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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 169: Practicing Successfully, Rumors Spread Bahasa Indonesia

After reading the book, Uchiha Tonan laid down and rested for a while. Although the Konoha Orphanage was disbanded, the orphans in it were already helping various Konoha departments. They had steady pay and accommodation and Tonan didn’t bother to ask them to come over.

Acknowledgment was not easy to obtain, especially from people who had their own agendas. If there were too many people, it would only waste his time. On the contrary, infants were the most suitable. As long as he used shadow clones to raise them, he would gain their acknowledgment naturally.

In any case, the Third Great Ninja War would break out in a year at most. At that time, there would be no shortage of orphans. He didn’t need to be impatient.

“With my current strength, I’m capable of becoming the top fighting force in the Third Great Ninja War. But I don’t have enough assurances. The war is not about fighting alone and the opponents have powerful ninjutsu as well. For instance, Onoki’s Dust Style. As long as this technique hits me once, unless I activate the Izanagi, it’s certain death.”

“In addition, the Third Raikage is also not a vegetarian. Besides, the tailed beasts are also a problem. To be on the safe side, I should learn the Adamantine Body first and increase my defense. I should also awaken Mangekyo.”

“My ocular power has already reached a terrifying level. If it was anyone else in my place, he might’ve already awakened the Mangekyo Sharingan long ago. But my mentality is too stable. It’s truly difficult to awaken it. I want to be angry…”

Tonan sighed and closed his eyes, slowly falling asleep.

The next day, a loud cheer could be heard from the bathroom. “Tonan, I succeeded!”

This was Enkuu. Tonan opened his eyes and got up, heading to the bathroom. Enkuu was sitting cross-legged on the pool’s edge looking at his ten fingers. The fingers were like earthworms, twisting without disturbing each other. It seemed like the muscles, bones, and joints no longer existed.

“Very good,” Tonan praised lightly.

Enkuu immediately stood up and bowed deeply towards Tonan with an excited face, “Thank you, Tonan.” This success had rekindled his hope, and this hope was given by Tonan.

Tonan smiled a little and waved his hand, “Go back to Mount Huaguo. Hereafter, you’ll train there during the day, and I’ll summon you here at night to practice with me.”

“Alright, I’ll leave now.” As soon as he spoke, Enkuu turned into a cloud of white smoke and disappeared.

Tonan bent over and picked up Enkuu’s clothes, shaking his head. “This monkey is not too bright. Will eating such a brain with low IQ be truly nourishing?”

After a while, Tonan finished washing up and left his house to go to the welfare institution. Walking through the Uchiha district, he could sense that the clan member’s attitude toward him seemed to have changed. In the past, most of them treated him coldly. Tonan was close to Sandaime, and his move to distance himself from the clan was simply regarded as treacherous. Regardless of who it was, on the surface or in secret, they hated Tonan.

But today, almost all the people lowered their heads and took a detour the moment they saw him. Noticing this, Tonan narrowed his eyes slightly.

“This situation… It seems like the clan knows that I killed Orochimaru. So, although they don’t like me, because of the gap in our strength, they are avoiding me.”

Tonan didn’t care about it. In his eyes, the Uchihas were nothing but future rations. The reason why he hadn’t made a move on the clan yet was that he was worried that the butterfly effect would be too great and would affect Uchiha Sasuke’s birth.

There were only two people who possessed Indra’s power in the Ninja World. One was Sasuke and the other was Uchiha Madara. It was hard to make a move on Madara whose heart and mouth were full of Senju Hashirama.

In contrast, Sasuke was easier. Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto were the essential factors to awaken the Rinnegan. He couldn’t tolerate any mishap in their birth.

Tonan, who had just left the Uchiha district, stopped and heard passers-by whisper…

“Look, that’s Uchiha Tonan. He and a bunch of Uchihas besieged and killed Orochimaru-sama.”

“Why did they kill Orochimaru-sama?”

“The Uchiha clan is evil. I guess they just wanted to kill the strong people in the village so that they could do whatever they wanted.”

“Indeed… regardless of Tsunade-sama or Jiraiya-sama, their departure after the last war has something to do with the Uchihas. Now, they’ve also killed Orochimaru-sama.”

“I remember Uchiha Tonan had also killed White Fang-sama.”

“This Uchiha Tonan is too evil. Now, there is no White Fang-sama or the sannin, what if a war starts? Who can reach the top? Can he reach the top?”

“No, I heard it’s because Orochimaru-sama was conducting human experiments…”

“I know all that. I’ve heard the exact information. The materials for those experiments were either corpses or enemy spies. I think Orochimaru-sama did the right thing. He was researching ninjutsu to strengthen Konoha.”

“Taking ten thousand steps back, even if Orochimaru-sama truly did experiments with villagers, it would be worthwhile. If necessary, I can stand up and choose to be a sacrifice. Do you all understand the Will of Fire? Sacrifice a few people to illuminate the entire village.”

“Eh… I didn’t expect you to understand the Will of Fire so deeply.”

“Stop talking. That kid is coming.”

That person quickly lowered his volume and glanced at Tonan secretly, while signaling his companion to shut up.

“When he comes over, I’ll spit on him.”

“Are you crazy? He even dared to kill Orochimaru-sama, killing a civilian like you is nothing.”

He tugged his companion’s clothing. Seeing Tonan approaching, he was dying to slap his companion to death. “He won’t be able to run away if he kills me.”

“He is Hokage-sama’s student and an Uchiha clan member. His background is terrifying.”

“Eh… I’m not afraid.”

The man said he was not afraid but his voice was already inaudible and he didn’t dare look at Tonan. At this moment, Tonan had already walked up to them and suddenly stopped in front of them. Several people were so frightened that they lost their minds and stuttered…

“Tonan… -sama…”

“We… we… didn’t say anything…”

Tonan frowned as if he was thinking of something. After a few seconds, his eyebrows relaxed, and with a gentle smile on his face, he said, “Ladies and gentlemen, good morning.”

After greeting, Tonan changed his direction and walked towards the Hokage Building. The people couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief.

“He has left.”

“He might not have heard us. We were speaking in a low voice.”

“Damn…, I feel like he was intimidating us.”

“Did he truly think that being powerful is amazing?”


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