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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 115: Restless Night, Gaining Shisui’s Acknowledgment Bahasa Indonesia

This was not going to be a quiet night for anyone. The entire Uchiha clan district was filled with clamor. Especially after the bickering of two sides outside the gate of the Uchiha clan district, the entire Uchiha clan district seemed to be on high alert.

People could be seen passing by from time to time on the streets inside the clan district. Almost all of them were Anbu, guards, Konoha’s senior officials, or the senior officials of the Uchiha clan and the deceased’s family members.

Many clan members also visited each other and gathered together to discuss things. In the living room that was lit brightly, Uchiha Tonan, who was holding the sound asleep Shisui, sat cross-legged at the doorway looking at the stars in the sky.

Shining stars dotting the sky, combined with insects’ sounds on the ground, added a dreamy filter to the scene. After a while, Tonan lowered his head and reached out his hand to pinch Shisui’s chubby cheeks. A smile appeared on his face. There was one thing Tonan didn’t lie about. He indeed liked this silly boy Shisui.

He had the innocence and liveliness of Asura, and he also inherited the Uchiha clan’s stubbornness in his bloodline. He was simple-minded, and it was very easy to deceive him. His eyes were also crystal clear, filled with an innocence that belonged to a child, making it hard not to like him.

When Tonan pinched him, he turned his head over, rubbed his face twice, and then continued to sleep. Time passed little by little.

Tonan felt a little annoyed, hearing the sounds of crying, shouting, and scolding. So, he deactivated the Wind Communication. “It’s peaceful now.”

Just then, Shisui woke up and rubbed his eyes as if he had forgotten what had happened before. Then, looking at Tonan, who had a gentle look, he weakly called out, “Tonan-san~”

Tonan smiled warmly and stroked the back of his head. “You woke up? Was it uncomfortable to sleep here?”

Shisui shook his head and looked around, asking in a panic, “Where’s grandpa?” Tonan helped Shisui sit up and gently answered, “Great Elder is dealing with things.”

Shisui seemed to remember what happened before, and tears filled his eyes. He was unable to endure the pain of losing his playmates. Tonan hastily consoled him, “Shisui, men don’t cry.”

When Shisui heard this, he blinked, holding back tears that were threatening to overflow, and said, “But…”

Seeing that Shisui was unable to endure, Tonan shook his head and carried him to the living room. He walked to the place where the wood carvings were enshrined and said, “Come, which one do you want to play with?”

Shisui wiped his tears and looked at the lifelike wood carvings. “Tonan-san… they… what are they?”

Tonan sighed and with a look of reminiscence on his face, he said, “These are the people I once cherished, but they are all dead now.”

He also used to have such a wonderful childhood, but in the end, everything fizzled out and vanished. He could only say that he was helpless. Heaven played with people.

Shisui was stunned hearing Tonan’s words and looked at him with a sad face, “Tonan-san, your friends are here.”

Tonan nodded and said, “Yes, look, this is Teno-san, who used to be very kind to me. My relationship with him was just like the relationship between you and me.”

Shisui pursed his lips and endured the grief in his heart. He comforted Tonan, “Don’t be sad, Tonan-san.”

Tonan smiled, shook his head, and said, “I’m fine. Love never disappears, it will spread forever. Just like Teno-san. Although he is dead, I inherited everything to take care of the younger generation. Shisui, who is the person you cherish the most?”

Shisui thought for a bit and replied, “Grandpa.”

Tonan nodded with a warm smile and said, “Then, I’ll teach you how to make wood carvings, and you can carve the person you cherish the most. Like that, you’ll be able to accompany him forever.”

“Alright,” Shisui nodded.

Tonan put Shisui down and took out a few pieces of wood from the room. He took out two kunai from his ninja bag and handed one to Shisui. “Come, carve it like me.”

Shisui took the kunai and began to earnestly learn wood carving from Tonan. Tonan intentionally slowed down so that he could keep up the pace. Shisui imitated his movements and carved the wood carefully.

An hour later, the horizon was already becoming bright. Both of them held a lifelike wooden carving in their hands, and both wood carvings looked like the Great Elder.

Tonan reached out to rub Shisui’s hair and said, “Your wood carving is very good. It’s just like the real person.”

Shisui didn’t seem so sad after hearing the compliment. He looked at the wood carving in his hand and looked up, “I want to carve Kawadera and others who are dead. I want to carve one for each of them.”

At this moment, the Great Elder’s tired voice came from outside. “Shisui, let’s go home.”

After Tonan heard it, he stuffed a few wood pieces into Shisui’s ninja bag and said, “These are for you. Carve them when you have free time.”

Shisui gratefully said, “Thank you, Tonan-san.”

“Silly child,” Tonan lightly flicked Shisui’s forehead. Shisui held his forehead in pain, but an innocent smile appeared on his face.

‘Ding! Gained Uchiha Shisui’s acknowledgment.’

A small smile came to Tonan’s lips. He held Shisui’s hand leading him outside the courtyard, handing him over to the Great Elder. The older man nodded at Tonan and said, “Tonan, I troubled you last night.”

The Great Elder was busy all night. He had no time to take care of Shisui. Therefore, he had entrusted him to Tonan in a hurry. Tonan rubbed Shisui’s head and shook his head, “Great Elder, there was no trouble. Shisui is very obedient and cute. I’ve always regarded him as my younger brother.”

The Great Elder saw the wood carving in Shisui’s hand and couldn’t help asking, “Shisui, what’s this?”

Shisui hastily raised the wood carving and shook it in front of the Great Elder, “I carved this, grandpa, doesn’t it look like you?”

The corners of the Great Elder’s mouth twitched. He had seen the wood carvings in Tonan’s house before. All those people were dead.

However, thinking that this was his grandson’s way to express his love for him, he couldn’t blame him. “Yes, yes…” The Great Elder then looked up, and said solemnly to Tonan, “We’ll leave now. Hereafter, please take care of Shisui when you have free time. I might get busy soon, and I can only send him back to his parents.”

He then pulled Shisui to leave.


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