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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 153: Fierce Battle, Turning Tables Again Bahasa Indonesia

Seeing this, Orochimaru frowned and felt his hair stand on end. At the same time, the ear-piercing crackling sound of electricity resounded in the room.

Crackle, crackle, crackle… “Lightning Style, Ray.”

A straight lightning light shot out from the corner of the room. It instantly penetrated Uchiha Tonan and Orochimaru together. On the other end of the light, Tonan, who was wearing a black windbreaker, was hanging upside down from the laboratory’s ceiling with an indifferent expression.

The Tonan, who was penetrated by the lightning, turned into white pigeons and flew in all directions. Orochimaru looked down at the lightning that penetrated his abdomen, and said in disbelief, “I didn’t expect it… Your genjutsu talent is much higher than all the Uchihas I’ve ever seen. You cast dual illusions in such a short time. However, you’re underestimating me a bit too much.”

Orochimaru raised his head and opened his mouth. A python crawled out of it and then opened its big mouth. An unscathed Orochimaru spilled out from the python’s mouth. The original body that was penetrated by the lightning collapsed on the ground like a lump.

Orochimaru stood on the ground, and looking at Tonan with a hint of ferociousness, he made hand seals with one hand. In the next moment, the python behind him disintegrated, turning into a dense snake tide, and rushed towards Tonan.

At this time, Tonan had already retracted the lightning light. He looked at the incoming snake tide and indifferently said, “Die, you traitor!” After speaking, he quickly made hand signs, opened his mouth, and spat out many fireballs.

Fire Style, Phoenix Sage Nail Crimson Technique.

The fireballs smashed into the incoming snake tide and there was a series of explosions as the fireballs made contact with the snakes. The sounds reverberated throughout the laboratory followed by a burnt smell.

In a short time, all the poisonous snakes were burnt to a crisp. A hint of pride flashed through Tonan’s eyes as he grabbed the chakra tanto on his back and snorted, “Orochimaru, no matter how poisonous the snakes are, it’s useless if they can’t bite me.”

Orochimaru’s expression was ugly. His snake pupils stared at Tonan, who was still hanging upside down, and he stood in combat readiness. Tonan’s three tomoe Sharingan spun wildly and his entire body burst out with violent lightning. He had activated Lightning Spirit Wind Flash. Following this, he instantly disappeared leaving a roar in his wake.

“Die!” Along with the lightning flicker, Tonan reappeared in front of Orochimaru. Raising the chakra tanto, he swung it down at Orochimaru.

Clang… Asone of the three Konoha sannin, Orochimaru’s taijutsu too was nothing to joke about. He raised a kunai, perfectly blocking Tonan’s chakra tanto. The powerful chakra fluctuations created an air current, strong enough to blow both their hair.

Orochimaru’s snake eyes shrunk a little. He was indeed a bit surprised to find that the strength emitting from the kunai was not weaker than his. In the next moment, the two disappeared. Only shadows could be seen flickering everywhere in the lab. The two were fighting at a high speed.

Clang, clang, clang, clang… The rapid and intense metal colliding sounds continuously echoed in the laboratory. Tonan was stronger in terms of speed and power. With the secret techniques of ‘The Professor’ Sarutobi Hiruzen, he could simultaneously use both lightning and earth-attributed chakra to enhance his speed and strength.

In addition, there was also Hatake Sakumo’s Lightning Spirit Wind Flash, which could reduce the air resistance of his actions. Orochimaru was not in a disadvantageous position either. Not only was he an extraordinary ninja but he had also created the Soft-Bodied Fluid Technique. Regardless of which tricky angle Tonan used to attack, he could easily dodge or block it.

It was to the state that Tonan was being suppressed. In the fierce battle, he even had the time to continuously rattle Tonan. “Little brat, taijutsu is an indispensable part of a ninja’s strength. You dared to come here alone to court death knowing just this measly ninjutsu. I don’t whether to admire your guts or call your stupid brain.”

Tonan’s expression remained unchanged. After exchanging a few blows, he appeared behind Orochimaru, raised his chakra tanto, and swung it down. Orochimaru’s arm turned 180 degrees and used the kunai to block the tanto.

However, at that very moment, a smile appeared on Tonan’s face, as he fiercely said, “You fell into my trap. My sword technique is more than this.” In the next instant, the dual attributed chakra of lightning and wind covered the tanto. This was the ultimate profound meaning of the Hatake Style Sword Technique. It made the chakra tanto possess the slicing property of wind-attributed chakra, and paralysis property and destructive power of the lightning-attributed chakra.

Crackle, crackle, crackle… Even before it could touch him, just seeing the chakra tanto covered in lightning and wind made Orochimaru realize its sharpness.

“Not good!” Orochimaru yelled in his heart.

Crack! The moment the kunai came into contact with the chakra tanto, the tanto cut it apart like tofu. The cut was smooth and there was no reduction in the tanto’s momentum. It instantly split Orochimaru’s body from top to bottom.

A triumphant smile emerged on Tonan’s face. He slowly put the chakra tanto back into the sheath. Having faced a hard blow, Orochimaru lay on the ground paralyzed and stared at Tonan with wide eyes, murmuring in disbelief, “How… how… can this be…”

Orochimaru’s body slowly rolled. His internal organs and blood filled the ground, and his eyes still had an unwilling look. Tonan looked at Orochimaru’s corpse which was cut into two pieces with a proud face and snorted.

Puchi… Suddenly, Tonan’s eyes were wide open. He slowly lowered his head and saw a kunai’s tip coming out from his chest. His entire body trembled, and he gritted his teeth as if he was enduring great pain and said in disbelief, “Wh… when…”

At this time, Orochimaru appeared behind him, placing his head near his junior brother’s ear. Then, with a sneer, he said, “The prey is always the prey. Even if you muster your courage and behave fiercely, you still can’t escape the fangs of a poisonous snake.”

It appeared that Orochimaru had come out from the scorched remains of the poisonous snakes on the ground. Tonan coughed violently and spat out a mouthful of blood, falling backward.

Orochimaru wiped the sweat from his forehead and looked at Tonan, who had died with his eyes open. Then, with a cruel smile, he said, “It seems I’m lucky today. The three tomoe Sharingan was delivered to my doorstep.”


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