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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 172: Cursing Innovatively, Pure Land In Chaos Bahasa Indonesia

The positive feelings the police force gathered toward Uchiha Tonan with great difficulty instantly dissipated. Helplessly, Tonan had to go towards another bustling commercial street. Meanwhile, the shadow clones that had transformed into villagers were prepared.

Just as he arrived at this commercial street, the same scene repeated itself but no one came to his rescue this time. Even when the police force squad saw him berated, they ignored it and took a detour.

To incite villagers more, Tonan’s shadow clones used the swears from his previous world.

“Your father drinks a lot of alcohol… Your mother has three hands… Your elder sister is ugly… I hugged your younger sister… Your grandfather can’t walk… Your grandmother loves to stay overnight… You’ll be childless even when you are a fifty-year-old dog.”

“Your words stink… You get angry without reason… Everything you do is unsatisfactory.”

“You are mentally ill… Your wife is truly unrestrained… Your father can’t move his pestle… Your mother can’t climb the bed… Your big sister doesn’t look like a human… Your younger sister is skinny enough to be a dog beating stick.”

“***************… *******…”


Tonan’s shadow clones’ sharp curses simply stunned the villagers. But seeing no response from him, their enthusiasm was triggered. They racked their brains, looking for the most vicious words to insult him. They wanted to vent all their anger.

Tonan had already reached the center of the square. The space was relatively open and enough to accommodate many to vent to their heart’s content.

He stopped there, lowered his head, and closed his eyes. At the same time, he opened the door of his heart wide to feel the destructive power of words. With time, more and more villagers joined in. All kinds of miscellaneous items were about to bury Tonan.

The villagers had never cursed so vigorously in their entire lives. As if their cognition vein was opened, they became enlightened and many novel words came up. At this moment, Tonan had already let go of his thoughts, trying his best to not let his rationality suppress his already scanty amount of emotion.

“A little bit, just a little bit of anger can awaken my Mangekyo.”

As countless curses entered his ears, Tonan’s heartbeat sped up a bit. His fingers began to tremble instinctively… The three-tomoe had appeared in his eyes on its own. And without him supplying chakra, it began to spin slowly on its own.

“*********… *******… ”

“******… ****…”


By Now, Tonan already looked like a beggar. His tidy hair was glued together because of the eggs hurled at him. His current state appeared miserable. What’s more, people felt throwing vegetables alone was not enough and threw their baskets at him as well.

Tonan only lowered his head even further, his face almost buried in his chest. But he remained silent. The curses got louder and louder. Before a person could finish, another would have already begun. It seemed they were taking this chance to vent the anger of their lives.

In Tonan’s eyes, which were covered by his bangs, the three tomoe had already formed a circle. He felt a drop of anger dropping into the vast ocean-like ocular power. But it was like a waterdrop falling into boiling oil. The ocular power boiled over on its own, rushing towards a thin film of an unseen world.

Just a little bit, a bit more.

“Beat him to death!”

“Altogether, beat him to death.”


Instigated by the shadow clones, a group of villagers rushed toward Tonan, then punched and kicked him. Tonan slowly knelt and put his hands on the ground, discarding his defense. He even suppressed his chakra’s instinctive reaction.

His arms scraped on the uneven ground, leaving fresh wounds on his skin. More and more people rushed over, wanting to participate. They punched and kicked him, hitting his head, stomach, and legs.

Tonan curled up on the ground, blocking people’s punches and kicks with his arms.

Bang, bang, bang…

“Captain, are we truly not going to help him?” At the end of the street, many Konoha Police Force members had gathered. Looking at Tonan’s tragic situation, some members couldn’t bear it. “If he wanted to resist, with his strength, would he be beaten like this? He’s a fool, ignore him.” Several captains rejected helping Tonan, then waved to their team members and went to patrol other places.

At the Hokage Office, Sarutobi Hiruzen had sent people to pay attention to any news about Tonan. “What! The villagers have started to surround and beat Tonan?”

Hearing the latest report, Hiruzen stood up in a hurry and left the office using the Body Flicker Technique. Because he was afraid public opinion would hurt him, he repeatedly suppressed Danzo’s actions and thought it would be fine after a while.

But beyond his expectations, things became worse. Tonan was getting beaten and cursed in the street.

On the square, the villagers were eager to vent their resentment against Tonan.


Suddenly, a thunderclap resounded on a sunny day as if something intolerable had been born. A deep sense of fear spread through every villager’s heart. They involuntarily stopped their attacks and their bodies trembled instinctively. One could hear gulping sounds all around.

“You… why… aren’t you… hitting…”

“I… I’m tired…”

Ah…” Someone in the crowd screamed, and the crowd panicked. Everyone started to step back as if they were avoiding something terrifying.

“Why are you screaming?”

“I… I don’t know.”


At the same time, in the world of eternal peace on the other side, suddenly, the sky shook and blood-red lightning flashed everywhere as if the entire world was going to be torn apart.

Countless cracks appeared on the ground, mountains collapsed, and rivers changed their course. On top of the mountain at the center of this land, the Sage of Six Paths, who was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes. He quickly made hand seals and slammed his palm on the ground.

The entire world seemed to have calmed by a stabilizing force. It instantly recovered its former calmness, as if everything that had happened just now was an illusion.

A young man with Byakugan came behind Sage of Six Paths and solemnly said, “I sensed a kind of severing feeling. Did someone from the younger generation of the Ninja World grasp a new Pure Land?”

The Sage of Six Paths shook his head, “Impossible, Hagoromo, the Pure Land belongs to the mutation of heavenly control. It lies between virtual and real. Even if another Otsutsuki clan member eats the chakra fruit and gives birth to an offspring, it’s difficult to possess this ability.”

Otsutsuki Hagoromo frowned and pondered, “Since it can affect the Pure Land, if it’s not because of the Ninja World, then it should be because of the nearby planet.”

The Sage of Six Paths nodded, “We will know the situation in the Ninja World once new souls enter. When Indra’s chakra returns, I plan to reincarnate him immediately. With their chakra reincarnating in the Ninja World, we can observe the Ninja World’s situation at any time.”

The Sage of Six Paths looked at the sky and sighed. He couldn’t figure out what could have happened for this Pure Land, a space between virtual and real, to be disrupted. It was like being squeezed by the same things.

But this ocular power was unique according to the bloodline information.


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