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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 128: Returning To Village, Reunion Meal Bahasa Indonesia

A few days later, Uchiha Tonan, who had completed the mission, returned to Konoha with Namikaze Minato’s team.

In the Hokage Office, Sarutobi Hiruzen confirmed Minato’s missions first and dismissed them. After they left, Hiruzen blew out a mouthful of smoke and said, “Tonan, thank you for bringing back the secret sealing techniques Konoha lost.”

Tonan smiled and said gently, “Sensei, this is what I should do.”

A big smile appeared on Hiruzen’s wrinkled face. He blew out a mouthful of smoke and said with concern, “It must’ve been hard on you. Go back and rest for a few days. Only after you’ve rested properly, come to train with me. Your foundation is already very strong. You can teach yourself as well. Don’t be so anxious.”

With Tonan’s talent, he could learn any technique, regardless of its difficulty, by himself. Hiruzen didn’t need to teach him ninjutsu specifics. Just pointing out a few key instructions was enough. Most of the time, Hiruzen would just give him a ninjutsu scroll and make him learn it himself.

Tonan bowed deeply and said, “Thank you, sensei.” He then left the Hokage Building, but beyond his expectation, Minato and others were waiting for him outside. When Uchiha Obito, who was sitting on a bench, saw Tonan, he jumped up and excitedly said, “Tonan is here! Now, let’s go to eat barbecue, alright? I haven’t had barbecue in a long time.”

Minato gave a helpless look to Obito. He turned to Tonan and said with a bright smile, “Tonan, we haven’t had dinner together for a long time, let’s have a meal together.”

Tonan was stunned for a moment, and his gaze swept over Kakashi, who was secretly looking at him. He smiled and said, “Alright, I haven’t eaten out for a long time. I miss barbecue.”

Obito said, “Tonan and I are both in favor of barbecue. We already have two votes. Rin, what do you want to eat? I can change my vote.”

Rin covered her mouth and said with a smile, “I’m also fine with it.” Kakashi also said indifferently, “Let’s go, I’m also eating barbecue.” Minato nodded and looked up at the sky. He then said, “You all go ahead. I’ll join in later.”


In the barbeque joint, four people waited patiently in their seats. The store’s business seemed to be flourishing. It was almost full of people. The entire room was filled with a tantalizing aroma, making people’s mouths water.

Obito looked around and said, looking mysterious, “Let me tell you a secret, I think Minato-sensei is in love with Kushina-senpai.”

Everyone already knew this and didn’t show much surprise. Seeing the other three look calm, he scratched his head and said, “You all don’t think so? Could it be that I’m too sensitive?”

Rin rubbed her forehead and sighed. Tonan took the kettle brought by a waiter and got up to pour water for the other three. “Really? If they got together, it’ll be a match made in heaven.”

Seeing someone was not ignoring him, Obito opened his mouth, and his face was filled with a look of gossip. “I don’t think so. Kushina-senpai is so fierce, and Minato-sensei is so gentle. If they got together, how can Minato-sensei endure it?”

The atmosphere suddenly became still… Uzumaki Kushina appeared behind Obito and bent over. Turning her head sideways, she said in his ears in a ghostly voice, “O… bi… to.”

Obito was stunned and his hair stood on end as he turned his head mechanically. Looking horrified, he said, “Ku… shina… -senpai…”

Rin couldn’t control her laughter but quickly covered her mouth. Tonan looked at Kushina with a gentle expression and said, “Kushina-senpai, long time no see.”

Seeing Tonan after a long time, Kushina restrained her impulse to go berserk. She got up and said with a smile, “Tonan, I heard that Hokage-sama has accepted you as his student. That’s amazing.”

Tonan adjusted his glasses and said humbly, “Yes, fortunately, Hokage-sama didn’t think I’m stupid.”

The corners of Obito’s mouth twitched slightly hearing this, and he said, “Tonan, you’re so hypocritical.”

“Oh? It seems I went too far. I have to reflect on myself after I return.” Tonan was a little startled, and holding a teacup, he smiled, looking embarrassed, but his eyes were slightly moist.

As if people misunderstood him, he looked extremely aggrieved. The act brought the desired result and Kushina knocked on Obito’s head, “Obito, it’s called modesty, modesty, do you understand?”

Although he was beaten, considering the huge gap in strength and status, Obito could only suffer. “Damn it~, it hurts~” Obito covered the lump on his head, and his tears almost fell.

Just then, the waiter brought their barbeque. “Guests, enjoy your meal!”

Tonan’s eyes lit up instantly and he put the barbecue on the grill. The saddened expression from a moment ago had completely disappeared. Minato hastily said, “Don’t be shy everyone. It’s my treat today, eat as much as you want.”

Everyone picked up their chopsticks and picked up sliced meat and roasted it on the grill.

Minato suddenly asked, “Tonan, what was the rank of your mission?” Tonan answered lightly, “S-rank.” Everyone was dumbfounded. They were very surprised inwardly. Minato nodded and said, “The one you fought was Kumo’s ‘A’, right?”

Tonan looked a little solemn as he answered, “Yes, he was very powerful. In terms of speed, strength, and defense, he is terrifying.”

Rin held a piece of sliced meat as she curiously asked, “Is he stronger than Minato-sensei?”

Tonan pondered for a moment and answered seriously, “He shouldn’t be able to touch Minato-sensei, but Minato-sensei might not be able to break his defense.”

When everyone heard this, they turned to look at Minato. They were shocked by how strong ‘A’ was. After all, Minato was very powerful in their eyes, and he seemed to have never lost so far. Minato nodded, “I heard that he has mastered Kumo’s Lightning Armor, which is known as the strongest shield. I guess, with my attacks, it is indeed difficult to hurt him.”

Kushina hit the bowl with chopsticks, looking displeased, and warned, “Can you not talk about missions and intelligence during our meetings? It makes the atmosphere gloomy. Tonan, come, eat more.”

She picked up a piece of meat and placed it in his bowl. Tonan smiled brightly at her and his eyes were filled with cordial feelings. “Thank you, Kushina-senpai. Don’t just care about me, you should also eat more.”

Kushina nodded with a smile, then looked at the four people who were immersed in eating and sighed, “Time flies so fast. I feel like you’ve all grown up.”

Minato chuckled, “During the war period, at their age, many would’ve already become a person-in-charge of a combat team.”

Tonan immersed himself in eating barbeque listening to everyone’s casual conversation. Suddenly, a thought appeared in his mind.

“If a jinchuriki is killed, can I get the abilities of the tailed beast too? If so, then will the tail beast disappear? If it doesn’t disappear, can’t I just seal the tail beast into another person, and then kill him… In that way, can’t I continuously stack up, one Nine Tails, two Nine Tails…”


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