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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 126: He’s Fake, I’m ‘A’, Lightning Battle Bahasa Indonesia

As the Cloud ninjas urged him to rest and recover, Uchiha Tonan, who had disguised himself as ‘A’ nodded. But after taking just two steps, he reminded, “By the way, he sneaked attacked me in the beginning. His Transformation Technique is very difficult to see through. It must be a secret technique, newly researched by that old man. I was careless and he got the first move. Damn it…”

Feigning rage, Tonan used the compound ninjutsu Sarutobi Hiruzen taught him and punched the wall.


The cave collapsed and the ground shook, pieces of rocks scattering all around, leaving a small hole in its wake that was enough for two or three people to squeeze in.

“‘A’-sama, don’t be angry, get some rest now.”

“Yes, leave Uchiha Tonan to us, we’ll handle him.”

A group of Cloud ninjas said with righteous indignation.

Tonan nodded with a look of relief, “Thank you for your hard work.”

The Cloud ninjas jumped down to the shore and waited for ‘Uchiha Tonan’ who was about to arrive. As for Tonan, he walked deeper into the cave and sat down. A Cloud ninja, who had stayed behind, followed him.

“‘A’-sama, where are you injured? Let me treat you.”

Closing his eyes, Tonan sat cross-legged on the ground and waved his hand, “No need, I’ve received a serious internal injury, and it can only be recovered with lightning attributed chakra. Leave me alone, go and help them.”

The Cloud ninja was startled and cautiously said, “But… I’m a medical-nin.”

Tonan raised his eyebrows and opened his eyes. He stared at the medical-nin and said in a stern tone, “Go away quickly, one more person means more strength.”

Filled with deep veneration, the medical ninja nodded, “Yes!”


At this moment, ‘A’, who had transformed into Tonan, was wandering around the coastline with a frowning Nohara Rin and Uchiha Obito. Looking at the endless coastline, ‘A’ kept scratching his head and muttering, “From what I recall, it should be around here. There were the sea, the beach, and a cliff. All of these are here but there are no people. What’s going on…”

The boundless sea in front of them and several seagulls and white pigeons were flying in the sky, looking for food. Obito, who was behind ‘A’, couldn’t help asking, “Tonan, are you lost?”

‘A’ looked terribly upset as he said, “Why are you so impatient? It’s somewhere here. I’ll definitely find it.”

After speaking, he looked around in confusion again. Where is it!?

More than two hours later, ‘A’ saw Cloud ninjas standing in a row on the shore ahead. He laughed, “I finally found you.” The Cloud ninja captain who was standing at the forefront had noticed them a while ago. He squinted his eyes and inwardly thought,These people really came searching along the coastline. I wonder if those two hours were enough for ‘A’-sama to recover.”

Soon afterward, the Cloud ninjas began to prepare for a battle. The captain shouted, “Little brat, you are the legendary Konoha genius, Sandaime Hokage’s student, Uchiha Tonan, right?”

‘A’ was stunned for a moment, wondering his people spoke to him like this. It was only then he recalled he was in Tonan’s appearance and couldn’t help thinking inwardly. “My Transformation Technique is so perfect. No one can see through it.”

A smug smile appeared on his face and he said, “Don’t be nervous, it’s me.”

He dispelled the Transformation Technique, and his build also changed into his originally robust appearance. He reached out his hands and grabbed the stunned Obito and Rin. He then loudly said, “The two little fellows were tricked by me. One of them is a member of the Uchiha clan. By the way, did you get the thing? Show it to me.”

The Cloud ninjas looked at each other, resentment appearing on their faces.

What ‘A’-sama said was absolutely true! Uchiha Tonan probably doesn’t know ‘A’-sama has already arrived. He used Transformation Technique right in front of us to cheat the scroll out of us.

The Cloud ninja captain’s anger soared. “Tonan is insidious and cunning. Fortunately, ‘A’-sama warned us, or else we would’ve been deceived by him.”

A ninja beside him leaned over and solemnly said, “Captain, as expected, there is no trace of the Transformation Technique.”

The Cloud ninja captain nodded, “Even ‘A’-sama was unable to see through the secret technique, how can you find any flaws?”

“That’s right.”

“A-sama still hasn’t recovered yet. At this moment, we should use our brains and try to delay the other side. You all, play along with me,” the Cloud ninja captain whispered to his subordinates, and then said to ‘A’, “Don’t move, since you are so far away, we can’t see if you are using Transformation Technique or not. Throw those Konoha’s brats over and we’ll check them.”

Obito’s eyes lit up. He instantly understood ‘Tonan’s intention, and whispered, “Tonan, this is a good plan. Let me coordinate with you.”

“What’s this brat talking about?”

A large question mark loomed over ‘A’s brain but he didn’t bother to think too much. He threw Rin and Obito over. When Obito was midair, he shouted, “Yes, look at me.”

“Fire Style – Grand Fireball…”

However, before he could finish, a Cloud ninja jumped up and strangled his neck. He caught Obito like holding a duck and snorted, “Substandard tactics. Although you’re strong, you’re too naïve.”

Tonan, who was using Wind Communication to listen to the overall situation, knew it was time for him to appear. After all, Obito the idiot had assisted him. He couldn’t waste the opportunity. He walked out of the cave and jumped over to the crowd.


Tonan nodded and stared at ‘A’ in the distance with a solemn expression. The moment he saw Tonan, Obito was dumbfounded, and he immediately roared at ‘A’ in the distance, “Tonan, you bastard, what kind of plan did you think? You threw me into the trap.”

At this moment, ‘A’ too was dumbfounded. Staring at the person in the crowd who looked exactly like him, he had only one sentence in his head, “F***, I’m fake.”

Tonan took a step forward and with lightning flickering around his body, he pointed at ‘A’ and said, “Konoha’s brat, hand over the corpse scroll.”

As soon as his words fell, the expression of the Cloud ninja beside him became unsightly. He asked, “What! ‘A’-sama, could it be that Yuki…”

Hearing his words, Tonan knew the name of the dead Cloud ninja. He put on a look of wrath and said, “Yes, he killed Yuki and sealed his corpse in a scroll, ready to take it back to exchange for merits.”

Finally, ‘A’ in the distance shouted, “He’s fake, I’m ‘A’!”

Tonan sneered and said loudly, “Alright, then hand over Yuki’s corpse.”

Hearing his words, ‘A’ roared in anger, “I’ll never hand it over to you.” Lighting burst from his entire body, and he launched a surprise attack on Tonan.

“You dare to exchange a Cloud ninja’s corpse for merits. It seems you don’t take me seriously,” Tonan shouted angrily, and circulated lightning and earth attributed chakra within his body with all his power. Then, with the lightning flickering all over his body, he too rushed forward.


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