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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 116: Slanderous Gossip, Surging Undercurrent Bahasa Indonesia

Just as the Great Elder was about to leave with Uchiha Shisui, he heard Uchiha Tonan say, “Great Elder, I, in fact, want to ask you a question.”

The Great Elder paused and turned his head. He asked with a gloomy look, “Are you doubting me as well?”

Tonan looked startled. He pondered for a moment and shook his head. The Great Elder narrowed his eyes and nodded lightly, “In my opinion, this is not entirely a bad thing.”

After throwing these words, he left with Shisui without awaiting a response. Tonan looked at the Great Elder leaving but suddenly noticed some people in the dark through Wind Communication.

He immediately said loudly, “Great Elder, indulging in superficial power will only make people lose themselves. The real power is the will to love and sacrifice.”

Hearing his words, the Great Elder didn’t answer Tonan but looked down at Shisui, who looked lonely. He asked his grandson, “Shisui, who do you love the most?”

Shisui tilted his head, thought for a while, then raised the wood carving in his hand high and said, “Grandpa!” The corners of the Great Elder’s mouth twitched and he nodded, “Alright…”

Tonan watched the two disappear and shook his head. He shut the courtyard door and headed to the Sarutobi clan district. Looking at the Great Elder’s appearance, it could be said that the Uchiha clan higher-ups had won in the end.

After all, such a clumsy framing method could be seen through by anyone who had the slightest intelligence. Perhaps, in the entire Uchiha clan, only the parents of the seven dead children were unwilling to let his matter drop.

The others were already on the Great Elder’s side but the Konoha higher-ups were not. Since this was the situation, it made perfect sense for him to add fuel to the fire. Tonan was going to teach Great Elder a lesson about humans’ true nature.

At this moment, the commercial streets were already full of people. Tonan came to the market and started to buy vegetables, picking out the things Sarutobi Hiruzen liked. His lips moved slightly to use Wind Communication. His targets this time were the old people who came out to buy their daily produce.

“Have you heard that the Uchiha clan has a genius named Shisui? He’s also the clan’s Great Elder’s grandson.”

“I know… Moreover, in order to make his grandson awaken the Sharingan, the Great Elder personally killed seven children who played with his grandson.”

“It’s too cruel, but his grandson awakened two tomoe Sharingan on the spot.”

When an old man who was shopping for vegetables heard this, his movement suddenly paused and his back straightened up. Just like seeing a beautiful young girl during his youthful period, he was full of energy and looked back with great interest.

He spotted two youngsters sitting in a ramen store eating lunch. He walked over and asked with a smile, “What were you two talking about just now? Tell me more about it.”

“I don’t even know him, why would I chat with him?”

“I’ve heard it all,” the old man said with some dissatisfaction and thought to himself, “Youngsters these days don’t know how to share. Of course, I’ll not spread it.”

One of the youngsters asked in confusion, “What did you hear?”

The old man looked around mysteriously and said, “The Uchiha clan’s Great Elder killed seven children just to make his grandson awaken the Sharingan.”

“That’s serious, grandpa, can you tell us more about it?”

“Weren’t you two talking about it?”

“We truly weren’t… it might be someone else.”


After this news spread, Tonan left the market with the vegetables he brought. Wind Communication, perhaps, would be more appropriate to be utilized as Slanderous Gossip. Tonan didn’t need to accuse the Great Elder.

It was enough as long as he spread this gossip widely. At that time, he believed, that the Konoha higher-ups wouldn’t let the Great Elder off easily. After all, he was a famous war hawk of the Uchiha clan.

The higher-ups didn’t need to do anything. The brainless civilians would just go with the flow. After the rumors ferment, he believed that most of the Uchiha clan members would be shaken.

Two days later, the entire Konoha, including the civilians of the Uchiha clan were discussing this matter in private.

“Did you hear? It’s too tragic, seven children are dead.”

“All the grandparents who came to buy vegetables know it. A few days ago, a group of Anbu went to the Uchiha clan district to investigate the situation. But that cruel Great Elder blocked them and sent them back.”

“You don’t know one thing. The Anbu were able to find clues before they were blocked.”

“What clues?”

“Many clues like footprints, hair, explosive tags…”

“Wait, explosive tags? Did I hear it wrong? Those kids weren’t drowned, but were bombed?”

“I also heard that they were indeed drowned to death. But that wicked Great Elder held a grudge and blew up their graves.”

“That’s too excessive…”

“This will end up with nothing concrete.”

“How come? Isn’t killing villagers a serious crime?”

“He’s the Great Elder of Konoha’s number one wealthy and influential clan. Killing a few children within the clan is nothing for him. Those children’s parents don’t even dare to make a sound. And the rest of the Uchiha clan members are protecting that scum.”

“The Uchiha clan is cold-blooded. They killed their own to awaken the Sharingan. Common people like us are much better than them. At least, there’s no grudge or resentment.”

“Also, towards the village people, every Uchiha is ferocious. But in front of power, they are a group of cowards.”

A Konoha Police Force member heard the conversation and immediately retorted, “You bastard, what did you just say?”

The people turned around and saw that it was Uchiha. They immediately retreated a few steps in fright, “What do you want…”

But some among them toughened it out and angrily shouted back, “If you are so capable, then go and confront your clan’s Great Elder. It’s the children of your clan who have died. Why are you getting angry at us?”

The Police Force members were dumbfounded. When they left the market area and arrived at a sparsely populated place, a member suddenly said, “Captain, I can’t stand this anymore. We must investigate this thoroughly.”

The captain frowned and solemnly said, “Shut up, have you ever thought that this could be a conspiracy. Wouldn’t we be wronging a person then? Moreover, he’s the Great Elder!”

“Since it’s a conspiracy, it should be investigated,” another guard stepped forward and said righteously. “If, I mean, what if it was really the Great Elder?”

“I… It can’t be Great Elder.”


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