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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 155: Senjutsu’s Might, Battling Dragons & Snakes Bahasa Indonesia

After a while, Orochimaru slowly crawled out from the giant snake’s mouth. His entire body was emitting smoke, and his figure looked wretched. He gritted his teeth, “Little brat, you’ve pissed me off.”

He made signs quickly and slammed his hands on the ground, “Summoning Technique – Myriad Snake Net Formation.”

Instantly, rustling sounds could be heard everywhere in the forest. Orochimaru had summoned tens of thousands of poisonous snakes, big and small. The largest one was as big as the giant snakes he summoned earlier, and the smallest one was as small as the little finger. He seemed to have moved the entire Ryuchi Cave here.

Tonan raised his head, and the three-tomoe Sharingan spun rapidly as he looked around. With poisonous snakes wandering all over the place, he seemed to be in a sea of snakes. Immediately, he made the stance of one hand pointing to the sky, and the other pointing to the earth.

While the stance was correct, Tonan had already forgotten how the old monk had done it before. When the monk took the stance, it made people feel like he had entered the realm of only one in heaven and earth with no joy or sorrow.

Tonan had simply studied the finger technique of Buddha in his previous world. Even if he seemed to have entered the realm of all things in heaven and earth, he did not give off any feeling of peace. He did his best to put on a compassionate look, “It seems I’ve to break the prohibition against taking life today. It’s truly a sin, a sin.”

“Welcoming Approach – Thousand-Armed Murder!”

In an instant, a white image of the Thousand-Armed Kannon appeared behind Tonan. At this moment, the snake closest to him raised its head, spitting out its sharp blood-red tongue. With one taking the lead, the others followed. Soon, countless poisonous snakes swarmed toward him.

The moment these snakes attacked, the Thousand-Armed Kannon behind Tonan turned into a furious demonic-looking creature. Her countless fists flew towards the snakes.

Bang, bang, bang… No matter how many snakes rushed toward Tonan, before they could reach him, they were bombarded with the fist. A red mist filled the sky, and blood flowed all around.

Orochimaru looked at the fierce Tonan in disbelief. “His genjutsu is already genius level, his taijutsu is not inferior to mine, and even his ninjutsu is so strong. Does he have any flaws?”

“This is… the secret technique of the Fire Temple. Where did you learn it?”

With one hand pointing at the sky, and the other hand pointing at the ground, Tonan still had a sympathetic look as if he had attained tao. “I used to escort Master Chigo. Master said that my pure disposition has innate wisdom, and I’ll definitely lead the world to peace in the future. So, he taught me this secret technique that requires flawless benevolence. Orochimaru, this move especially restrains evil spirits like you. Allow yourself to be seized without putting up a fight.”

Orochimaru took a deep breath and nodded slowly, “No wonder only the Shodaime Hokage learned the secret art of the Fire Temple. It has such a requirement… what a pity…”

Orochimaru looked up at the sky. Ten minutes had already passed since the signal was released. And through the perception of snakes in the periphery region, he had noticed that more than a dozen people were running towards their location.

“Damn it… didn’t he say twenty minutes? How come people are arriving in just ten minutes? I can’t waste any more time. I’ve to quickly get rid of him.”

Orochimaru bit his thumb and slammed his hand on the ground.

Summoning Technique – Manda.

A could of white smoke rose and a huge towering snake appeared below Orochimaru’s feet. The moment Manda appeared, the poisonous snakes summoned earlier couldn’t endure Manda’s bloodline pressure and retreated into the distance.

Manda raised his head high and roared. After that, he solemnly said, “Orochimaru, among the sacrifices of last time, two were ill. This time, I want fresh and alive ones to eat.”

Orochimaru stared at Tonan in the distance and said, “Help me kill this brat first.” Manda slowly lowered his head. Tonan’s thin figure reflected in his eyes, and he said with a tone filled with disdain, “Oh? An Uchiha brat. He’s not enough to even fill my tooth gap.”

Manda swung his huge tail towards Tonan as he spoke. The move brought about fierce wind and created whistling sounds. Tonan narrowed his eyes and deployed Lightning Spirit Wind Flash to dodge the fatal attack. While he was still in midair, he made hand signs. The moment he landed on the ground, he slammed his hands on the ground and shouted, “Senjutsu – Multi Overturning Dragon Technique.”

This was Sarutobi Shinnosuke’s signature ninjutsu. Tonan had made a special trip to learn this from Hiruzen. Now that Tonan had inherited Chigo’s legacy, he had learned the Gift of the Hermit Group, which was a senjutsu exclusive to the human race.

With the senjutsu energy boost, this S-ranked earth-style ninjutsu displayed the greatest might, far exceeding Shinnosuke’s.

Rumble… Within the radius of several miles, the earth trembled violently, and earth dragons, whose size was no inferior to Manda, rose from the ground. With their appearance, the entire land seemed to have sunk. Tonan had made more than ten earth dragons in one breath, and these huge creatures looked like the tails of a huger creature under the dim night light.

Orochimaru was shocked after seeing Tonan’s moves. “Is this brat’s chakra reserve so much? What bad luck!”

Under Tonan’s control, the earth dragons slammed onto Manda in succession. Manda was unwilling to be outdone. He waved his snake tail, heavily smashing the earth dragon in the front.

Bang… Under the powerful force, the earth dragon was knocked down in one blow. It shattered into pieces, and huge rocks fell to the ground. But this left Manda’s tail dripping with blood.

“So painful, Orochimaru. How did you provoke this fellow?”

Manda originally thought that these earth dragons were just like earth dragon bullets, but beyond his expectation, they were very hard. After smashing only one, he was significantly injured.

Orochimaru looked at the remaining nine earth dragons, and his complexion was unsightly. He made hand seals and roared, “Triple Rashomon.”

Orochimaru summoned three Rashomon, blocking the only path of the earth dragons.

Rumble… The earth dragons slammed into Rashomon violently. First… Second… Third.

In the end, the Rashomon was able to stop the earth dragons. Among the three gates, two were destroyed, and the last one was also half destroyed. Seeing this, Orochimaru and Manda couldn’t help taking a deep breath and sticking out their tongue. However, before they had time to relax, Tonan continued to inject senjutsu chakra into the ground.

Rumble… Huge earth dragons sprang out from the ground again and opened their big mouths, roaring at the sky.

“Orochimaru, I don’t want the offerings for this time. I’ve something to do, so I’m leaving now.”

When Manda saw this, he abandoned Orochimaru without a second thought and dispelled the Summoning Technique.

“Damn it, is this the genius?” At this moment, a hint of powerlessness emerged in Orochimaru’s heart. Despite being one of the dignified Konoha sannin, he was forced into such a miserable plight by his junior.


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