at Hatake Kotoura who was looking all around in Kakashi’s arms, and warmly said, “Kakashi, if you’re tired, you can give him to me.” Kakashi shook the baby in his arms and indifferently said, “He’s so light. I’m fine.”

“Ya~ ya~” Little Kotoura looked at the children gathered around the toy store and happily waved his chubby hands as if he wanted to join in. Just then, Tonan’s ears twitched slightly and he immediately stopped. He turned his head to Kakashi, “It seems Kotoura likes the toys very much. Take him to play there and I’ll go to other places to take a look.”

Kakashi nodded quietly and walked towards the toy store with Kotoura in his arms. The moment Kakashi turned around, the smile on Tonan’s face disappeared and a hint of coldness flashed through his eyes. With quick steps, he entered a large arcade at the crossroads.

It was crowded with people and almost 90 percent of them were children. Usually, these children were prevented from coming here to play even if they wanted. But since it was New Year, the adults in the family let them indulge. Tonan stood in the middle of the arcade and nodded in satisfaction.

After a while, a small smile formed on his lips and he turned to look at the arcade’s door. Tsunade was standing there looking at him through countless people. Tonan saw her clenched fists and the smile broadened on his face. “Not bad, you are still sensible.”

Tsunade was dying to punch Tonan at this moment, but there were too many children around. If she attacked here, she would injure innocent people. Suddenly, Tsunade saw Tonan raising a string of pearl necklace with one hand as he gestured to her with his other hand to come over.

His lips also moved, very clearly forming the words… “Come, hit me if you can.”


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