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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 164: Exploring Mount Huaguo, Waste Monkey Bahasa Indonesia

Mount Huaguo was lofty and towering like a pillar supporting heaven. Halfway up the mountain was surrounded by rosy clouds and multicolored sunlight. It looked like a dreamland.

There was also a huge waterfall pouring down the cliff on the top with great momentum, and it smashed into the deep pool at the mountain’s foot. Along with the rumbling sound, the water splashed in all directions, and the grassland at the foot was shrouded in mist all year round.

Uchiha Tonan felt his vision blur for a moment, and then he appeared on the grassland. He couldn’t help exclaiming, “Amazing!”

A proud look appeared on Enma’s face, who was standing at one side with his hands folded in front of his chest, “The Reverse Summoning Technique is not so easy to use. I guess apart from Mount Huaguo, only the other three sacred places have arrays with this ability.”

Tonan noticed the key point. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Array?”

Enma stomped on the ground, “Do you think Summoning Technique is as simple as space-time ninjutsu? A special space-time array is arranged at the bottom of Mount Huaguo, which can teleport living beings and things from Mount Huaguo to the contracted person’s side. Reverse Summoning Technique, however, is more troublesome, but I can’t tell you about it. Let’s go, I’ll take you to see our strongest young warriors and you can choose one. After all, I’m not young anymore, and I can’t always fight together with you or adapt to your fighting style.”

Tonan adjusted his glasses and bowed to Enma, “Thank you Enma-sama.” After that, he followed him and activated the Sharingan to observe Mount Huaguo’s beauty.

Since Tonan could absorb natural energy, he could feel that the natural energy was much denser here compared to the Ninja World. Enma didn’t comment when Tonan activated his Sharingan. Everyone knew Sharingan enhanced dynamic vision. But this allowed Tonan to secretly use Byakugan’s see-through ability to observe Mount Huaguo’s reality, while continuously admiring, “So beautiful…”

Through observation, Tonan saw a huge and complicated array at the bottom of Mount Huaguo, which could make people feel dizzy. There was no trace of chakra in this array.

Tonan made a bold guess. The energy used for Summoning Technique’s teleportation was natural energy and chakra was just equivalent to navigation. This array made Tonan think of Kumo’s Heavenly Transfer Technique. Tonan was pretending to look at the scenery, so it was not wise to keep staring at the ground. Most of the time, he looked around.

As his field of vision kept getting closer, Tonan noticed a large group of monkeys sitting cross-legged on the summit. These monkeys weren’t using chakra in their bodies but their bodies were slowly becoming harder. Tonan guessed that the monkey clan had a way to grasp senjutsu energy but they could use natural power to strengthen their bodies.

It seemed the Adamantine Body wasn’t inborn but cultivated. If the natural energy was regarded as the cultivation world’s spiritual qi, then the three sacred lands were equivalent to cultivating qi, and the monkey clan was equivalent to body refiner.

Looking at it this way, the cultivation method was a big deal. Enma led Tonan up the mountain while introducing him to the monkeys who were practicing ninjutsu or taijutsu along the way.

“This is Entsu… his body is the hardest among the monkey clan’s younger generation.”

“This is Enya… he has the greatest understanding of the special ninjutsu of the clan. After transforming into Adamantine Staff, he can split into sixty staffs at a time.”

Tonan suddenly noticed a thin figure in the distance. It was a monkey that was a little shorter than him. The monkey was so skinny that the rough clothes made of animal fur could hardly hang on his body. His exposed arms seemed to be just skin and bones with barely any fur.

The monkey was continuously hitting a boulder with his body but without any result. It looked like hitting a rock with an egg. But the monkey didn’t think about it. He continued to hit the boulder and used all his strength every time.

His entire body was bleeding but he didn’t care about it. Judging from the sound of the impact, the monkey didn’t seem to be strong. Tonan couldn’t help but point at him, “Enma-sama, who is he?”

Enma, who was walking in the front, stopped his steps and looked in the direction where Tonan was pointing. He sighed, “His name is Enkuu. There was an accident when he was born. As a result, his physique is so poor he can’t even beat younger monkeys now.”

Enma’s tone was full of helplessness. Tonan nodded thoughtfully, “Can I go talk to him?”

Enma seemed to have guessed what Tonan was thinking. He frowned, “Tonan, you have to remember we are choosing a partner for you. You need someone who can help you in a battle. Being sympathetic and kind now means being cruel to yourself in the battle. Moreover, regardless of who you take as a partner, the agreed number of herbs will not be reduced.”

In Enma’s view, Tonan should choose a more powerful partner instead of a weak one because of emotions. Tonan nodded, “I understand, but I want to have a few words with him.”

Enma waved his hand, “Alright then, go by yourself. I’ll go to the Waterfall Cave to teach the young monkeys. You can come to look for me after you choose your partner.”

After speaking, Enma disappeared into the jungle after a few jumps. Tonan looked at Enkuu in the distance and narrowed his eyes. Since the Adamantine Body was just a special method to strengthen the body with natural energy, his target should be the monkey whose acknowledgment he could easily get.

After all, as the Monkey King, Enma was not so simple. It was difficult to fool him. And the powerful monkeys were mostly rebellious. Tonan had to maintain his character and needed to be gentle with others. He couldn’t guarantee that those monkeys would take a yard after getting an inch, and finally, ride his head to make a fortune.

Persimmons needed to be picked softly. After thinking for a while, Tonan picked a banana from the roadside and walked over. When meeting someone for the first time, it was better to bring a symbolic gift than to go empty-handed.

Tonan arrived behind Enkuu and stood quietly, not disturbing him. He just watched the skinny monkey continuously ramming against the boulder. His tireless appearance would worry people. Soon, Enkuu stopped due to exhaustion and sat on the ground. He panted with his head lowered when suddenly, a banana appeared in front of him.

Enkuu was stunned for a moment and looked up. He saw a person standing in front of him with a smile.

“Human? He should be a human. It’s similar to the description Enma-sama had given. As for the appearance… too ugly, there is too little fur.”


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